joey and rachel


Please ignore my dumb face I was just so excited tonight!! This has honestly been one the the absolute best nights of my life and I can’t thank benedryl-cumberbund and teamstarkid enough for making this night possible! Each cast member was so kind and gracious to each and every one of us and their performance was just amazing! There are literally no words to describe meeting your idols even if it’s just for a fleeting second, so thank you Starkid for being there for me and for all of us, we love you!!

ohhmyymarii asked:

Are all of the group the same age? No right, because Ross and chandler were in college before Rachel and Monica. But then don't they all celebrate their birthdays the same years ?

they’re not the same age, no… chandler and ross are one year older than monica and rachel (when ross tried to take rachel to the prom he was a college freshman and rachel was a high school senior).. joey might be younger than rachel and monica, in season 1 he’s 25 and monica 26 (as mentioned on the show).. and i think phoebe is the oldest… but there are a lot of inconsistencies regarding their ages

eighteenparkavenue asked:

The friends wiki kind of clarifies the age confusion a bit? The age from oldest to youngest is Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel (although they mention the confusion with the actual years episodes, this is the best guess of age)

ok let’s stick with that