joey rich

reasons I need a newsies live album
  • ben tyler cook
  • that’s rich with aisha holy shit
  • the electric guitars added to the world will know
  • jeremy’s super emotional santa fe
  • ben tyler cook in king of new york
  • the bigger louder chord at the beginning of once and for all
  • ben tyler cook’s “hereee theyyyyy comeeeeeeeeeee”
  • ben tyler cook’s “once and for all we won’t carry no banners that don’t spell freedom”
  • the other extras like joey barreiro’s santa fe on accoustic (and even the soulful seize the day if disney really loves us)
  • did I mention ben tyler cook

January Music Suggestions - (link)

Redbone (Stay Woke) - Nath Brooks

Go - Louis the Child

Freeze Me - Death From Above 1979

Colors - Michael Blume

Strange Things - Lilo Key

Incantation - Lasafro

Love’s Run Out - Circa Waves

California - Clayton James Official

Season 2 Episode 3 - Glass Animals

Your Eyes - Joey Pecoraro

Super Rich Kids - Frank Ocean

Work Song - Hozier

Quick Musical Doodles - Two Feet

The Way - Kehlani, Chance the Rapper

Think About Me - dvsn

L$D - A$AP Rocky

Arabella - Arctic Monkeys

No Scrubs - William Singe

Bloom - bLAck pARty

Girls, Girls, Girls - KYLE

Well then happy pocky day! Sorry to have hidden this everyone but I’ve always been a devout Blueshipper :)))) *gets smushed
And of course the theme of the day has to be the fancy blueberry pocky with heart-shaped strawberry biscuit sticks, catalogue code “color of happiness”… you can only get more extra by stamping them with the kc logo

*More post-unrelated rambles follow*
At one point in duel links i used a blue eyes deck for pve auto, and as the excessive third rate duelist i am i went around editing everyone’s deck names
Kaiba deck: Waifu
Yami Yugi deck: Kaiba’s waifu
Joey deck: Stole rich kid’s waifu
Ishizu deck: Seto’s waifu
Mokuba deck: big sis in law
Jaden deck: Headmaster’s waifu
Kaiba: Why the f*ck am i sharing my waifu with every person on the planet