joey graceffa and shane dawson

Year: 2045

Me: Hey sweetie! how was school?

Child: Great! We are doing this really cool study about early social media! I was assigned to YouTube! Remember it?

Me: *stares into camera like its the office*

shane’s coming out video is just as important as troye’s coming out video

shane’s coming out video is just as important as connor’s coming out video

shane’s coming out video is just as important as joey’s coming out video

shane’s coming out video is just as important as ingrid’s coming out video

shane’s coming out video is just as important as any other gay/lesbian coming out video

shane coming out as bisexual is just as important as any other youtuber coming out as gay.

bisexuality does exist. you do not get to decide that it doesn’t.

bisexuals are just as real as gays and lesbians. bisexuals, you are important, you are valid. you are valid as fuck and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a fucking idiot who shouldn’t even be allowed to express an opinion anyway. 

shane’s sexuality is valid.

bisexuality generally is valid.

I was discussing YouTubers with someone older in my family and they were smiling and nodding but when I started to walk away and she thought I was out of ear shot she went “I can’t believe she looks up to those people.”

So I’m going to explain for people why I look up to YouTubers and hopefully some of you can show this to someone who doesn’t understand and maybe now they will.

I look up to people like Troye Sivan and Ingrid Nislen for coming out because not a lot of people thought they were gay. They weren’t asked over and over again but they held their heads high and said this is who I am and I’m proud it.

I look up to people like Connor Franta and Joey Graceffa because after being asked for years if they were gay to the point both said they were unsure about coming out they still did it anyways. They uploaded that video saying I don’t care what you think about me
I am who I am and I’m happy with that person.

I look up to people like Zoe Sugg who has such bad anxiety it’s hard for her to do big meet ups or even go out in public sometimes but for the people who watch her she’ll stay for 7 hours to meet them and talk to them.

I look up to people like Dan Howell who thought he had no reason to be alive anymore when he was 18 and 6 years later he’s been in a Disney movie, written a book, help put out an app and hit 5 million subscribers all while living with someone who has been telling him to go for it since day one. I look up to him because he always says how happy he is now and that where he is in life he would never change.

I respect people like Phil Lester who lost a close friend and almost didn’t come back to YouTube but he came back strong and 10 years later he has been in a Disney movie, written a book, come up with an idea for an app and help produce it, hit 3 million subscribers and gets to live with someone he helped inspire. I look up to him because many of his ideas get stolen sometimes without credit and he’s never been rude about it.

I look up to people like Chris Kendall who quit YouTube but came back and is a lot happier. I look up to him because even after so much drama happened he’s back friends with people he really cared about.

I look up to people like PJ Liguori for taking a small idea and actually making a tv series. I look up to him for standing his ground and doing everything he can so we enjoy it. I look up to him because even after 10 or more years he hasn’t hit 1 million subs but he’s still going strong.

I look up to people like Shane Dawson who no matter how weird he is, he actually loves us and he dealt with a lot of crap when he was younger and is still able to make videos everyday and smile and laugh and that is amazing. He’s made short films and an actual movie and I think that’s amazing.

I look up to these people and many more because there is so much more to them then a 4 or 5 minute video. There is a big story there for each and every one of them.

I respect these people and hope they are all very happy because they deserve to be.

It doesn’t matter if they have 700,000 subscribers or 9,000,000 subscribers. They have all fought big battles and small ones and are standing here some with albums, some with books and some with movies and if don’t think they’re good role models I would take a closer look.

when one friend in your squad roasts another squad member and u just waitin for shit to go down

Attention All LGBT+ Supporting YouTube Watchers

This is Bree, a YouTuber I’ve watched for quite some time now. Her channel is Kuledud3

(photo from her bf’s instagram)

She is well known for making video game commentaries, but she also does a lot of collabs, comedy sketches, and many other things.

On the same day that the supreme court ruled for marriage equality nation wide, she officially came out as LGBT. A couple days later, she made public her 6-month-old relationship with her roommate, Robin. (It’s their anniversary today!)

While many of her subscribers have been very supportive, her channel has taken a hit, as followers have unsubscribed. She currently has a little under 400,000 subs.

Whoever here is already interested in YouTube gaming channels, and who is also supportive of LGBT+ YouTubers, please check out Bree’s channel! Let’s help to support a Youtuber who’s done nothing but be courageous and sweet.

Bree’s Channel: Kuledud3

Robin’s Gaming Channel: Xycron (he has a beautiful radio voice)

Please reblog! Help spread the word about these cuties.