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Joey did the talking, and Henry sat behind him and did all the real work while rolling his eyes and making gestures behind him. (Henry; (looks slightly disgruntled and annoyed and looks at Joey) / Joey: Don't use that tone with me!! / Henry: (huffs) / Joey: (offended gasp) LANGUAGE / Wally: (quietly to everyone else) He didn't say anything.... / Sammy: Telepathic)

I’ve always pictured Joey as being the outgoing charismatic one honestly, while Henry’s the quiet hard worker who really makes everything happen.

  • Joey: “so we’ve been picked up by viz, huh? sounds kinda cool, but also a little weird.”
  • Xefros: “it’s really Xciting to see all these foreign earth cartoon characters and be in their ranX now!”
  • Xefros: “aaand a little intimidating too”
  • Joey: “yeah, like what’s with that super serious looking old guy with the hat that melds into his hair!?”
  • Jotaro: “I’m seventeen.”
  • Joey: “i don’t believe you - you’re like twice my size!”
  • Xefros: “yeah, he’s huge!”
  • Xefros: “he has to be like twenty sweeps old at least”
  • Jotaro: “Give me a break.”

I was doing some doodles with @fanofrandomness XD we have some Joeys (slide 8), some wallys (slide 1,5, and the background of 8) some normans (slides 3, 5 and 8) some bendys slides 2, 4, 6, 7) sammys (slides 7) and lots of other random stuff! 

also, thank you @jaketheluckysailor if you hadn’t mentioned the ship Norman and Wally, we would never be here.