some rough sketches from the scenes in Summer Shudder by AV Storm

I tried ok im sorry lol my scanner sucks it needs to die. I had a lil trouble with Jack’s eyes lol idek, but im glad with how I did with Elsa :333

I’ll have to clean this up soon and start coloring it digitally if i get my hands on a laptop fuckkk or I could ask a friend to do the lineart but he’s a Jackunzel shipper so yeah we dont get along sometimes. sigh 

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I have been stalking this blog like crazy! You guys are seriously awesome. Based on all of the information here, I can pretty much shut down anybody who tries to say Rey is random, a Kenobi, or a Solo, so thank you for the help. ;) It seems like most people are Team Rey Skywalker though; do you guys feel like there is a bigger ratio of Rey being a Skywalker theorists/fans than there are towards Rey Kenobi/Rey Random...? TheoRey. Am I rite.

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Thank you!  We’re glad to be of help. 

Rey Skywalker does seem to be the prevailing theory, both among hardcore fans and the general audience.  Although to be fair that’s based on what we’ve experienced and anecdotal evidence. 

The Boy Who Destroyed The World
  • The Boy Who Destroyed The World
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“The Boy Who Destroyed The World” - AFI

They said it hurt their eyes but he would never know that they were filled with regret as their own dissipated.

He said, "I now feel more desperately alone, even though they wrapped their arms around me as I’d fallen.”

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p.s. which kingdom hearts game is your favorite? x)

I haven’t actually played all of them cuz I suck but I’d probably say 2 since it was my first (plus Sora’s voice in that is less annoying. I’m playing 1 rn and I just cannot stand his voice oops). But 358/2 was good too but FUCK THAT GAME IT’S BEEN 5 YEARS I AM STILL WEEPING UGH.

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Who's your favorite Kingdom Hearts character?!

I always liked Roxas haha. I mean since I first played 2 and you start as him I always had that weird attachment to him (I cried after he became one with Sora again and when he found out he wasn’t supposed to exist I just became a pool of sadness).
Either that or Zexion cause he’s just that really quiet guy with the long emo fringe and fights with a book…and that is actually me lol.