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Uuugh Diooooo how could you hang out around a loser like Joey...or was it John? Whatever.. Wasn't he trying to kill you or something?! You should come with me instead! -(Poorly-Drawn-Magenta-Magenta)

I’m not hanging out with Joestar. I’m minding my business. You should mind yours, too.


And in that moment, the entire homeswap fandom trembled in fear of what was to come


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Welcome hiveswap fans

Hello if you are new please read homestuck. hiveswap and homestuck are literally one in the same you will enjoy the game more if you read it the whole thing involves homestuck characters and you will appreciate it so much more. And remember kids. Ship hate is unnecessary. They are fictional characters. Seal your body paint! BUCKET JOKES ARE FROWNED UPON! DONT STOP READING IF ACT 1-4 ARE BORING THEY ARE NECESSARY BELIEVE ME! watch let’s read homestuck on YouTube if it is hard to follow or read on the actual comic. And please all current homestucks let’s be nice and guide the new fans not be douche bags about it okay? Don’t let the homestuck fandom die because we’re not welcoming new people.

JOEY~ #80cbec          JUDE~ #cbec81

There’s a popular assumption in the fandom that, according to their shirts, Joey’s ASSOCIATED COLOR is green and Jude’s is blue, and following the Homestuck pattern, these would also be the colors of their eyes, both of which I’ve seen in the great majority of the fanart.

However, if we follow the Homestuck pattern to the fullest extent and remember that text-colors indicate both of those for all (player) characters (with the exceptions of Karkat, Calliope and Caliborn), it seems the reverse is true.

Also worth remembering is that Joey and Jude, Jake Harley’s biological kids, share this reversal with John and Jade, his ectobiological ones.

Approximate colors because it’s a video-game and not a web-page, so I could be wrong, but the codes seem to fit, in my opinion, and could also indicate their birth-years (Joey is 14 on 11/11/94 and her password is mrstaylorthomas80, and Jude is at least one year younger, three tops), Universe C (which is associated with the number 1111), and Becquerel (who was made with the genetic code of Jake Harley’s dog Halley, which is in two pictures on the staircase wall, from which Jake got his last name through a speech impediment), and a connection to the cherub-key-that-is-probably-a-juju through ouroboros (much like the juju codes the cherubs sent to the Alpha Prospit kids), but this entire paragraph is theory-only.

Would anyone else like to share their thoughts?

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