Can we talk about how Joey Tribbiani is such a wholesome loyal great character? As much as he’s a lady killer, he’s also just a decent person who doesn’t go behind his friends backs or anything. Like when Rachel was pregnant and planning to move out, he made a baby’s “room” for the baby, he told Rachel how he didn’t care about the noise and a baby hanging around and all around ready to change his lifestyle to help with the baby. And then he takes her out on a date when she says she misses dating. And when he falls for her he is nothing but respectful to her and Ross. He feels guilty that he is in love with Rachel bc of Ross even though Ross and Rachel hadn’t dated for five years. He wants to be a father to Rachel’s kid, like he’s ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle for that, even dreams of it. He takes her to the hospital and worries about her and asks the doctor questions about her health and then Ross rushes in and is an ass and even then Joey tries to make Ross feel better when Joey is believed to be the father. Mostly this is a giant post about how Rachel x Ross sucks and how she belonged to be with Joey.

  • What She Says: I'm fine.
  • What She Means: I can't believe Ross and Rachel ended up together! And why? Because they dated for a year, bickered incessantly, and then accidentally ended up having a kid together!? Rachel was FAR more compatible with Joey, imho, and it was nice to see some character development in for him, which had been woefully neglected by the writers for the previous 7 1/2 seasons. I understand that having a show with six leads means that not everyone can have character development in every episode, but God, throw Joey a bone every now and again. And his relationship with Rachel seemed to be heading that way until they pretty much pulled the rug out from under them in such a stupid way. Joey and Rachel were and are adorable together. And Ross was dismissive of Rachel and her career to the very end of the series. I mean, if you're going to split up Joey and Rachel (and WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?) at least let her fly away to Paris and make a fresh start for her and her child.