joey tribianny

Monica and Chandler

She comforted him when he was getting over his ex.
and He was there to assure her that she’ll find the right guy someday.
But even so, he said when worse comes to worst, he’ll have no problem on being her boyfriend.
She shook it off and laughed, having no idea of what’s to come.
Now when she was having a hard time at her brother’s wedding, she came looking for another man in that hotel in London, but found him instead.
After that, there were many instances of lying, hiding, and sneaking around, until they finally admitted that this “thing” turned into something more than anybody expected.
Sure they had ups and downs, with commitment issues and exes wanting to win one or the other back, but they made it through somehow.
And suprisingly, not only was she lucky enough to marry her best friend; she found her partner, soulmate, and prince: all of that, in the same person.
So to sum it all up, in a span of months, they became friends who, in his words, just liked “goofing around”, to friends, who through the years, became much more for a whole lifetime 💖