joey bads$$

Yu-Jo represents the bond between Yugi and Joey (Jounouchi) when they first became friends. It is so important, they even have their own card


Thats not Yugi, thats YAMI!

You don’t think….

(I’d like to say thank you to my friends who thought of this idea, and I’d also like to say sorry, this was funnier in my head)

my vice lately is pitching moana tracks down several notches and thinking of joey, so i’m back to entertaining that idea from like three years ago of him being more heavily involved in local tibetan culture while living on that mountain 

he’s starting to get a little antsy now he knows about the teen titans (all these other super-powered teenagers actively going out and doing good in the world instead of only tackling what minimal trouble comes their way, how amazing), but feeling guilty about it because adeline put him here to stay safe, and he’s got a perfectly fine life keeping the peace around this mountain without having to go out and look for danger……..


everyone bonds over how bad joey is with his damn budget