joey says stuff

i think the unnaturally big fanbase for grillby’s character is pretty neat. he didn’t do anything other than bring out your order. he doesn’t talk unless you do something special. he’s just a background character that doesn’t do much story-wise. but so many people love him. this is a little off tangent but you could have little to no impact on someone’s life and people will still love you. you don’t have to do a lot to get people to love you.

please let reinhardt have a christmas skin. like obviously santa reinhardt would be cool but i want a skin literally called “reindeer” and either he’s got a festive antler headband or his suit and helmet make him look like a giant reindeer.

dashing through the crowd
on a one man open charge
enemies we ploughed
front lines we will barge
rocket hammers swing
making quite a sight
what fun it is to laugh and sing
a slaying song tonight

i work at a cafe irl and there is only one “senpai” that comes in and i dont even know his name. he works at the nearby food court and i never see him when i walk past his place because they usually have him in the back. but i’ve seen him walking through the mall a couple times and he comes in a lot. i’d get him a coffee and he’d say i’m the best. one time i forgot to give him a discount so i just upgraded his medium to a large in guilt.

… more Grillby headcanons (part 1)

  • He self cleans; like a self cleaning oven, but he secludes himself in a fireproof room first before raising his temperature super high to burn up any dirt or grease that’s collected on him
  • He has eyes and they appear blank white-yellow (because Fukufire and Heats have eyes so why wouldn’t Grillby)
  • Visible mouth, yes. Scary looking, yes.
  • Seriously when you’re a fire elemental (a very dangerous element to be) with a scary mouth, you tend to be avoided, which fed into his insecurities about himself
  • His shy nature stems from that, leaving him a monster of few words and generally doesn’t try to start anything unless it’s something big
  • (#spoiler) The bird admitted to making up translations - either Grillby is still too shy to bother correcting them or he’s playing along