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“He did what!?” Suddenly Joes outdoor house plan was no longer relevant, the sound of your sobs over the phone had instantly made him forget everything as he listened, burning with rage.

“He- he was with her! She had been with him all along” you had told Joe about your suspicions,long ago but he had always smiled and told you to shut up - that David was happy to be with you, anyone would be. What an utter lie, you had thought.

“Just hang on okay? It’ll be okay, I’m coming over - I’ll be there soon!” His voice was rushed as he quickly hung up,leaving you no time to protest.

He was angry; it was obvious.
You imagined him at home, fists clenched and face slightly red with anger as he slammed his phone shut and hastily pulled on his shoes, ready to come to the rescue, like he always does.

Imagine Nick being jealous even though you guys are just friends. Requested by anon. Sorry. I know I said its be up at 8 but I had family issues. But here it is!!! 😘 hope you like it let me know what you think!!:
“I’m so proud of you!” Nick says as he wraps you in a tight hug. You haven’t seen him in a little over a year because you were too busy on set filming a movie that you were lucky enough to be the lead in. Your dream!
You hug him back tightly. You hadn’t realized just how much you missed him.
“Thank you!” You’re so happy to be with him again. You break free of the hug. “You’re coming to the premiere with me, right?”
“I wouldn’t miss it!” He smiles.
Your phone rings and you see it’s Tanner, your co star. “Hang on.” You say as you answer the phone. “Hey!”
“Hey!” Tanner’s voice echoes on the other end. “I miss you!”
“I miss you, too!” You laugh. You’ve become really close to him in the year you worked side-by-side with him. He’s like your brother.
“We’re going to the premiere together, right?”
“Absolutely! Nick’s gonna come, too! This is gonna be so much fun!!”
He chuckles. “Okay. I’ll see you there. We can meet up at the back entrance.”
“See you there!”
“Who was that?” Nick asked the second you click the ‘end’ button.
“Tanner. He’s my costar in the movie.” You shrug. “He’s going to the premiere, too! We’re gonna meet him there.”
“Great.” Nick huffs.
“Um…is that okay?” You raise your eyebrows in question. Why is he acting like this?
“Yeah. It’s fine.” He answers shortly. Is just you or does he seem to be acting a little bit- “Wait a minute. Are you…are you jealous?!”
“What? No!” He looks away. “I’m not– I’m not jealous! That’s insane! We're– we’re just friends!” He stammers. He looks like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. So needless to say, you aren’t buying it. “That’s ridiculous! I’m not jealous.”
You cross your arms, still not buying it. “Good!” You almost yell. “Because you don’t have the right to be!” Okay. Now you’re yelling. You poke his chest. “You’re the one that said 'just friends’ remember?you aren’t allowed to be jealous!”
He flinches. “I know what I said!” He counters. He’s yelling now, too. You finally see him after a year and this, fighting, this is not what you thought your reunion with your best friend would be like.
“Clearly you fucking don’t!” You scream. “Why do you have to do this!” You don’t want to fight. You just want to hug him and never let go. Tears stream down your face.
His face softens and he brings you for a giant bear hug. “Don’t cry….” He says as he slowly sways back and forth. “I’m sorry, okay?” You burry your face in his chest as tears stream freely down your cheeks. “It’s just….I just wanted to spend time together. Just us. And it’s your first premiere and I’ve been to them before and I wanted to be there for you and help you and experience that with you and-” he breaks off, realizing he’s stuttering. “And I just missed you.” He sighs.
You sniffle. “Why are you jealous, then?” You ask into his hoodie. “There’s nothing going on between Tanner and I. And even if there was, you decided to stay friends. That was your decision.” You hug him tighter. He’s so comfortable and relaxing and you feel at home. No matter how mad you are at him you could never leave.
He lightly lifts your chin up so you are looking into his eyes. He smiles slightly as he uses his thumbs to wipe your tears away. “Worst decision of my life.” He whispers.

