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Rewatched F.R.I.E.N.D.S recently

Omgg, just wow. I forgot what a great series this was. Summer started and I got kinda bored. I was browsing through Netflix, and I saw they had it, so I decided to visit my childhood/teenage years. 

I remember watching this show as a teenager, and I was obsessed with Geeky Dinosaur loving Ross. Rachel and Ross was also my favorite ship. I also loved Joey, but for some reason I didn’t pay attention much to Monica and Chandler. And Phoebe is just bae.

Watching it again as a adult in her twenties. I see so many things differently. I love all the characters even more. I love how they all ended up, and yes, even Joey. And I am absolutely in love with Chandler! This time, HE’s the fav, and mondler is the OTP. Like c’mon, that ship is relationship goals. Ross and Rachel were very difficult to watch this time. I still shipped them, but mondler stole my heart, as well as both characters in that ship. Both ships had different dynamics, but watching again as someone older, mondler is the ideal. Those two fit together so well, and all the challenges they faced together was so touching. Chandler convincing Erica to give them their baby. Sheesh. And seriously he was the most attractive male IMO, despite that fact that he was always considered to be worst with women, lol. 

Anywho, the ending was so bittersweet. I can’t believe it had less episodes, but the scene with all of them at the end made me want to cry. Again. 

More things I wish were included in the show:

  • Seeing Monica and Chandler as parents for a little longer. I mean I know we’ve been absolutely spoiled with those guys since they were the couple that had a lot of focus, but I would love a scene with them in their new house a few years later with the kids. 
  • Ross and Rachel getting married

  • Joey finding someone

  • Phoebe and Mike having a kid

But alas, there is fanfiction for that. lol. 

But seriously Chandler Bing is #relationshipGoals #FriendshipGoals #WorkGoals 


1x23: Joey and The Break-up

Gina: ….have you told her [Sara] you love her.
Joey: No. I mean, I’ve only said that to a woman once before, and it blew up in my face. We were living together, she was pregnant with my best friend’s baby, and she ended up with him.