some rough sketches from the scenes in Summer Shudder by AV Storm

I tried ok im sorry lol my scanner sucks it needs to die. I had a lil trouble with Jack’s eyes lol idek, but im glad with how I did with Elsa :333

I’ll have to clean this up soon and start coloring it digitally if i get my hands on a laptop fuckkk or I could ask a friend to do the lineart but he’s a Jackunzel shipper so yeah we dont get along sometimes. sigh 

The Boy Who Destroyed The World
  • The Boy Who Destroyed The World
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Song of the day: (05/04/2014)
“The Boy Who Destroyed The World” - AFI

They said it hurt their eyes but he would never know that they were filled with regret as their own dissipated.

He said, "I now feel more desperately alone, even though they wrapped their arms around me as I’d fallen.”