[babysitter minghao]

when u gotta babysit for the teacher and she wants the lowkey savage b-boying machine minghao to do it with u  

Everyday you got up early in the morning, around six o'clock, when the sky still held a sheet of black to eat breakfast. Everyday you got dressed, shimmying into a pair of jeans and squeezing your head through the top of your favourite sweater. Everyday you stood outside at the end of your crumbly driveway for a dusty yellow bus to take you to school.

You use to hate it, to groan and complain about all the homework you got and the little amount of time you had to do it. But now everything was neutral. Though you were always tired in the morning you never complained and when the bus took too long to arrive you didn’t scuff your shoes in the dirt from frustration and when you got sheets of homework you zipped your lips and got down to business.

Complaining wouldn’t get you anywhere, in fact it only made things worse so you learned to shut up and deal with it. But on this particular day, you couldn’t do it anymore. You had to complain or else you felt like you would pull all your hair out. Cranking open a window you let the breeze ruffle past the curtains and tickle your skin.

With eyelids slowly flickering shut you released a long drawn out breath and rested your chin atop your knees. You found when you got frustrated and annoyed the best thing was to find a secluded area to calm down.


That was it, the last straw. Jumping from your seat you grab a fistful of the curtains and tear them from the rods, you swing your arm and bash the antique vase to the carpet and pick up the wooden stool in the corner to toss out the window, not caring if it ruined the flowerbeds below. Well at least that was what you imagined you doing.

Instead your eyes popped open and your fingers laced through the strands of hairs. No, that was a bit extreme, maybe another time. But how did you end up in this predicament? It all started at school.

With a quick swipe across the desk, everything fell into your bag. After clasping the top shut, you pushed in your chair like a good student and handed your teacher the worksheet due by the end of class. She flashed you a gummy smile and pushed up the glasses resting on the bridge of her nose. She knew you always finished your work on time, you were someone she could count on.

As you were about to pull away from her desk, she stopped you. “Could you just wait there for one second?”

“Uh yeah, sure.” Adjusting the strap of your bag your eyes scanned all the empty classroom desks. Well they were almost empty except for one in the far corner. A boy with some headphones plugged in and his face close to the paper. “Minghao, class is over. Are you finished your sheet?” There was a pause before he took his music out, smooth fringe falling in front of brown eyes.

Minghao was someone you knew, but not enough to call your friend. There were a few times when you got partnered for projects or when you had to sit beside each other in class. He was quiet but that’s because he was more of an observer, catching things nobody else did. Minghao was the kid that stopped to help pick up the things that fell out of your pencil case.

He was the kid that always looked back when opening the door to see if anyone was behind him or let you cut in front of him in line at the cafeteria when he took too long to choose. Everyone liked him, even if they weren’t friends with him. Your most recent memory of Minghao was in dodgeball when he accidentally threw too hard at your stomach and you had to hold back from vomiting.

The amount of times he apologized couldn’t be recorded and even by the time you got on the bus he asked if you were okay. “I just finished.” He was also a teachers favourite. Quiet but insightful. With one hand tucked underneath his bag strap he handed the teacher his sheet. “Wait you stay too Minghao.” The boy paused, blinking blankly a few times before standing beside you.

“So tonight my husband and I are finally treating ourselves to dinner and obviously we won’t be home to look after our son and daughter. Since our babysitter cancelled due to family events I was wondering if just for tonight you two could babysit?”

We exchanged a side glance with each other not sure what to say but before you knew it you were agreeing for the both of you. Minghao quickly flipped his hair as he played with his fingers giving a more reluctant nod of agreement. “Sorry for this to be such sort notice I just trust you two the most.” “That’s perfectly fine, we’ll be there.”

You had only babysat once in your life and it was for your Aunt and her two twin girls. However they were 8 years old and already making themselves breakfast lunch and dinner so you just kinda hung back as they sat at their bright pink plastic table eating french toast.

If anything they were probably babysitting you. But things seemed different this time when you stood inside your teachers house next to Minghao with two little 4 year olds. “This is Sarah and Joey.” She smiled down at her two children as they released bubbly giggles.

While the father grabbed his coat off the rack and ran through a quick list of instructions your teacher was giving them tiny goodbye kisses on their foreheads. Then just like that they vanished out the door. You turned to Minghao and then to the little children who were gazing up at you with sparkling eyes.

