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Uni-Reverse AU


This is the BATIM au that I’ve been working on!! It’s called the Uni-Reverse AU (if you didn’t catch the literal first words) and it’s where the universes in BATIM are reversed! The toons we know as Bendy, Boris, and Alice (and possibly even more) were part of a studio, Damien D. Studios, to be exact, to create “cartoons.” I say this in quotes because to toons, realism would be their version of cartoony. Basically, the cartoons would look live action to us.

The show they worked on centered around the boss of a company, whose name is Joey Drew. His right hand man was Henry Russell, who balances out his scheming ways. Joey is always coming up with completely out-of-the-box plans! Think of The Office when you try to picture the show, basically. Lots of humorous moments!

Instead of ink, they used blood (yes I know a touchy thing). Blood and ink have essentially switched roles—ink is a toon’s sweat and blood, while blood is used in writing and drawing and such. In order for this to work, some toons will have red in their designs, and the environment might have red as well.

In this AU, Bendy is an animator that used to work for Damien D. Studios/WackyView, and is invited back to the workshop upon request of Mr. D, the head of the studio. There, Bendy encounters the dark secrets similar to those found in the original game. The roles have switched, but the personalities remain, allowing for different types of reactions and interactions to unfold!
Special thanks to @squigglydigg for their Toon Henry AU inspiring me to create this AU!

also would this be considered an NSFW au