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reasons I need a newsies live album
  • ben tyler cook
  • that’s rich with aisha holy shit
  • the electric guitars added to the world will know
  • jeremy’s super emotional santa fe
  • ben tyler cook in king of new york
  • the bigger louder chord at the beginning of once and for all
  • ben tyler cook’s “hereee theyyyyy comeeeeeeeeeee”
  • ben tyler cook’s “once and for all we won’t carry no banners that don’t spell freedom”
  • the other extras like joey barreiro’s santa fe on accoustic (and even the soulful seize the day if disney really loves us)
  • did I mention ben tyler cook

I am extremely happy to announce that I have a backup story in the first issue of Rich Tommaso’s Spy Seal #1!  What is Spy Seal?

In October last year, Rich posted a drawing on his Facebook wall musing about reviving a character he created when he was a teen. The Internet’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive, immediately spawning fanart and even cosplay.  I saw this post while at a Halloween ComicFest signing and was compelled to support this idea, even half-jokingly offering contribute…

As you can see, Rich agreed and specifically asked for a ninja story. So I obliged! I’m eager to read the Spy Seal comic, and similarly excited for folks to read my backup comic, Ninja FukurohSpy Seal is in part modeled after British spy movies of the ‘60s and ’70s, and I took similar inspiration for Fukuroh from Japanese films of that period. I’d like to say more, but I’ll have to wait until the issue is out and people can read it for themselves! 

Spy Seal #1 hits stores in August 16! Ask your retailer for it, and keep an eye out!

a concept:
the love of my life wakes up before me, but he doesnt want to leave the bed bc we’re warm and comfy. he cuddles with me and lightly traces my faded top surgery scars with his fingers. i wake up and kiss his forehead. our cat jumps on the bed, right onto my chest. we laugh. we’re happy.

we finally get out of bed. its a lazy sunday so neither of us has to go to work this morning. he makes the eggs, i make the pancakes (last time i tried making the eggs they ended up burnt, last time he tried making the pancakes they ended up soggy, so this is what we do).

after we eat our breakfast we take our dog for a walk. we both always wanted a german shepherd, its one of the reasons we knew we loved eachother (he didnt actually want a german shepherd as bad as i did but when he asked me what my favorite kind of dog was and i answered so excitedly, he couldnt help but fall in love with them too).

this is how the whole day goes. really, this is how basically every day goes. we laugh, we smile, we’re happy spending time with eachother. its comfortable, its familiar. it’s love.

anonymous asked:

do you like Shizuka and Jonouchi's relationship too, since they're also a pair of siblings who went through hard times when their family fell apart?

I am very much a fan of Shizuka (Serenity) and Jonouchi (Joey). I hope I may be forgiven for using their dub names for the remainder of this. I grew up on the English version, and certain names just refuse to leave me alone. I can’t switch, much as I would want to.

I honestly feel like the first thing to note here, is that — yes — there is absolutely a parallel here between Joey and Serenity and the Kaibas. It’s one of the first things I realized about their relationship when I first got into the series.

I submit that Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba are very, very similar people. I call them same-cloth-different-cut. Put bluntly, I feel like their stories are two sides of the same coin, and in this case the metaphor is pretty apt.

Money seems to be the main issue here.

Seto’s rich. Joey isn’t.

But anyway, this is about siblings. The point in bringing Seto up here at all is the simple fact that a fair amount of my affection for Joey and Serenity stems from how much the Kaibas affected me when I was little. Siblings in general fascinate me. Particularly in the case of Badass Big Brothers™ like Seto and Joey.

I was an only child until 17. Sue me.

However, there’s a bit of trouble.

And that’s the fact that the former pair aren’t given nearly as much time together, or development, as the latter. The Kaibas take center stage in a lot of sequences, and their bond is perhaps the central pivot point for their development both as individuals and as a pair. 

For these two, this isn’t exactly true.

At least, not in as many facets. Serenity’s development is absolutely linked to Joey. She looks up to her brother. Wants to stand by him and do right by him. And I would be heartless not to love that. Similarly, Joey’s driving motivation through a good chunk of the series is to provide for his sister.

But you know? Maybe it’s not so bad that they don’t hammer this motivation home as much as the Kaibas do.

The thing I’ve really grown to appreciate about Joey and Serenity is that they read like normal siblings. Seto and Mokuba have always had a parent-child relationship to me.

These two? Not so much. And that’s refreshing. The struggles they face are much more … normal. Parents divorce. Kids are forced to live apart. This kind of conflict — and the manner by which it develops and stimulates their growth — is more grounded in reality than most other siblings in this franchise.

They were forced apart when they were little. They surely struggled to make things work as best they could. To survive. And, eventually, to reunite. And they did. They make it back to each other, and the story doesn’t drive them apart once they do.

Which is … also refreshing, to say the least.

Their bond is strong. It’s heartwarming. And I am all about it.

I just wish the series had given them more time together. I would have loved to see more of this aspect of the story. Family. Unity. Strength both together and apart. It’s a central theme of the franchise.

Seto and Mokuba live and breathe that theme; I’m positive that Joey and Serenity do, too. But, I suppose I’ll just have to explore that concept on my own.

… I think I can live with that.

The day card games became dangerous

Joey: Yug….Yugi how could you? I thought that we were friends.

Yugi: I am sorry Joseph, but your life ends now *evil smirk*

Tristan: ( with a dead serious face) Joey it’s over, he is not the Yugi we used to know. You can’t win. Its over.

Tea: (with teary eyes) But I never expected Yugi to do that . I thought that we were friends.

Yugi: I am sorry guys but this is war and,( pauses for a second or two) in war there are no friends.

Kaiba: *Annoyed face*

Kaiba: WOULD YOU GEEKS CUT IT OUT ALREADY? This is a f*cking card game, why the hell are you all so serious and you ( pointing at Tea) why are you even crying?

Said Seto Kaiba, looking at his “friends” with each one of them holding UNO cards in their hands.

Joey: WHO invited the Rich-boy?


Mokuba: Hey guys lets calm down! Look Seto its your turn!

Joey: Lets invite Bakura next time.

Tristan: Good idea! So you can lose to him too!


Joey: Settle down, you drago-freak!

Yugi: Oh Joey, you didnt say that

Joey: Thats right, yuge I did. And guess what nerd-boy ( Points his finger towards Kaiba) I aint scared of you.

Mokuba: Oh God….

Everyone was looking at Seto Kaiba who was awfully quiet, it was too odd, it was scary

In a smooth moviment, Seto Kaiba pulled a combo of 3 Draw-4 cards.

Tea: ( with a terrified face) Oh boy.

Yugi: ( shocked) So thats how it is…. wouldn’t expect less from my Rival…

Yugi’s voice was shivering, even Yami couldnt watch

Joey: I see, so this means war! Bring it on!

Kaiba: War? ( Kaiba asked with a quiet yet piercing voice) this is more than war. This is DESTRUCTION YOU DAIRY FARMER. ( Yelled the furious Seto Kaiba, who was glaring at everyone)

From that moment, many screams and calls for ambulance were made from the Kaiba Mansion.