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Re: Videogamer Atem from this post:

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: XDD whatever game he plays, Kaiba manages to find and challenge him

Atem spent 3 days trying to master DOOM, going straight for Ultra Nightmare (he had to restart four times), before delving into the multiplayer. Around half an hour in, a person called BEWDown2Me starts hunting him in every match. Atem hasn’t worked out yet how Kaiba has so many different accounts. Or when he learnt to play DOOM. Or how he’s doing this if he’s in an investor meeting til 6.  

Pokemon they have to arrange to play. Seto counter-teams him and still loses. 

Skyrim isn’t multiplayer, so that required some thought. They end up achievement racing. Atem wins by not getting distracted with cheese wheels.

He has to explain in chat that this is a Build Server, not a PVP Server when a blocky character in a Kaibaland hoodie shows up while he’s playing Minecraft. Atem gets bored after making a simple house. Kaiba makes a replica Blue Eyes. Silently, Atem concedes that round.

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: (((I still want to see a picture/fic about them playing an MMORPG and Kaiba is forced to play the damn Healer/Priest *snort*)))

“Don’t see it as being a Priest- “
“-say ‘again’ and the console goes out the window.”
“See it as playing the only character who gets to wear robes with a dragon on.”

A New Baby [a Barry Allen imagine]

a/n: i thought of this and omg i love joey

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As soon as you and Barry found out that you were, again, pregnant, you instantly wanted to tell your two sons. After waiting for a few weeks, you decided it’s time to spill the beans before you start showing. Joey hops on Barry’s lap, chewing a protein bar, while Tyler sits in the chair to the side of you, crystal blue eyes glued to his phone.

“Why we here?” Joey asks innocently, peering back at his daddy. His red Mickey Mouse Clubhouse t-shirt wrinkles around his tiny torso, rising up his stomach. Barry sighs, hands clutching his son’s waist to turn him on his lap.

You give him a look and he nods, scratching his chin, where light stubble is. “Um, well, boys- Ty, off the phone, come on.” he snaps, eyeing the fifteen year old, who groans, dropping it in his lap. Barry rolls his grassy green eyes, bringing his attention back to the toddler. “Well, okay, so, Joey, Ty, you know how mommy’s been getting bigger-”

“Mom’s pregnant, again. Yes, dad. I know. Can I go? I kinda get this. And, yes, I’m happy. I still have homework.” Tyler deadpans, blinking behind his glasses.

Sighing, you take his hand, thumb running across his knuckles. “Okay, sweetheart, you can go.” Tyler grins, kissing your cheek before heading upstairs, silver basketball shorts swaying at his knees. “But you better be doing homework and not texting Michael!” you call after him, receiving a grunt as a response.

Joey frowns, big dark blue eyes staring up at his daddy. He shifts, repositioning his legs at the older speedster’s hips. “What that mean, daddy?” he asks innocently, playing with Barry’s maroon flannel, protein bar already gone. “That a alien thing? You gonna fight aliens again?” he gapes, mouth hanging open.

“Um, no.” Barry laughs slightly, watching the three year old frown. “Mommy is pregnant, baby.” Joey squints, tilting his head. “Pregnant means… mommy and I…” he looks at you, clenching his teeth together. “Did something. Yeah, we did something, and there’s a…baby in mommy.” he explains, topping it off with a smile. “You’re gonna be a big brother soon, Joey.” he coos, tickling the toddler.

Except, he shies away, lower lip jutting out over his upper one, forming the perfect pout. “No daddy!” he shouts, making your eyes widen and heart break a little. “I don’t want a baby!” All Barry can do is frown, batting his long eyelashes as Joey climbs off his lap. “Stupid daddy!” he screams, stomping up the stairs; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pajama bottoms dragging behind him.

Biting his lip, Barry slumps his shoulders, gazing at you when he hears sniffles. “Hey,” he muses, wrapping his long arm around you, green eyes dull. “Babe, I’m sure he doesn’t mean that… he’s three. He’s probably confused right now.” he chides, dropping a kiss to your forehead. “I’m gonna talk to him.” he nods, speeding to the toddler’s room.

Barry knocks on the door. “Joey, open up. It’s daddy.” he grunts.

“Go away! Go be with the new baby!” Joey hisses, playing with his dinosaur figurines.

