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Welcome to The Valiant Book! Hubby was in Texas on a work trip and spent his weekend at Fan Expo Dallas. While he was there, he picked up some fantastic sketches to start off our new Valiant-themed sketchbook (don’t worry, The Buckyyyy Book is still in action too!)

First up…. War Mother by the lovely Emily Rose Romano. This was a surprise gift I arranged for hubby, he LOVES future Valiant. War Mother has not been stuck into the sketchbook yet as she may be getting framed instead! Emily’s watercolours are so beautiful, it’s a gorgeous picture.

Ninjak by Clay Mann. I was thrilled that hubby got this as the first sketch in the book. Ninjak was the first Valiant book I read and I am a big fan of Clay Mann’s work, so this is wonderful.

Eternal Warrior by Cary Nord. Gilad is my absolute favourite Valiant character and Cary Nord… wow! I am delighted :) yay!

The Valiant Book is off to an AMAZING start! More sketches will be added as they materialise…


🎨  updates since Fan Expo Dallas: 🎨

Bloodshot 🔴  by Joey Lee Cabral (more details here)

Gin-Gr by Joel Carroll (more details here)


The Following: none shall survive.

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”

Seriously, the death rate of characters in this series is amazing. Only two of the original characters remain. And I doubt more than half of the current ones will live past this season finale. Definetely one of the three main (Ryan, Mike, Max, even though Ryan’s death would be impossible)

UPDATE: since the series has been cancelled no death is off limits. It surely ends with Ryan dying.

UPDATE II: Mark is now dead and Mike is seriously injured. I don’t think he’s going to make it

UPDATE III: Mike is not dead and Theo bit the dust. The series has ended. Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”.

I am usually not a fan of kids on TV shows (cough Carl cough) but I actually like Joey so far on The Following. He is not just written as a part that keeps finding trouble in order to drive the plot. Hopefully, he continues to be an evolving character and is reunited with his Mom sooner rather than later.

Side Note: Kyle Catlett, who plays Joey, is fluent in speaking English, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. That’s pretty impressive.