joey please see this

tbh, Chandler was the best Friends character, at least out of the 3 men, like, he was smart but not arrogant about it like others (Ross), he was respectful and kind towards women, not just using them for sex, promising to call and then never doing it (Joey), he was always there when his friends needed him whether that was emotionally (i.e comforting Monica when Phoebe moved out, telling Monica she was the most beautiful woman he knew in real life after a relationship didn’t work out), or financially (please see: how Joey Tribbiani could afford literally anything), he was also incredibly supportive of Joey and his acting goals, even paying for him to get his first headshots, he also learnt from his mistakes and grew when called out on them (i.e when Monica told her worst thanksgiving ever story and he’s forgotten about it but immediately was apologetic for what he’d said), like honestly, Chandler is the most relatable character bc he’s unbelievably socially awkward, but also he’s just the nicest guy there. And not in “oh man, nice guys always finish last” sense like Ross is, but in a “he’s a genuinely good guy, surround yourself with people like him” way.