“You know… You made mommy cry.” the older speedster hums, pressing his ear to the door. Silence. “She’s very upset; thinks you don’t love her anymore. I know that’s not true… You love mommy and I don’t you?” he prompts, getting a faint ‘yes’. “We love you and Ty and soon the new baby. Just because there’ll be another baby, doesn’t mean we’ll forget you. There’s gonna be a lot more love. That’s all.” he says softly, squinting as he tilts his head.

Joey opens the door, wrapping his arms around Barry’s legs. “I’m sorry daddy. You not stupid.”

Barry bends, picking him up. “Let’s go talk to mommy. She was very upset.”

Joey/Rachel rant

Part of what continues to irritate me about the dropped Joey/Rachel development is… not only did it degrade quickly into clear fodder for a Ross/Rachel endgame (it makes me livid that their relationship became all about Ross when he basically has an affair with Joey’s girlfriend–Charlie–in Barbados), but the REASON it didn’t work out was just ridiculous.

The reason it doesn’t work out is a sudden aversion to “consummating” the relationship, when if we’re being incredibly frank here, part of why Rachel even starts to reciprocate feelings for him is because of her physical attraction to him and the ensuing sexual arousal. Rachel slapping away Joey’s physical advances (and Joey’s sudden inability to undo her bra which almost seems like borderline retconning) is just preposterous and maddening to me! Especially when the chemistry between Aniston and LeBlanc jumps out the screen to punch people in their ovaries or brovaries. Seriously; couldn’t they have come up with a more realistic reason? I just find it extremely hard to buy that this sexual attraction they’ve been teetering around ever since they met suddenly vanishes when they actually try to make a move. Maybe it’s realistic, but I’ve never experienced that; the closest to this kind of ‘realization’ I’ve experienced is that after crossing that line with a friend, we realized there wasn’t anything left gravitating us to the idea of dating, or the guy realized it while I still wanted a relationship thus ending the friendship eventually. The point is, the consummation of a sexual attraction was never my problem– finding the lack of an emotional connection (or at least a less fulfilling emotional connection when in comparison to the physical connection) thereafter is what resulted in not attempting a relationship. 

It’s not like I’d prefer they have some huge fight where they stop being friends, or have sex and it’s forever awkward and sad between them. It’s not like I even was all that excited for the sexy times because as y’all who’ve been following me know, I’m way more into the fluffy stuff, but I just found this sudden backtracking really tedious and aggravating and almost insulting to myself as a viewer. They asked me to become invested in Joey’s emotional connection by stating this is the very first time he’s EVER been in love with someone, and just when I thought the storyline was over–Rachel rejected him and he gracefully moved on–they crunch it into overdrive with Rachel’s sudden attraction and reciprocated feelings, awoken by the physical aspect, but obviously bolstered by her deep friendship and her respect for Joey and how much fun they have together.

I just feel there could have been a better route to take. They could have discovered they have very very different long-term goals, for instance. What if Joey revealed he wants to have a huge family like his mom and dad did and Rachel only wants maybe one more child and that was something Joey couldn’t let go of? Or what if kind of the reverse happened, and Joey felt too unsure and insecure about being a kind of step-father to Emma instead of just the fun uncle? What if they even moved up the storyline of Rachel moving to Paris so that it could become a source of conflict that breaks up Joey and Rachel because neither is willing/capable of moving for the others’ job? (I mean, I personally feel like there’s ways these could be circumvented or ways Joey would react that would be to give Rachel anything because he loves her so damn much and so they’d make it work, but that’s my Woman is His Sun and Stars and Moon kink showing. But these are all viable options instead of the stupid sexual disconnect direction. So I would take none of these preferably, but if I had to choose, I’d take these over the sudden sexual chemistry retcon.)

And if they really wanted to peg in the idea that Ross is Rachel’s “lobster” and visa-versa (even though, let me take a minute to gag as an anti-Ross person), why wouldn’t they, instead of retconning the sexual attraction, retcon the notion that Rachel and Joey are a better match for each other, since they simultaneously were enforcing that Ross and Charlie were better matches for each other? I think that bothers me a lot, too. That the events leading up to all four of these people essentially SWITCHING PARTNERS were used to flash in big bright signs “RACHEL & JOEY ARE MORE COMPATIBLE” and “CHARLIE & ROSS ARE MORE COMPATIBLE” and then this was just completely taken back?? So what if they instead had explored that how similar they were became an issue because there were too many negative similarities? Like perhaps they both had crippling debt problems, both forgot important dates, both were clumsy, both bad at making important decisions and therefore it being stressful together… I know that sometimes all it felt like I had in common with my ex was the negative aspects of our personalities, and even though I still have feelings that he was my soul mate (maybe we get more than one; either that or I was just wrong but I’m just saying, I felt strongly compatible) perhaps that kind of negative head-butting of similarities is just too destructive, no matter how many positive similarities are present in conjunction. 

