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The Signs as Uplifting Youtuber Quotes
  • Aries: "You are a human with one life and it is up to you to make it the best life you can." -Dan Howell
  • Taurus: "Love yourself because you're the only one who's stuck with yourself. Fall in love with who you are and if anybody want to join in on that: more power to them." -Tyler Oakley
  • Gemini: "Nobody is wired wrong because there's no wrong and right in the way we are." -Hannah Hart
  • Cancer: "There are too many people in the world to let just one keep you down." -Alfie Deyes
  • Leo: "It's a good thing to be strange, normalness leads to sadness." -Phil Lester
  • Virgo: "Be the weirdest little weird in all of weirdtown." -Grace Helbig
  • Libra: "Don't kill yourself, kill the part of you that you don't like." -Shane Dawson
  • Scorpio: "You're all very beautiful for spacious skies, don't let anyone think you're not." -Joey Graceffa
  • Sagittarius: "The world is your bitch. Make it bend and do what you want it to do for you." -Emma Blackery
  • Capricorn: "Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself." -Troye Sivan
  • Aquarius: "You have to take an active role in making yourself happy. That's why I say happiness is a choice. Because you have to choose it." -Shay Carl
  • Pisces: "Don't be scared. Just try." -PJ Liguori

It’s crazy how…

these people we don’t even actually know…

can make us the happiest we could ever be…

on our worst possible days.

~y0utube-taking0ver xoxoxo love you guys

ooo look at these quotes i found online

Troye Sivan

“I call it admiring people from afar, some people call it stalking. Pfft.”

Shane Dawson

“Don’t kill yourself, kill the part of you that you don’t like.”

“Well there have been rumours going around that Liam Payne is getting fat, and I am like, well if Liam’s fat that means I’m fat. Liam Payne is not fat.”

Connor Franta

“There’s a big difference between having an opinion and being an ass.”

“If you like you, be you.”

Joey Graceffa

“You’re all very beautiful people for spacious skies, don’t let anyone think you’re not.”

Felix Kjellberg

“Life is too short for doing things you don’t like.”

“Don’t be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be!" 

Miranda Sings

"If you’re not good at it, try again, if you didn’t succeed the second time, stop it.”

“The final advice I can give you guys for a first date is don’t go on it.”

Dan Howell

“Keep smiling, and stuff.”

Phil Lester

“You should never make fun of something that a person can’t change about themselves.”

Trisha Paytas

“Screw everyone who calls you fat.”

Ariana Grande

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring.

You have the power and control to become whatever you want to be, no matter where you start out in life.
—  Joey Graceffa, In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World