joey fever

Headcanons Pt 11

- Joey used to be a doctor

- Henry can eat or drink anything without feeling sick; he could probably drink bleach with only a minor fever

- Joey hates Spam

- Wally once accidentally made French vanilla mac and cheese because he ran out of milk and thought “vanilla” creamer meant “basic” or “original” creamer and used that

- Sammy ate it all anyway, despite suffering the whole time

- Joey has the rainbow flag on his wheelchair

- Joey loves banana chips

- Henry has a crooked toe

- Alexx has chubby toes

- Henry has an axe proficiency

- Wally is Sammy’s muse

- Henry likes vinyl records and antique knick-knacks

- Sammy has witnessed the death of a kitten he once got to take care of and the death of his mentor who took him in after his mother kicked him out

- both times, he stood still like a dear in the headlights and would probably do the same for any future deaths

- nobody can really remember or place what Murray Hill looks

- Henry has an unrequited crush on Shawn

- Henry would very definitely like The Beastie Boys

- through the mask, Sammy can see, but only what The Machine wants him to see

- like Joey, both Wally and Henry have an affinity towards magic

- nobody is really sure why, but everyone gets a chill down their spine and the air suddenly feels crowded when Murray enters the room

- nobody really trusts Joey after the events of BatIM

anonymous asked:

Douru in 14? I heard you mention his fevers get pretty scary

14. Their sick day scrubs

Indeed they do. Douru’s a persistent little bugger, so when he falls, he falls hard. Luckily threadbare clothing is just the right balance between being warm enough and being good for a fever.