joffery is a little shit

The best thing about Game of Thrones is that every character is both a hero and a villain. No one is purely good or bad because everything you believe about them is unmade when you read about them from someone else’s perspective. The actions they saw as heroic might be seen as awful by an enemy and vice versa because each chapter is biased towards its writer.

Except Joffery.

Joffery’s a little shit no matter whose perspective you’re reading from.

Signs as GoT Villains

Aries - The Mountain: Not because you are overly violent like some misleading information that is floating around tumblr lately, but because you do what you want and you have so much physical energy. Not to mention, you also aren’t needlessly complex, you are straight forward.

Taurus - Tywin Lannister: Tywin ruled the kingdoms through sheer financial power, and everyone knows that he is the one really in charge. But he is so chill about it, and not overly egotistical. Tywin values tradition, wealth, and his family just like any Taurus.  

Gemini - Varys the Spider: You are well learned and have a knack for reaching high places due to your connections with other people. The eunuch is much the same and seems like the smartest mover of the game so far. If anyone were to be the master of whispers in this universe, it would be you, who are clever enough to make moves gracefully without getting fucked.

Cancer - Theon Greyjoy: I know, I know cancer, you are already whining about this, I can hear you now. But consider this: whatever Theon did, he did it for his family, who treated him like shit. He was weak and succumbed to the desire to do what was right for his family. And I know you aren’t a traitor, but if a Cancer were to do anything out of character, it would be for the love of your family. And not to mention everyone ends up feeling super sorry for him because of his punishment. And everyone feels really sorry for you when you cry. And if they don’t, they have no heart. 

Leo - Cersei Lannister: This woman has just as much, if not more stubborn pride than Ned Stark himself. And everyone knows how much she loves her children. Sometimes you really sympathize with her and wonder if she would have been better if things had gone differently for her. But she really knows how to play the game with all the prideful, royal dignity of a Leo. And like her, you would commit evil acts to protect both your pride and children, and Leo just so happens to rule the 5th house of children.

Virgo - Viserys Targaryen: The whole time he is alive and traveling with the Dothrakis, he is so commanding, bossy, over analytic, and impatient. And I think when you ant to describe the traits of a cranky Virgo who is supposed to get something that was promised to them, this is how they react. And I do believe it is especially contributed to your over analysing nature. You over analyse until you drive yourself, and others who are accountable, crazy. 

Libra - Jaime Lannister: Redeeming, regal, beautiful, charming, and whatever evil he does, he does it for love. Jaime seems to display a lot of qualities of a Libra in the way that he seems to always balance perfectly as a noble douche bag. And Libras have a reputation as “false charmers” in the darker side of astrology.

Scorpio - Roose Bolton: This rising star in the Game of Thrones isn’t overly cruel like his bastard son, but he is feared and more of a behind the scenes powerful. He is a no bullshit kind of man and even makes his bastard son cower before him. 

Sagittarius - Jorah Mormont: He offers counsel to Daenerys as wise as that of a Sagittarius, and is just as refined and noble as he is animalistic. And sometimes with Sagittarius, you never know if the poet is coming out or the wild, primal animal side. Not to mention Jorah is pretty flexible and changeable as a Sagittarius. 

Capricorn - Petyr Baelish: One cold and calculating little lord that has risen to be the master of coin and the game player pulling all the strings, all due to his own ambition. As a Capricorn you refuse to have your strings pulled and won’t settle for anything less than the best. 

Aquarius - Melisandre of R’holor: IT is debateable if she could be considered a villain, but I have got to admit, she gives me the creeps. And I think that is the feeling of it when you run into the dark side of an Aquarius: you can’t really call them horrible little shits, but when your darker side arises it is a bit unsettling and even if you show no signs of horribleness people can just feel it in their bones. 

Pisces - Toss up Between Ramsay (Bolton) Snow and Joffery (Lannister) Baratheon: Because these little shits live in such a fantasy world, they probably don’t even realize how fucked up they are. Which when you are angry you aren’t much different. You never seem to think you are in the wrong, because you are creative enough to justify anything from your perspective. But don’t worry, you really are a sweetheart and loving, just not when you are angry, and even when you are angry, you might not even be that cruel, but you do mental gymnastics to justify yourself and you can’t even deny that. 

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