joey gaydos

School of Rock
It could be easy to predict and guess what ‘School of Rock’ is all about from its title and it’s promotional posters, but in doing so you would be way off the mark, the film takes its content and characters seriously, not giving in at all to conforming to common ground but instead let the characters speak volumes about themselves without changing by the end of the film, they simply embrace their path more. It’s a treat to see a family friendly film made by an esteemed director who usually makes much more indie and unknown leaps into the filmmaking world, Richard Linklater is in the directors chair, he certainly changes the pace with this film yet it still pays off. Jack Black is given free reign in this film to be who wants to be, loud, occasionally annoying and also taking to the stage with a guitar in his hand, he plays Dewey Finn, not really a wannabe rocker but a man who has embodied a rocker sense of living, he doesn’t aspire to be the best at what he does, he just wants to put on a show and be the centre of attention, but nobody else including his band mates, can handle his crazy stage antics. Now with little to look forward to, Dewey needs money, and a phone call for his roommate Ned will soon change Dewey’s fortunes. Dewey pretends to be Ned so he ends up filling in as a sub teacher at a local school, where he turns the young class he teaches into mini rock stars, he gives them confidence to excel not only onstage with their musical instruments, but in class too. This is no run-of-the-mill story that sees these kids transform overnight, the ones who are picked to actually be a part of the band itself all have specialty in orchestral instruments, Freddy (Kevin Jones) is the rebellious drummer, Zack (Joey Gaydos) is the shy guitarist who doesn’t want his sad to find out, and so on. The surprise of the film is principal Mullins (Joan Cusack) who is the welcome side source of comedy in the film. Unlike others she isn’t the typical principal who is against the idea of a change of order to her school,she’s just afraid of of breaking the rules but get a few drinks in this teacher and she may just shower you with a Stevie Nicks hit.

The kids and Dewey are building towards a Battle of the Bands competition which Dewey originally intends to take the limelight for himself, but soon begins to see the change get has given to these children. He isn’t all that different from them and has learnt to accept how people view him. The soundtrack is excellent, the film is funny and the cast go above and beyond to change the pace of a film that many would think they can predict, but it stays true to itself and gives us a cast of characters who like to be around each other, the film is quite simply a load of fun with no dragging, lagging or attempts to dramatically change its tone, fun to sing along to and fun to see some great performances, just fun.