joey and jade



Photography Lane Lang
Fashion Joey L.
Model Katerina Bond at Jade Models
Hair & Make-Up Ted luo
Jewelry Johnny Yu
Digital Assistant Xing Guo

Has anyone ever thought about how many siblings John Egbert has?

Ectobiological: Jade Harley
Biological: Joey Claire, Jude Harley, Dad Egbert
Adoptive through Condesce: Jane Egbert-Sassacre, Jacob Harley, Feferi Peixes, Unknown Heiress (hiveswap)

And now there’s a possibility that the Hiveswap Harley/Claire family is the adoptive family of Roxanne Lalonde (Rose’s Mom)?! 

John has about 9 siblings, not counting duplicates.  That’s a big confusing family.

anonymous asked:

Just started, already love it. My question is: Is your version of Jade aware that her grandpa had other kids (or that Rose's mom was her adoptive sister/aunt)

Man you guys are just giving the hard-hitting questions!!! 

My answer is that ultimately whether or not Jade was aware of her grandpa having other family, that information won’t ever really be relevant. It hasn’t been relevant thus far in canon proper as far as we can tell, and it won’t really in Act Omega either. 

My PERSONAL opinion is that no, Jade has no idea her grandpa had other family. If for no other reason than he died so early in her life, she never got the opportunity to discover that sort of thing. It’s fairly obvious Grandpa Harley raised Joey/Jude and Jade in completely different places, and his wife wasn’t ever a factor in Jade’s life. Possibly the only real hint towards him having other family would be the fact that grandpa would have insisted on being a Grandpa instead of a dad, but even then I think Jade would probably just attribute that to his age. 

An interesting question would be if, perhaps, Nanna ever knew about Joey, Jude, or Roxy. I doubt it, but if so, she could potentially be a way to learn about them.

Whether or not Rose or Jade were aware of the relationship between Roxy and Grandpa Harley is another matter. I think they have the information they need to potentially put that connection together, but Jade at least won’t really have a reason to think back on it, I think. Rose, on the other hand, is smart (not that Jade isn’t, but I digress). I think that if she cared enough to put the pieces together, she could figure it out. But at this point in her life I’m not sure how she would feel about that sort of revelation, if she felt anything at all. After all, she’s trying to move on with her life. After everything that’s happened, knowing that would only really be significant in that it TECHNICALLY means Rose and Jade are sort-of related. But they are kind of all sort-of related so like who even cares at that point!

Hiveswap: Act 1 analysis

In the new trailer I noticed something that shows how Joey may be connected to Jade and Jake.

Particularly this scene. 

Now look close at the background

Pictures of blue ladies. Hmmm, where have we seen this before?

Jade’s grandpa, AKA Jake, had these pictures.

You may also note this interesting pattern in the kids’ names.

   Dirk, Dave

   Roxy, Rose

   Jake, Jade

   Jane, John

Each “family” has a common first letter. So what about Joey? 

   Jake, Jade, Joey

Joey also lives in a pretty nice house.

Assuming Joey is related to Jake and Jade, this would make sense because Jake became a billionaire in the end

So it is very likely that Joey is related to Jake and Jade with this evidence