Lastly though… I sometimes think the fact they went with the sexual flop route was really perhaps the only way they could back out in getting the characters to have any ‘real’ problem. Like I said above, there’s so many ways Joey would have acquiesced to make Rachel happy because he is that selfless and his love for her is just that supportive and unconditional. And there’s so many ways they’re compatible. So perhaps they went with this route because it was the only legitimate cop out they could make, sadly. Like they worked themselves into this corner and built them up to synthesize together so well, but then suddenly realized it wasn’t their endgame and so had to slap on a problem that actually didn’t exist in order to weasel out of how much sense it made. Hmmmm… Kinda sounds like ALL my OTP’s writers (Gimple & Co with Bethyl, Kishimoto and his editors with NaruSaku, Chris Carter’s vehement resistance to having an MSR storyline) have this weird affliction that makes them give too much chemistry and compatibility to these characters and then they panic and don’t know how to go back. I hereby propose the members of my fandoms and I start funding research for a cure to this affliction.

By the way, I read up on some of this, and I know the actors had some reservations based on how the audience was reacting to the pairing. I KNOW the generation watching this show as it aired and the overall society zeitgeist was dead-set on Ross and Rachel. I understand this. I’m just saying that in hindsight, Joey and Rachel made more sense to me, and I just don’t have a lot of respect for how that was concluded, even if I was excited to see it given a chance at all. I ultimately believe Joey and Rachel is the better, healthier, more sweet, more fun and more empowering direction for Rachel and I even believe that if it had been airing for this generation, perhaps it would have ended in Joey/Rachel. 

But who cares what the canon is? NOT ME, I NEVER CARE. And I’m probably gonna draw Joey and Rachel being happy when I get the time. LOLZ

  • Mom: What do you know about gay men?
  • Me:
  • Me: *crafts*
  • Me: WHooooo *slaps thigh* great joke great joke.
  • Me: Nothing mom
Brother's best friend (part 10) - A.I

Okay…so this shoulda been out an hr ago and then my laptop died and the fire alarm went off and this morning has been a mess so I’m posting this on my phone and I hate doing that so I’m sorry. 😭

Warning: talks of rape, drugs, and alcohol

“And that is how you deal with bonds,” Joey said smiling at the girl seated next to him at the table as she attempted the homework problems in the book. It was early on a Friday afternoon, three weeks from y/n’s split with Ashton. It had been easier to cope with everything since he pretty much distanced himself from her, not that she was really complaining. Michael had mentioned that the only thing he’d really talked about for the past three weeks was Britt and it was getting on everyone’s nerves. “Y/n? Did you hear me?”

“What? No…sorry Joey. What was that?” she questioned finally coming back from her small thought of Ashton. It happened often, y/n constantly wondering how he was doing, usually having to rely on Calum of Lily to fill her in, not daring to ask Michael who still wanted to cut Ashton’s testicles off.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a party later tonight…maybe…as my date?” the way he stuttered and flashed her a half ass grin that was disfigured by the amount of his bottom lip wedged between his teeth in an attempt to try to not look nervous.

Y/n couldn’t lie. She liked Joey; he was sweet, a talented baseball player, intelligent…all he was missing were the curly blonde locks of hair and prominent dimples that indented his cheeks. “Your friend Calum’s hosting it. Said it might be a good idea to get you to loosen up, you know?”

“Oh Cal,” she sighed rolling her eyes. It was probably true, though. Calum loved to throw parties on occasion, the last occasion being that it was a Friday. “You know what, sure…I haven’t been to a party in months.” She stood up closing her book, the time on the wall reading half past five, Calum’s parties usually never starting until around ten thirty giving her more than enough time to sleep, eat, and get dressed. “Pick me up at ten thirty. Sound like a plan?”

“Sound’s like a plan.”