Your fingers crooked into an awkward wave as you introduced yourself followed by Minghao. “Let’s go to the living room.” You offered while extending your hand outwards. The children giggled happily to one another before darting through the house leaving you and Minghao to chase after them. The living room was huge with a flat screen television and crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Comfy couches were lined around a coffee table filled with their toys.

Joeys chubby little fingers reached for a toy truck while Sarah grabbed a book. She hobbled up to Minghao with a gummy smile and held it up to him. “Read this?” Her head cocked the side sweetly as some loose brown locks of hair fell from her ear. Minghao took the book from her hands and sat down on the sofa, patting to the place beside him.

She tucked her knees up to her chest and watched intently as he flipped to the first page. However you were still standing there awkwardly not knowing what to do. Your eyes fell across to Joey who was rolling his toy car around the carpet making racing effects. Carefully you sat down next to him and lightly poked his shoulder. “Can I join?”

You asked and watched as the little boy got you a bright blue truck from the coffee table. “Lets race.” He mumbled while getting down on his stomach, positioning the car before an imaginary line. Settling down next to him you shot a glance up at Minghao who was reading to Sarah.

He pointed to a page in the book and you watched as her tiny face lit up with delight. He seemed so good at this even though he just started. After placing your blue truck beside his you listened as he gave a countdown. “1, 2, 3, GO!” He called excitedly while running his car along the carpet to the wall. Blinking a few times in confusion you gave your head a shake and popped next to him, making sure your trucks wheels were running along the bumpy surface.

“I WON I WON!” He exclaimed as you leaned in for a high five but found yourself getting rejected as Joey hopped around the room. Minghao looked up at you with a tiny smile to which you rolled your eyes. “Can I have a high five?” You ask Joey as he rolls his racing car around the edge of the coffee table. “Losers don’t get high fives.”

He snickers playfully while you release a scoff. It’s only a few minutes later when Minghao finishes reading to Sarah, her tiny hands clapping back and forth with happiness. “Can you read another story?” Shes already fumbling through a collection of books on the table pulling one about a rabbit.

“I wanna listen too!” Suddenly everyone is gathered around Minghao as he opens the first page of the book, giving you a shy smile before he starts reading. The two children’s heads crowd over the book so much you don’t understand how Minghao can read the words

. Instead you run the toy truck along the palm of your hand as you focus on his relaxing voice which often gets drowned out by the kids asking constant questions. “Why would he do that?” “Because he has to prove himself to the other rabbits. If he collects as many carrots as they can he won’t be so alone anymore.” “Why is it so hard to collect carrots?”

“Because the farmer might catch them.” “What happens if the farmer catches them?” “Bad things.” “What kind of bad things?” A laugh escapes your lips as Minghao runs his fingers through thick strands of hair. He smoothens out the pages while casting you a sharp glance addressing the children’s question. “Just bad things okay.” Then it might have seemed like the night would be like any other but you were very wrong.

You always seemed to forget how energetic kids were. Like they had never ending batteries with all the power in the world. You leaned against the island in the kitchen, your lungs heaving up and down from chasing Joey and Sarah all around the house. As you pushed some messy strands of hair away from your eyes you heard a gasp echo from down the hallway.

A glum look spread across your face while you rounded the corner to see that Joey had spilt a glass of water all over himself and on the floor. “I’ll get paper towels.” Minghao nods at you gratefully while he picks up the unbroken glass, telling Joey to go change.

Sarah steps around the water with dainty feet until she’s bending down next to Minghao. “Sorry.” She mumbles while staring at the puddle of water pooling over the floor. Minghao’s head tilts to the side as he pats the top of her head. “It’s okay, accidents happen.” In a few minutes you return with the sheets of paper towel and help Minghao to soak up the mess. “See? All better.”

He smiles when Joey returns with a fresh shirt and pants, the tiny boy cracking a giggle as he hugs Minghao’s leg. He leans down to ruffle the boys fluffy brown hair, a sparkle flickering in his eyes. For some reason kids had never really liked you. It was strange because you never gave them a reason to dislike you.

