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How to Conquer The World?


You need a throne. You must have a throne, figuratively or literally. It helps because it gives you an image or goal to work towards. It’s a visual that helps me I can’t really explain it. It’s not for the fame or for the power, but something greater you leave behind.


You need to have a clear vision of you and what you want and who you are. Even if you are standing all alone in a corner, you believe in that vision fully. Nothing is impossible. If you believe in it with all your heart your options are limitless.


The world really doesn’t revolve around you and it shouldn’t. Having believers/fans/supporters/monsters whatever you want to call them is beyond important. Superstars call the shots and are the most genuine beings you will ever meet. Treat them with love and kindness and they will take you higher than any spaceship.


Know who you are when you wake up in the morning and when you take the makeup off at night. Dressing up is fun, but if it isn’t part of who you are, it doesn’t work. For me dressing up and wearing makeup are who I am as an artist and who I really am at heart. Even if you feel like a FREAK never fear who you are.


I’m sure you could DO IT ALL without anyone’s help, but why do what you love and never share it with friends. I wouldn’t be where I am today without friends who care just as much about the journey I’m on. A journey with friends is a journey worth going on. Now that’s how you really live the fame.

Xoxo and a dash of glitter,

Joey Broyles

2014 My Year in Review

Dear Superstars,

I had some highs in the professional world of Indie music this year and then I had some lows in my personal life. Ca la vie! I have found that this year was a definite test on my relationships, sanity, and ultimately the core of who I am. I am happy today and that’s something huge for me.

One of the special moments of 2014 was definitely spending some time with my grandmother as her days were numbered on Earth. It was a hard loss for me because she was my mother figure and I feel very different without her here. She heard all but one of my songs on my album “Future Pop Revolution,” and it makes me happy that she did. Now that she’s gone there’s a definite gap in my life that I’ll fill in with cherished memories. It was nice that she saw me accomplish as much as I have so far. I know she would be so proud. Miss you Gramie B!

I released a music video called “Burn the Money,” off my first album. So this was definitely a proud accomplishment. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Project Famous Films and the BTM team. So many talented actors and filmmakers! I have such a love and fond memory for the film because for a period of time I conquered my fear of the dark.

For Madison Area Music Awards I placed 3rd in a Battle of the Bands competition. I have fond memories of all the supportive musicians that night and it was bit overwhelming because I felt very out of place. So thankful to the kind souls in that room for making me feel at home.

Around the same time I entered myself into a songwriting competition for 105.5 Triple M’s Project M. Placed 4th and went home right before the big finale week and I guess for the genre they were looking for I did the best I could given the circumstance. I am what I am! :) They certainly treated me very well and made me feel a part of the family. They are some of the best peeps in local music business as far as I’m concerned.

In between all that crazy, I did the 48 Hour Film Project with Project Famous Films and we had the genre Film Noir. I can’t explain how excited I was to take a music break and just act in front of the camera again. Besides music and writing, acting is my other happy place. We won some pretty fancy awards and well that was also nice. The only problem was it all ended too soon!!!

Project Famous Films made some glorious strides in short filmmaking as we shot “Going Up,” directed by my pal Kelly Lajter and shot by my other pal Ben Wydeven. It was nice to have a few moments to be behind the scenes and help out. It was a great weekend to make a film.

In June good things happened like meeting my musical soulpal, Midas Bison. We sort of just blew up together and did, well everything we could to have a good time where music and parties were concerned. Well and some nice hang out sessions just talking. He’s a good guy and I was lucky to have him in my corner this year because sometimes you need a guy like Midas Bison. That handful of shows and house parties keep the memories warm on the more somber days.

The birth of Misfits of Madison. A group of artists who come together to perform inviting all the Madison misfits a home to play and be who you are. We’ve had 3 shows so far! Trash Royalty, WitchBitch, and Sleazy Masquerade. Can’t wait for more!!!

Ragged Roots! What a beautiful memory of music, music, music, and camping!!! I adored every minute of it!

In September, after so much waiting, it happened! “Future Pop Revolution” finally came out. It was cool to have back to back shows and I sold over half the CDs in the first month. Pretty awesome stuff! Since then I’ve sold many copies and had some great reviews in Local Sounds Magazine/Madison Magazine. As well as a mention in Isthmus!

Chick Singer Night was also a cool show where I got to sing with all these amazing ladies! More love for the lady musicians people. They are well worth every minute of listening! Covering Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams was so cool with a real band. Kind of inspired some future songs!!!

House parties with Midas Bison and Gallant Ghosts. Never have I ever met so many genuinely cool people who are there for music and love. Seriously I was excited every show we did together and hope for many, many, many more shows!!!

The year ended in a flash with Maximum Ink Music Magazine. I have to thank Kelly’s magic and John Noyd’s willingness to hear my story. Not only did Mr. Noyd capture the essence of me, he also wrote a beautiful write up! I am so honored to have been placed on the cover of a magazine. I never thought it would happen, but now it has! So so so crazy! Gramie B would be so proud!

Nearing the end of my post I am also excited to announce that Max Ink radio has me on a Top 40 chart. Thank you Jimmy K Show!!!

The Jimmy K Show, and EJ’s Cafe have really helped push my career this year. And also Mercury Stardust’s podcast “Shut Up! I’m Listening” and all the kids at .

It’s been a rollercoaster year and I’m glad to have survived it all. Thank you for staring at all my selfies and listening to my music. I hope to post more blogs soon!

Xoxo and a dash of glitter,
Joey Broyles