“Where is she?” Calum groaned scanning his house, beer in hand, arm draped over Lily’s shoulders tightly and protectively as they waited for their friend to show up. “She said she was coming, right?”

“She said she was coming,” Lily said back triple checking her text conversation with y/n, the girl confirming a little less than an hour ago that she would be arriving with Joey just past ten thirty. It was now pushing eleven thirty. Lily’s eyes scanned as well, trying to ignore the small butterflies she felt against the warmth of Calum’s body, eyes instantly falling on the very intoxicated girl walking in with a smug looking Joey. Everything about this gave Lily chills. Y/n was never one to be trashed walking into a party or leaving one, and at this point, she could barely function on her own. “Do you see what I see?”

“Oh, I see it,” Calum muttered dropping his arm from around Lily, quickly walking over to greet y/n and Joey. “You two made it.”

“Cal!” y/n squealed letting go of Joey for only a moment, stumbling forward landing in Calum’s arms as she hugged him, Calum noting the alcohol radiating from her body as he held her. “T-this is gonna be ….so fun.” The slurs fell from her lips as Calum made eye contact with Joey who now had someone whispering in his ear from behind. “Let’s go take a shot.”

“Oh, absolutely,” Joey said ready to whisk her away as Calum pulled her closer to him glaring at Joey. Cal knew Joey, and the facade he had been putting up around y/n wasn’t cutting it for him. Joey was Calum’s holding midfielder on the team when Calum still played, and although Joey was great on the field, their chemistry off the field was nothing similar, Calum hating Joey for his arrogance and cockiness and, most of all, the way he treated girls. He could see why Ashton asked him to help y/n out in science. He was a fucking genius when it came to all of that, but he thought Ash sould’ve worried more about y/n’s safety and emotions as well, because stringing her with a guy like Joey right after a breakup was bad news, and the way she had walked in barely functioning to the party had already proved Calum’s point, not that Ah would know because he was most likely somewhere in Calum’s house sucking face with his girlfriend.

Calum looked over the girl in his arm’s features noting it wasn’t just alcohol coursing through her system. “Back up, Joey…what is she on?”

“It only LSD, calm down, Hood,” Joey said back reaching for her again, only to have Lily take her from Calum’s arms, pulling her away to go find one of the other boys while Calum dealt with Joey. “You’re taking my date away.”

“Because she’s fucking trashed…what exactly do you want from her? To take advantage of the new girl in school? I really can’t stand you sometimes. And I suggest you get the fuck out of my house.” He walked away looking for Lily, only to run into Luke, who was having his own issues.

“Lily…-w-where’s Ashy?” y/n whined as the girl rested her against against the counter.

“I haven’t seen him,” Lily said back turning away from her to grab a glass of water, only to turn back around and see her missing. “Y/n…oh you’ve got to be kidding me. Calum!” She went running through to the living room searching for her tanned friend, as well as, hopefully, y/n. Instead, she ran into Ashton talking with Britt off to the side in the corner of the room. “Ashton, there’s an issue.”

“What’s up?” he asked, the conversation halting immediately.

“Y/n’s trashed and we can’t find her. Joey gave her some stuff along with alcohol and she’s been off her shit since she got here…can you help find her. Please…”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Britt said not bothering to let Ashton answer the question. She knew how Joey was from personal experiences, not that she’d tell Ashton that. They made their way to the second floor starting there to work their way down knowing it would probably be easier to spot her from up there.

“No..get off,” Ash could hear faintly through the door to Calum’s room, his brows furrowing as Britt looked at him confused.

“What’s that?” Britt questioned as Ashton pressed his ear against the door listening in.

“Stop fucking moving,” the voice growled, followed by a loud slap. The room went quiet for a moment, only to be followed by quiet moans in the room, but only by one party. Ash opened the door a bit to see Joey naked on Calum’s bed fucking into y/n, moans leaving his lips and not hers.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Ash questioned, Joey turning around shocked trying to cover her body with his, but Ash could already see she wasn’t responsive. “Are you fucking stupid, Joey?”

“She said it was fine,” he spat back, Ashton now walking into the room as Britt went to go find Michael.

“No, I believe I heard her tell you to get off. So get the fuck off of her, mate.”

“Make me.” Within two seconds, Ash had Joey on the floor pounding his fist into his face as Joey fought back landing a couple of punches to Ashton’s jaw.