On Halloween night you let them take as many handfuls of candy as they wanted only for them to stick their tongue at you and run away. When your class went to a primary school to read to the children you let them choose a book and gave them the answers to the question sheet. But instead they called you mean because you still wanted them to do their work.

When you offered extra cash to buy the girls scout cookies they gave you the tiniest box hardly worth what you gave them because they thought you were stupid. But you didn’t say anything, instead you took the tiny box of mint cookies with a smile and walked off as they snickered behind you. And now, to when you were chasing the two little children around the house who clearly liked Minghao better than you.

But this time, they had a reason to. He was a lot less awkward and more exciting. Always playing their constant made up games and answering their silly questions. You felt like you were just here to watch incase Minghao needed you to get them some water or a new toy from the coffee table.

“Minghao can you play another board game with us?” Sarah tugged at the sleeve of his sweater and began hopping on her tip toes. He glanced up at you quickly before turning his attention back to Sarah. He got down on one knee and tucked a loose strand of brown hair behind her ear. “That sounds fun, we can all play.”

His eyes turned into tiny crescent moons as he smiled but instead Sarah was shaking her head and crossing her arms. “No, only us three.” It wasn’t hard to tell who the three people were. “It’s important to include everyone Sarah.” Minghao addressed her carefully but you were already walking out the door frame. “It’s okay, I’ll finish washing the dishes from supper.”

He rose to his feet and opened his mouth but was cut off by the two tiny children tugging him off to the living room. Turning the knobs on the sink you watched as it slowly began filling with warm water. After adding some drizzles of dish soap you placed in the bowls from the macaroni you all ate for supper. You could hear the tiny echoes of laughter emanate from the living room as you scrubbed away at the dishes.

With fast strokes of the sponge you bit your lower lip trying to concentrate at the task at hand. Like you always said, complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. You added more dish soap to the frothy water and began to rub away at the tough bits of food until Minghao came into the kitchen. “Do you need any help?” He asked while pulling some orange juice out of the fridge.

You smile as him sweetly with a shake of your head. “It’s okay, I’m almost finished.” Sarah and Joey rush into the kitchen, their little fingers reaching over the granite edge of the counter as Minghao pours two small glasses of juice. “Be careful not to spill, especially you Joey.” The boy giggles happily as he sips his drink and then follows his sister back to the living room. As you rinse out the last bowl Minghao stands beside you. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You didn’t mean for your reply to sound so curt and snappy but you were just focused on getting the dishes finished and put away. His fingers tap against the counter a few times before he releases a sigh. “It’s not that they don’t like you, they just haven’t warmed up to you yet. Kids will be kids.”

You look up at Minghao while he stares at you running a spoon underneath the water. “I know, I’m not mad or anything. You’re doing a really good job.” He pulls away with a smile forming on his petal pink lips. “You’re doing good too.” For some reason you feel your cheeks tint a rosy red. He was really quite sweet.

You sat criss cross on the couch with your fist resting underneath your chin. It was getting late and you figured the kids might want to go to bed but instead they had Minghao sitting on the carpet, two tiny elastics tying up small puffs of hair. Sarah walked across to a small bin and pulled out a silver princess crown with fake red gems.

She placed the tiara over Minghao’s head and took a step back, her brother joining her as they giggled together. “Does it look nice?” Minghao asked as he adjusted the tiara before striking a cute pose that had you chuckling to yourself. Giving him a thumbs up from the sofa you watch as Sarah falls into his lap, her tiny fingers reaching up to pull out the elastics. “Minghao can you sing?”

She asks while grabbing a hold of his hand, playing with his fingers. Joey bounces beside her, twisting his features into a cute smile as he asks Minghao to sing. “You want me to sing?” He asks with a surprised expression as the children respond with nods of their head. You lean forward and place your hand up to your ear jokingly as you wait for him to bust out into a song.

Instead he gives you an eye roll before adjusting Sarah in his lap, her head falling back against his chest. “What song?” “Any song.” He hesitates for a few moments before a pink glow spreads across his cheeks and he’s singing with the sweetest voice you’d ever heard.

