joey graceffa minecraft

A Fairy Tale by Joey Graceffa.
  • Stacy: Joey tell a story until I catch up to you.
  • Joey: So once upon a time there was this girl Stacy who didn't know how to freaking play a game!
  • Stacy: A happy story!!
  • Joey: Once upon a time there was a girl named Stacy who..
  • Stacy: A fairy tale not based on reality...
  • Joey: Ok. Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who decided to adventure to go to McDonalds. Now McDonalds was a very rare occurrence that the two prince and princess would never get because it was very unhealthy, but the children loved it so much they wanted a happy meal as much as they could. So they decided they had to leave the castle and they were going to face lots of demons on their way. But they believe in each other that they could make it though this. Now the boy was a lot stronger and faster and better at everything really and the girl was kinda slow and she took her time with things and fell a lot, but that's ok. She would still persist on. She was very persistent and ya know she was the fairest of them all too. So the boy and the girl finally made it to their first check point and when they did they both got really excited because they didn't have to go back to their evil home with their crazy mom who only ate whole foods. So they didn't want to do that anymore. So they decided to enter the dungeon of the depths and just the boy liked to jump on the water a lot, he was a Finnick, he likes water, so he likes to keep going in when he's not supposed to. So that's as far as the story has taken us do far.
  • Stacy: The story needs to be Way longer because I keep falling...
  • Joey: Well... And the boy was like shootity shoot shoot I'm a pro at this!!
  • Stacy: ...