“What the fuck is-,” Michael started, quickly stopping his question seeing his naked sister lying on the bed unconscious, Joey naked under Ashton as Ashton continued to hit him. Calum quickly ran pulling Ashton off Joey who was now sporting a black eye and most likely a broken nose.

“Get the fuck off of me, Calum,” Ash growled trying to jump back up to finish what he started.

“How about you do me a favor and kick everyone out, yeah? We’ll deal with Joey.” Ashton looked around the room knowing there wasn’t going to be a second option, standing up from his place on the floor headed back down to the party to kick out all the guests. “You’ve got balls, Joey…didn’t I kick you out?”

“Fuck off, Calum. I’m going to fucking press charges. My dad’s a cop,” he groaned wiping the blood from his mouth.

“He’s going to need to come pick you up in a body bag in a minute,” Michael said pulling a blanket over his sister’s body before turning to face Joey. “I’m going to fucking kill you.”

“It wasn’t LSD that you gave her, was it?” Calum asked, Michael’s eyes darkening even more than they were as his rage grew.

“You fucking drugged my sister? Are you fucking insane?” Michael went to go hit Joey, only to have Luke hold him back, his face stern as well.

“If you want to press charges mate, go ahead, but the fact six people just witnessed you rape an unconscious female that you drugged is only going to make your life a living hell. So, I suggest before Ashton comes back upstairs and we can’t control him, you get your ass out of here and go home. Alright?” Luke asked being the only calm one in the room, although on the inside he was ready to deck the guy.

Joey stood up shakily throwing his clothes back on quickly. “And you won’t say anything if I leave?”

“To who? My sister? Oh no. I’m fucking telling her everything you’re pieces of shit ass did to her. It’s just a matter of whether or not she wants to press charges.” Joey’s faced dropped at Michael’s words as he scrambled out of the room quickly trying to avoid Ashton who was still rounding up the rest of the stragglers. It was silent in the room, no one really knowing how to bring up the situation, but all they could think about was how to tell her she’d been raped.


Joey: We like to role play
Daniel: Don’t say that
Me: Well okay then. Yup there goes my spirt off to hell. Good bye.

[This fic was requested anonymously, I hope you all enjoy!]

  I lay in bed listening to music in my room. Mister J and Harley had gone out, but I didn’t feel like it tonight. I was too busy thinking about my own plans. My flight was booked, my bags were hidden but packed, and I had my money stored away under the floor boards. 
  Living with Harley and The Joker has been… an experience but one I’m afraid must come to an end. The longer I stayed the more… out of place I felt. I mean the sex was amazing, the crime was exhilarating, and they… they were something different all together. They were a whole other ball game and what was I? A third wheel? I mean kinda, a more intimate third wheel but a third wheel none the less. The longer I was with them… the more I needed them… and the more expendable I felt. 
  I was nothing to Mister J but another bed partner but that was expected, and Harley… Harley confused me. You never really knew with her. I was in too deep and I knew it, the easiest way I could think of getting out was running. Simple as that. 
  It was almost such a pathetic fallacy that it would be raining tonight and the song that had played when we had first encountered each other was playing now when I felt so shitty. I would never forget that day, I would never regret it either.

***Flashback, Two Years Prior***

  The club had just opened for the night and I was ready for the night to be over. I didn’t mind the dancing, I didn’t mind the clients, after all money is money. I just didn’t like my boss. That’s how it usually goes, right? It was kind of a cliche to have a pervy boss when under his employ as an exotic dancer. I say exotic because as Joey stresses “We run a high end club dance club, not a strip club”. There wasn’t much of a difference, except removing clothes was entirely optional unless the client pays five hundred dollars for it then you don’t get a choice. When your clientele is the rich and the famous, five hundred dollars is chump change so bullshit aside I was a stripper in a strip club. 
  “Ready to make some magic happen, Y/N?” Joey slapped my ass, not really waiting for a reply before he was off to harass Lotte. 
  Prison isn’t worth it. Prison isn’t worth it. Prison isn’t worth it. I repeated my mantra over and over again. Applying a layer of red matte lipstick I slipped on my (insert colour of choice) wig and got ready for work. 