With widening eyes you watch as he sways back and forth with his arms hugging Sarah cutely as Joey claps his hands. His eyes seem to be looking everywhere but yours and you can’t help but giggle when he stumbles on his words slightly. In a few moments he finishes with a shy smile as you clap your hands in approval.

“Very nice Minghao, very nice.” “It wasn’t that good.” “Minghao you’re like the best singer I’ve ever heard.” Joey chants while Sarah bobs her head in agreement. He slowly removes the little girl from his lap while he glances towards the clock. “It’s also time for bed.”

And this is where the disaster happens.

This is where you’re at now, sitting by the window ready to yank your hair out. You tried, you really did but she just didn’t want to go to bed. Joey seemed happy to actually get to go to bed but Sarah was a different story. The moment Minghao said he would be putting Joey to bed and you can take care of Sarah she started freaking out.

This had you worrying and also frustrated because you yourself were tired. Other than a few complaints and ‘I want Minghao to tuck me in instead’ everything seemed to be running smoothly. That is until she asked you for a glass of water, so being the caring and nice person you believed you were, you fetched it for her.

She sat at the edge of her bed and brought the glass up to her lips before completely dropping it to the floor. It shattered into pieces and the next thing you knew she was sobbing loudly. You began to panic, afraid she would step in the glass but not sure what to tend to first. “Okay hold on, let me fix this.”

You began bending down to pick up the chunks and pieces of glass from the floor while Sarah had tears streaming down her cheeks. In just a few seconds Minghao and Joey were outside the door their mouthes open in surprise at the sight before them.

Quickly Minghao told Joey to get some paper towel while he crawled onto Sarah’s tiny bed and gave her a light hug. After tugging the hair away from the side of her cheek he asked if she was hurt. “I don’t think so.” She stuttered as Minghao rubbed her arm soothingly. In a few moments he was helping you toss the mess into the bin and using the cloth to soak up the water.

Just to be sure you fetched the vacuum cleaner incase there were any tiny bits the eye could miss. The two kids were back in the living room as you spoke with Minghao around the corner, trying to rub the sleepiness from your eyes. He placed a gentle hand on your shoulder advising you to get some rest. “I’ll put them to bed, you don’t have to worry about anything okay?”

Giving a nod of your head you decided it was best to get some fresh air to clear your mind. And this is where you were, siting by the window with the breeze blowing across your cheeks. Untangling your fingers from your hair you heard another one of the girls shouts coming from upstairs. Chewing on your lower lip you tried to contain yourself from complaining though it was almost killing you.

Wasn’t she tired? Where was Joey? Was he asleep at least? Inhaling and exhaling a few deep breathes you closed your eyes and slowly rubbed at your temples. Until you head a few soft knocks on the door. Minghao popped his head in, an apologetic look on his face. “They’re finally in bed.”

He hummed happily as you sighed in relief. You helped Minghao in cleaning up the scattered toys and making everything presentable for the parents return. “I don’t understand how you’re so good with kids.” You smiled when you heard his chuckle from across the room. “I have a gift I guess.”

Finally you were able to relax on the couch and not have to worry about any energetic bubbly kids running around. “You did good today too. I mean you made the supper, washed the dishes, cleaned up the mess, helped Joey fix his toy truck and also helped me getting that bubblegum out of Sarah’s hair.

You didn’t complain once, even when you had to chase the kids around or clean up the glass and listen to the shouting.” Leaning back, you stretched out against the couch with a tiny smile on your lips. “Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere.” You mumbled sleepily while tucking your hand under the pillow. “And I couldn’t have done it if you weren’t here.”

Sleep washed over you like a wave on the shore and in a few minutes you were out of it. But that didn’t stop Minghao from grabbing the blanket off the back of the couch and setting it nicely over your body with a smile. “I couldn’t have done it if you weren’t here either.”

A/N; i’m writing this when I should be in bed but it’s minghao so who cares:) and though I wrote this about not complaining I will never stop complaining its a part of me I can never let go of even when u lower me into my grave imma be complaining.