joey's psychopaths

people saying that daniel is having a bad influence on joey is this biggest load of bs i ever heard tbh. Daniel and Joey have most likely been talking/together before Daniel was in this vlogs and there was nothing different. now that hes in the vlogs, people are pointing out that joey is being negatively affected. joey is a grown man in a relationship who was brave and comfortable enough with his fanbase to show his relationship online. To have all these people, years younger than him telling him his relationship is bad and they dont like his boyfriend is pretty crazy. Its insanely rude because he has opened to us on a thousand different levels. And as far as the vegan comment, obviously not everyone has the means or circumstances to be vegan. But they werent just commenting about nonvegans, they were mentioning the dairy industry in general and  the general obsession with sugar, and processed food. If you feel directly attacked, that isnt there fault. They are being themselves, and are comfortable enough to show us that, we shouldnt bash them for what they say or feel butthurt over that, when it wasnt an insult. Let them live and if you dont like daniel, that isnt going to stop joey from dating him. Just stop watching the vlogs or vlogs that daniel is in, its that simple. this situation blown out of proportion way too much



I’m crying, this is amazing