joey x monica

Maybe it's just me

But I think the best love stories come from couples that started as friends first.

Relationships built on physical attraction have a weak foundation.

Ones that are built on a foundation of friendship and respect are the most solid and lasting.

Shiro and Keith trying to find a minister for the wedding...
  • Shiro: We're never going to find a minister.
  • Lance: Oh, let me do it!
  • Keith: Lance...
  • Lance: No, really, listen. It won't be some stranger up there who barely knows you. It'll be me, and I swear, I'll do a really good job. Plus, I love you guys, and it would really mean a lot to me.
  • Shiro: [glances at Keith] Would be kinda cool.
  • Lance: Does that mean I can do it?!
  • Keith: [smiles] Yeah, you can do it.
  • Lance: Alright!! I gotta get working on my speech!! Wait.... internet ministers can still have sex, right?
  • Keith: ...yeah.