joey x monica

Maybe it's just me

But I think the best love stories come from couples that started as friends first.

Relationships built on physical attraction have a weak foundation.

Ones that are built on a foundation of friendship and respect are the most solid and lasting.

  • jon: is that my fur?
  • sansa: oh yes, it is. i'm sorry i borrowed it, i was cold. i hope it's okay?
  • jon: well uh... it's just that uh... you know... if you're gonna be wearing someone's fur shouldn't it be your boyfriends - and i'm not him.
  • sansa: i'm sorry, i'll give it back to you-
  • jon: NO-NO! no! i mean... it's gonna be all smelling like sansa!
  • sansa: are you saying i smell bad?
  • jon: no! no, you smell like a meadow...
  • sansa: ...?
  • jon: *runs away*