joey jojo

Rewatching YuGiOh on Netflix at the same time as watching Jojo’s Bizarre adventure made me come to an epiphany at JUST HOW PERFECT THEY WOULD BE TOGETHER! SO HERE IT IS! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CROSSOVER THAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE A THING!


This has probably been the most fun fanart piece I’ve done in a while. And the process has made me realize maybe… just maybe… drawing muscly men is my true calling (*^*)9  goddammit I love drawing muscles… I must master this so I can draw it at will! At any rate, all the poses have been referenced from a specific Jojo character. Kudos if you can name them all ;)

This print will be making its debut at CPAC next weekend, March 29th. WHO’S EXCITED!? I’M EXCITED! WHOO! \(030)/