done!!! i late a lot of time haha but i almost put some of my favorites BATIM songs :DDD

Thanks to @real-life-pine-tree I was able to re-see the Para, Dox, and Joey dialogue! :) Joey gets the best lines in these things!

Paradox Brothers: Hahahahaha! We meet again, Joey!
Joey: Hey! It’s you two lying, no-good, stinkin’ low-life tricksters!
Para: Ha! Your compliments will get you nowhere. Face us without Yugi do you dare?
Joey: Of course! I’m not dat weaklin’ you dealt with back in the day. I’ll crush ya! Let’s get dis Duel started! Which of ya chumps is gonna face me?
Para: We will BOTH Duel you!
Joey: You mean…another Tag Duel?
Dox: Incorrect! You shall face the two of us simultaneously. Do you object?
Joey: Even the biggest cheaters will call dat cheatin’! Dat’s about as fair as homework on a Saturday!
Dox: Then we will Duel as a pair, but only one Deck we shall share. Happy?
Joey: No! Dat’s not the issue, baldylocks!

  • Joey: "have you ever seen the best christmas movie of all time?"
  • Xefros: "Christmas?"
  • Joey: "hmm, right, the whole troll culture barrier thing."
  • Joey: "do you guys have a happy gift giving day in the cold season? possibly tied to a fat guy in red?"
  • Xefros: "St. Perigee's Eve is pretty close to that description."
  • Xefros: "All the movies for that holiday though are really saccharine, bizarre, and often old claymation looking garbage."
  • Xefros: "I can't say I like any of what you would consider 'christmas movies'."
  • Joey: "clearly you haven't seen die hard."