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okay, so i mentioned that jounouchi tries to cheer yami up, but then yami says it back to him when jou gets sad after shizuka’s video message?? that’s so cute???

So we’re all very shook about Xefros’s and Dammek’s relationship, but can we please shine some light on Joey’s admittedly sad situation?

-Her house is a mess, I mean really it’s fucking filthy.

-There’s no food in the kitchen, not even any dog food.

-She has an awful relationship with her dad/grandpa/jake (who, I’ve got to admit, jake sounds like a huge ass in beta earth).

-Her babysitter is hardly competent. (Sorry Roxy)

-She’s basically providing for Jude all on her own.

-This poor girl clearly misses her mother with all her heart.

comedydoctor18  asked:

I hope Bendy and India stay together. They are a wonderful couple and it’s obvious that they were meant to be. I find their interactions charming and lovable

(See this is such a sweet message, but every time someone says they were ‘meant to be’ or ‘made for each other’ all I can think is:)


When you say you’re going on hiatus, that means you ramp up your posting massively, right? I was going to leave this by the wayside but I am, lucky for you guys, I’m still too sick to record. 

Plus the Xefros and A.Claire posts are doing really well and frankly winning over the fandom is my best shot at long-term stability and things changed for the better for me in a big way recently, so I have the time to get out a couple more of the things I’ve really wanted to say before I start focusing on video–these will all be useful scripts for me soon anyway.

Let’s talk Jude Harley, who has already given us a likely Class and a definite Aspect. And who knows–maybe he’ll lead us to a bit of prophecy on the threats our heroes will face in Hauntswitch? Maybe, maybe not, but either way it’s clear I was doomed to make this post from the start.

So let’s dive right in, and let’s start with the side of Jude’s title I’m surest about: His affinity for the Aspect of Doom.

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“You Don’t Need a Heart” versión Betty.

El cómic es de @eliana55226838 y @marie-dreamland164 (?

Aquí la diferencia es que sucedió después de que murió “misteriosamente” su creadora, así que no hubo nadie que la defendiera.

El wey que tomó de la cara a Betty es mi versión de Joey.

¿Quién dijo que Betty no es demoníaca? :v



I’m…love them??

They spend half the duel trash-talking each other, but Joey (bless his heart) can’t figure out who “Apdnarg” is even when Solomon keeps breaking character to praise Joey’s moves and tell him how proud he is, and then Joey starts talking about how he trusts his instincts and plays with heart because he had some really good teachers and Solomon gets all teary-eyed, and after the duel Joey’s so excited to find out that he made Grandpa proud and “aced a test” for the first time ever, and–

I’m just so glad Joey has a decent parental figure in his life? I hope he comes over to the shop all the time and lifts heavy things so Grandpa won’t throw out his back and then they have tea and cookies and Solomon tells him all his old adventure stories. I hope Joey has a place to stay at the Mutos’ house whenever he needs it.


I’m in the mood to write something sad. So I decided to write about people Bendy cares about dying.

Hell’s Studio AU is by @doodledrawsthings

Bendy had never been any good at goodbyes. As far as he was concerned, they were things that happened to other people. He was a cartoon living with other cartoons. They didn’t age, they didn’t change, they were the same for all eternity. He, Boris, and Alice were going to stay the same for as long as their existences would last. Sure, he’d known Henry and Sammy and Joey weren’t going to live forever, but he hadn’t ever wanted to consider that. They were his family, the only people he could ever rely on. He didn’t want to think about a world where they weren’t there. He wasn’t prepared to deal with something like that. Besides, he didn’t have time to be thinking about things like that. He had a studio to run, deadlines to meet, cartoons to make. He buried himself in his work so that he wouldn’t have to face the mortality of the people he cared most about. Time marched on unbidden though, and soon enough the staff began dying.

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