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Zay's Life Matters {GMW BLM AU}

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*The Clique Six sitting at their usual spots at Topanga’s*

“No way, Lucas is Joey!” Smackle exclaimed.
“Isn’t Joey supposed to be the hot one?” asked Farkle.
“Exactly, so Zay is Joey because he’s the hottest one!” Maya argued.
“Please, you’re flattering me,” Zay blushed. “How you doin’?” Zay said in his uncanny impression of Joey Tribbiani from Friends.

The six friends exploded into laughter. “Okay so we can agree that Zay is Joey, Smackle is Phoebe, and Farkle is Ross. So that means Lucas is Chandler.” Riley pointed out.

“Please, Lucas doesn’t have half the personality of Chandler Bing,” Maya said as Lucas rolled his eyes. This resulted in even more laughter and rude stares from the other customers. Katy Hart walked up to the six friends. “I’m glad you’re all enjoying yourselves, but please keep it down, you’re ruining business,” Katy requested.
“Sorry Mom,” Maya said, still trying to hold down her laughter, “We’ll try to keep it down.”

“Actually, we should get going. I have to go home early and babysit Auggie and my mom said I could bring you guys over as long as we don’t let Auggie stay up past his bedtime,” Riley suggested. “Alright, let’s go,” Farkle said as the six friends got up and walked out the diner together.

The six friends walked down the sidewalk together, arguing whether Riley or Maya is Monica or Rachel. “Rachel’s family was rich, how am I Rachel?” Maya asked. As Zay was about to answer, he lost his footing and quickly regained his balance. He looked down and realized his shoes were untied. He bent down to tie his shoes and the other five friends continued walking down the block, not noticing that Zay was falling behind in the midst of their heated debate.

By the time Zay was done tying his shoes, his friends were already at the end of the block. As Zay paced down the block to catch up with his friends, he felt a slight chill in the air and shivered. He zipped on his black hoodie, covered his head with the hood, stuck his hands in his pockets, and continued to walk down the block towards his friends.

Suddenly, there was a deep voice that yelled, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” Zay’s heart jumped, he turned around and saw a police officer in front of him. His heart was beating out of his chest. “What are you doing following those kids? What’s in your pocket?” the cop questioned.

Zay knew this would happen eventually. It’s been all over the news. Every day another innocent life lost. His parents warned him about this multiple times. They went over the procedure over and over again. He could hear his father’s voice in his head, “Zay, this world is messed up. There are a lot of bad people out there who will judge you. We know it’s not fair, but there’s not much we can do but deal with it. If a cop confronts you, no matter what, DO WHAT HE SAYS. Keep your hands up, mouth shut, don’t argue, just follow his orders. Do whatever it takes to come home alive.”

Zay put both his hands up. He couldn’t stop shaking. “WHY were you following them?” the cop asked again with a mean look on his face. Zay tried to explain. “They’re my friends,” he tried to say, but nothing would come out. He was breathing so fast he thought he was going to faint. The cop’s menace glare burned into his skull. He didn’t know what to do. His mind was racing so fast. Zay felt all the courage, fear, anger, and humiliation building up inside of him. Finally, he let it all out. He opened his mouth and yelled louder than he ever yelled before. “LUUUCCAAASSSSSS!!!” he screamed.

The police officer took this reaction as a threat. He reached for the gun in his belt. Zay winced and closed his eyes. He knew by tomorrow, he’d become just another hashtag. He was going to end up just like Trayvon Martin.

Lucas heard his name ring through his ear. He turned around and yelled, “Oh my God!” The other four friends turned around to see their best friend, who would never even hurt a fly, with his hands up, trembling in front of a police officer. Without thinking, all five of them ran back towards Zay yelling, “STOP!!!”

The cop stopped in his tracks and was surprised to see the five kids running towards him. Maya was the first to reach them. “What the heck do you think you’re doing? Why are you pointing your gun at him?” she asked the cop. Zay breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that he is now out of danger.

“This young man was following you guys, I was just doing my job!” the cop explained.
“Dude, he’s our friend! He was just running after us because he fell behind and was trying to catch up!” Smackle explained.
“How DARE you!” Lucas fumed. “That was MY BEST FRIEND! You actually pointed a gun at my best friend! He wasn’t even doing anything illegal! You had NO RIGHT to do that!” Lucas wanted to hurt the cop badly. He almost lost his best friend, and it would’ve been all his fault. He walked towards the cop, but felt Farkle hold him back. “Zay wouldn’t want you to put yourself in trouble for him,” Farkle whispered to Lucas.

The cop tried to defend himself. “How was I supposed to know that, this kid could’ve been dangerous, for all I know! I just thought—”
“—What’s your name?” Riley interrupted.
“Officer Jim Walters,” he answered.
“Well, Jim Walters, my mother Topanga Lawrence happens to be a very powerful lawyer, and I will make sure that you will get the justice you deserve. What you did was an act of racism. If Lucas was the one who was following us, would you have pulled out your gun? No, you wouldn’t have, because Lucas and white, Zay is black, and you will surely lose your job over this,” Riley warned him.

Officer Walters was about to respond, but his radio buzzed. There was a bank robbery a few blocks away. He had to go. He left the six friends behind to console their shaken friend.

“Thank you,” was all Zay managed to get out. He was overwhelmed, he still couldn’t believe that this happened. He heard about it happening all over the country, he just never thought it would happen to him. “I’m sorry you had to go through this, Zay. I wish the world could be a better place,” Farkle told Zay with an apologetic look on his face. Zay nodded his head in agreement.

The five friends held on to Zay tight, making sure they don’t lose him again. They walked back to Riley’s house in unison. There was nothing much else to say. They could only hope that people would eventually learn to be loving and accepting of each other despite the color of their skin. They could only hope for a better future.

#2 Puppyshipping scenario

Joey is staying at his sisters house and is ordering pizza in the kitchen. Once he ends the call to then proceed to getting a drink. His phone vibrates, Seto’s name is lit up on the screen. Confused Joey answers it.

“ Open the front door ”  Is all Seto says.

Joey decided to open the front door, he is met with a stern Seto whom is turning his own phone to face Joey. The screen shows everything Joey had done on his phone and had recorded all of the phone calls made or received. 

“ Seriously “ Seto glares.

“ You love Pizza over me?” He adds, not impressed.

Joey, confused, pushes the phone away.

“ Its my stomach that loves pizza, Seto “ Joey defends himself, blaming his stomach.

“ Oh, so the pizza tastes better than I do “ Seto smirks, looking down at Joey teasingly.

Joey stares long and hard at the SEO with nothing but disappointment in him. 

“ I’m not impressed “ Is all Joey could reply with.

Gravity falls, tale of two Stan’s reference XD