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It's Dick's fault that everybody believes that Bruce is older than them, people expects that if you're the parent figure of a 15 yo you're at least 35 and married.


“22 year old puts on bat costume to punch criminals, has no powers” is hard enough to wrap your head around but throw in “24 year old adopts 12 year old who also punches criminals, has no powers” and that is not something that would ever occur to anyone

like OBVIOUSLY batman must be an older man who knows what he’s doing, and not just some traumatized 20-something accidentally collecting traumatized children

haha wow referring to bruce wayne as a 20-something really puts things in perspective. batman: probably actually younger than joey from friends.

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any batman fans?

Anna ( @phonecallfromgod ) suggested a batman reboot with Christian Bale as Bruce (naturally) and then all the other Jack Kellys as the kids


Dick Grayson: Jeremy Jordan

Jason Todd: Corey Cott

Tim Drake: Dan DeLuca

Damian Wayne: Joey Barreiro

make it happen

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omg cast the og team as the characters of Friends

Ahhha okay! This is fun!

Tony Stark as Chandler Bing - he’s hopeless and awkward and desperate for love. sarcastic af. makes jokes when he’s uncomfortable. sarcasm is his only coping/defense mechanism.

Steve Rogers as Monica Geller - control freak. extremely high maintenance. competitive af. very stubborn. married to tony.

Thor as Joey Tribianni - loves food. a bit dumb. ladie’s man. has a big heart.

Bruce Banner as Ross Geller - he’s not that kind of doctor. loves science. is lowkey in love with Natasha.

Clint Barton as Phoebe Buffay - flimsy. believes in ghosts. would 10/10 bang every member of the gang.

Natasha Romanoff as Rachel Green - is a strong independent woman who stumbled upon this weird ass group of misfits and lowkey regrets it. but she still loves them all.


Nightwing: Old Friends, New Enemies
Secret Origins
(1986-1990) #13

“But Bruce… well, he tried to be supportive.”

Is… that what that panel is?

Man. I’ve had my definition for supportive wrong for a long time.

I get that he’s being somewhat ironic, but it still looks weird seeing it constructed this way.

It depresses me to no end that Dick’s complications with school – which, I mean, ultimately I maintain that collegiate studies aren’t for everyone and it’s a broken system to try and force everyone to think that they should go to school – makes him feel like a “failure.”

It’s completely in character for Dick to react that way. It just hurts my heart and soul :(



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