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Youtube and LGBTQ+

I was having a lovely Sunday, filled with laziness and, somewhat ironically, bingeing YouTube videos, until it was ruined by two things. 

The first, is snow, my nemesis and greatest foe.  The second was the shitstorm caused by the YoutubeIsOverParty hashtag currently trending on Twitter. And I’ve got to admit, as much as snow and I enjoy our eternal battle, I never once thought of YouTube as anything other than an ally. Though that has since changed.

Now, I understand censoring cursing and nudity, I’m pretty sure the latter has always been age restricted, but I am profoundly disturbed to discover that LGBTQ+ content is now considered “restricted”. That is absurd. You are absurd. This is absurd. And if anything, this just panders into the philosophies of the homophobic parents who wish to keep their children “protected” from such content.

YouTube always seemed to be this sort of free enterprise in term of content. A place where anyone could post anything as long as it wasn’t harmful to others. But restricting LGBTQ+ content is a harmful enterprise. Sometimes, all people have is the internet.  They don’t have supportive friends or family, so they’ll turn to the internet, and places like YouTube specifically, to find others like themselves. And many of these people are youths. Youth who are scared or questioning things and are looking to the content on YouTube for guidance. Putting a restriction on LGBTQ+ content is detrimental to those people.

Creators who strive for equality and acceptance should not be deemed restricted. These are people belonging to or supporting a marginalised community. They should not be vilified for trying to create a dialogue.

Please fix your error YouTube because I’d rather you not become my new nemesis. 


Holas (DE NUEVO) :D Pues somos la crew Mexihaitys: Siempre listas para herirte justo en el z4. EL CASO! Regresamos con esta loca idea al que se titulo ‘’RETO DE DIBUJANTES’’ y pues de que va esto? Sencillo. Entre las participantes, nos retamos a ser un dibujos (en este caso, la categoría es Youtubers:Internacional). El reto en si, es que pues cada quien tenia que dibujar un retrato de una foto del youtuber en cuestión*que se nos indicara* , ya fuera en blanco y negro o a color, pero que cumpliera las características. Y bueno, pues estos fueron los resultados :D Enjoy (?

Primer reto: .l.

Dibujante: justin-cena Reto: Dibujar a: Alan Play Retadora: lupeishoon


Dibujante: kairin-zf Reto: Dibujar a: Vikkstar123 Retador : justin-cena


Dibujante: honneybls Reto: Dibujar a: Miniminter Retadora: suave-y-esponjosa


Dibujante: suave-y-esponjosa Reto: Dibujar a: Joey Graceffa Retadora: kairin-zf


Dibujante: lupeishoon Reto: Dibujar a: Jordi Wild (ElRincoDeGiorgio) Retadora: honneybls  


Dibujante: creeper-feliz Reto: Dibujar a: Alfie (PointlessBlog) Retadora: no-failed-dreams


Dibujante: no-failed-dreams Reto: Dibujar a: Screamau Retadora: creeper-feliz