  I was ready to call it a night, my shift wasn’t over yet but Joey wasn’t stupid enough to fire me for leaving two hours early. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I turned, spotting a woman everyone knew. She wore a tight, gold little number and her hair fell in soft curls. She was beautiful, but I knew better than to entertain her. 
  “What’s wrong, you scared?” She asked.
  I scanned the room, finding The Joker watching the interaction as he leaned against the bar. I could hear his laugh over the music. Looking back to Harley I smirked, “My shift’s up, sugar.” 
  I grabbed my money, arching a brow at her when her hand curled around my wrist. She waved a wad of cash in front of my face, her eyes locking with mine and I licked my lips. 
  “Is it?”
  I heard Joey clear his throat and I looked over at him. He made very clear gestures which told me to get on her ass even if it meant putting mine on the line. 
  “I guess not, tell me, what do you want?” I asked.
  “Everything you’ve got, gorgeous.”
  I counted the money, about to ask her if she was crazy but that question seemed redundant.
  “Keep your weapons to yourself, yeah?”
  “What about my hands?” She whispered.
 I brushed my nose against hers, smirking, “As far as I’m concerned those are the most dangerous weapons of all.”
  She leaned back in her seat and gestured for me to proceed. 

***Harley’s P.O.V***

  I liked her, she has spunk, and she wasn’t an idiot either. She knew something was off, she knew we were playing an angle, I could see it in her eyes. She just didn’t know if that angle would end in her demise. I wasn’t sure either, with the way she was dancing I didn’t want it to.
  A scream drew her attention from me, she lunged off the stage almost knocking me out of the chair and she pulled my gun from its holster. 
  “Mind if I borrow this?” 
  She didn’t wait for my reply.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  “The fuck are you doing, Joey?” I demanded, aiming the gun at him. 
  He had a gun to a clients head, his free hand fisted in Lotte’s hair. 
  “He touched her,”
  “She was giving him a lap dance Joey, it’s part of her job-”
  “She is mine! No one tou-”
  “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I heard Mister J’s voice, both him and Harley had come up beside me. 
  “Pull the trigger gorgeous, lets blow this joint,” Harley whispered.
  “What the hell are you doing here?” Joey snapped. 
  Mister J turned to me, I could hear his purr in my ear and for a moment I couldn’t focus. 
  “I’m here on business my boy,” 
  “You want her, have her, and get the hell out,” he snapped. 
  “I’m not for sale asshole,” Lotte was crying, her eyes filled with fear.
  I don’t know what she ever saw in him. He was pathetic, I told her that but I guess I never could have anticipated how right I was. 
  “Shoot him doll, what’re you waitin’ for?” Mister J said with a growl. 
  I pulled the trigger. I hadn’t even realised I did it until I heard Lotte scream again and all the roaches in here began to scatter. Suddenly Harley’s lips were covering mine and for a moment I was too shocked to do anything. 
  “Now was that so hard, Puddin’ can we keep her?” Harley asked. 
  I looked to Mister J whose eyes were narrowed to slits, his tongue snaking out across his teeth.
  “How’d that feel, doll?” He asked.
  I looked down at the gun in my hand, “Amazing.”

***Present Day***

  I jumped, removing a headphone as Harley slid into bed beside me clad in only a cropped T and undies. 
  “When did you get-”
  “Shhh,” She kissed me and I hated how good it felt. 
  She snuggled into my back and I closed my eyes, trying to control my emotions. 
  “You give the best cuddles, Y/N,” she said tiredly. 
  Don’t get used to it.
  She nuzzled her face into my neck and I couldn’t help but smile, stroking her arm. We stayed like that in silence for a long time before her hand began to glide ever so slowly downward and I turned my head.
  “I thought you wanted to cuddle,” 
  “Well, I changed my mind, I figured I gotta convince you to stay.”
  I recoiled, getting out of the bed to look at her incredulously. “How did you-”
  “You can’t hide stuff in this house, if I didn’t like ya so much you’d be dead, Y/N.”
  I ran a hand through my hair, “Harl’s-”
  “Stay… please?”
  She said it in a way that made my heart flutter and my knees get weak. The spark in her eyes had me crawling across the bed towards her and my lips crushed hers. 
  “Tell me you’ll stay,” she said between kisses and I paused for a minute, clutching her to me.
  Mister J cleared his throat and we looked over at him, “So we’re stuck with you, huh?” 
  I bit my lower lip, looking down.
  “Well, in that case,” I heard his belt hit the ground and I smirked.

(I might come back to this idea, I kinda dig it)