joeykun cosplay

Hey! So its been a couple weeks since Acen which was an AMAZING TIME LET ME TELL YOU! I’ve been very vacant on my cosplay accounts so it’s time to update!!!

sen-says-hello snagged xsuzakuxxcosplay and I for a free! photoshoot and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Heres one of the shots from con!

My self as Nitori Aichiirou from free!


Do you see that, Eren?         Look at all these big ass hearts.

….At least I thought it was a good one. You know he probably would, too.

Photography done by Yugophoto!

AoT Levi cosplay done by me! More photos soon I hope.

Anime Central 2014

ACEN was CRAZY GOOD THIS YEAR! I am so overwhelmed with how many memories will come from this con I could cry and it makes me so god damned happy to be spending it with Suzaku again. We’ve made so many friends and achieved so many goals we’ve set after busting our butts for so long and so hard that now we can both sit back relax and enjoy the results of everything we’ve done


We cosplayed Eren and Levi (Cleaning uniforms and Titan pajamas), A Choice with No Regrets (Levi, Farlan and our friend Mandy as Isabelle) The survey corps uniforms Levi and Eren (Equipped with scouting legion flags), And Dramatical Murder (Koujaku and Aoba)