More than just a game, Simogo’s Year Walk is an enthralling, eldritch mix of Swedish Norse mythology and first-person iPhone gameplay that takes the player on a walk to remember.

Year walking, a Swedish tradition in the 19th century that one undertook at the stroke of midnight, meeting strange creatures along the way to the church, all to catch a glimpse through the fabric of the universe and into the future - to see if you would be wealthy, to see if you would live… to see if you would be loved.

This is the creepiest, most beautiful and most nonplussing puzzle game I have ever played. Go on an Årsgång and meet the Huldra, the Brook Horse, the Mylings, the Night Raven and the Church Grim in order to see or change your predestined fate.

Will the antibodies come for me? Am I a virus in the eye of the universe? This is a rift in the fabric of the very existence of everything. I can hear the heart of the universe beating. The heart beats stronger, but I will break it and see beyond everything.


My presentation slides detailing my practice in… well, extreme detail. It’s always nice to spend two days anally editing text and arrows and cropping photos in Photoshop only to be notified that this might not actually be mandatory… it does give one perspective, though. Summing up my practice from here and going forth! To the glimmering future.


Recreating mythologies [ 1 ] in Cinema 4D. I’m calling this Arbiter, as it was initially inspired by phone display booths. Mediation, mediator, the hum of electronic sheep, dreaming.

Starting to grasp a better sense of what I might want to do. Ambitious, but need to be careful not to be overly ambitious and fail to communicate anything at all in pursuit of spectacle.

Export objects to AE and play with virtual space, or construct everything - a weird ontographic world of objects - in C4D?