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For my first research paper for this semester, I decided to write about how Youtubers make a difference in the world and how they change/save people’s lives. If you have a specific story of how someone on YouTube has changed or saved your life PLEASE send your story to my inbox (anon or not) , submit box, by fan mail, or comment on this post with what you have to say!! I have 6 weeks to compete this paper and need all the sources I can get!! Thank you!!


Just a compilation of cute moments between Joey Graceffa and his boyfriend Daniel Preda. 

Level of awkwardness;

Teacher; ‘who wants to read’
Me; *shrinks into the chair and pretends like the table is the most interesting thing in the world*
Teacher; * points at me* 'would you read for me?’
Me; 'N-no’
Teacher; *gives the look*
Me; *starts reading and develops a stutter and loses the ability to follow lines or even form a sentence*