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Art trade/collab with my glorious gorgeous I-am-unworthy-to-know pal Joey! Please follow them over here because my goodness the work she does hurts in only the best ways. 

We decided to do a sort of ‘before’ and ‘after’ set of pictures regarding Mob and Reigen’s relationship. Joey did the lineart for the first picture, I did the lineart for the second, then we swapped and coloured each others’ work! I still can’t get over what a joy and privilege this was to do aaaaa anyway, hope you like them :D

(p.s. these suckers are huge so like, new tab that shit if you want the deets)

Toon Henry 'Bad Ending' AU

phantoms-lair submitted: 

“I think he’s in there,” Boris whispered to Alice. It had been several days at least (time was hard to tell here) since they had seen Bendy. Not since Henry-

They hadn’t exactly liked what Bendy and Joey were doing. Both thought it a bit mean to put the former cartoonist through a series of scares as payback without even letting him explain himself, but ultimately harmless.

Until it wasn’t.

Bendy had been mad at Sammy when he had arrived on the scene of the ‘sacrifice’. The ink-covered man had fled at his ‘Master’s’ rage, so Bendy had turned his attention to Henry. He’d wanted to play with the guy first, get a bit of payback before he was was willing to let bygones be.

But Sammy had knocked the guy for a loop pretty badly. He wouldn’t get up. Not when Bendy threatened, cajoled, or begged. He couldn’t be dead, after all. His eyes didn’t turn to Xs and his tongue wasn’t stuck out. He didn’t float above his body with a halo and a harp. None of the things that signified dead to toons. That way it was funny. There was nothing funny about just laying there in a puddle of reddish ink (it had to be ink) and getting colder and colder. Toons were animated, that’s what made them toons. It wasn’t natural for them to be still. So he had to get up eventually.

It was sitting there waiting toes tapping, fingers drumming, that Bendy realized there wasn’t anything funny about any of this.

The final blow, though, was the things that had fallen out of Henry’s pocket. A wallet filled with little money, but mostly pictures. Some he recognized as others from the studio. But most were a woman and several children that he could see bits of Henry in. The other object was the note in Joey’s handwriting; the one that had called Henry here.

“Your best pal, Joey Drew.” Boris had read, frowning.  “Gosh, that’s not a nice trick to pull on your best pal. You’d never do that to me, would you Bendy?”

And that had been what had broken Bendy. Because all it would have taken to get Henry back had been a nicely worded letter. Why hadn’t they just done that ages ago? Henry had come to see an old friend with no more prompting that a brief message, and now he was dead.

Boris and Alice didn’t know what had happened next. Bendy had run off and soon after they had heard him screaming in rage. Then nothing, not a trace. The two toons had kept out of sight of Joey and Sammy, thankfully neither of them had fixed on them like they had on Bendy. But with no sign of the Dancing Devil, they had begun to fear the worst. Then Boris had noticed some drag marks with Bendy’s footprints leading into one of the many unused rooms in the studio.

Sure enough, upon opening the door, they found Bendy surrounded by balls of wadded up paper, scribbling frantically at something on Henry’s old desk. “Hey Guys,” He greeted cheerfully. “I’ve almost got this done!”

“What is this?’ Alice asked, carefully unfolding one of the pages on the ground. It was filled with scribbles of Henry as he had looked as a toon. The lines were rough and the proportions wrong, but it was recognizable.

“It’s Henry, or at least it will be. If he’s a toon from the start, then he can’t die, right?” Bendy grinned. “That’ll fix everything!”

“Fix?” Boris stepped back as Alice audibly growled. “You think this will fix-” She stomped up to him and slapped the pen out of his hands. “Of all the self centered, self serving- Do you think Henry can be replaced with a copy?! That the fact that you helped kill him will just be undone?!”

“That’s not fair, Alice.” Boris tried to interject. “Joey told us he wouldn’t die.”

“Joey also told us Sammy would be fine. Whatever he is isn’t fine and Joey’s a liar.” Alice snarled. “And what would you be bring him back for? If he’s pure toon, he’s trapped here like we are. He’ll never see his wife, kids, grandkids again. Just the people who killed him, the people who helped, and the people who did nothing. Punish him for leaving by making him stay forever? You’re not doing this for Henry, Bendy. You’re doing this for yourself. Trying to bring him back to suffer, just like Joey.”

Don’t you ever compare me to him!” Bendy’s eyes shrunk and the ink around his horns seemed to melt a bit.

“Like Father like son,” Alice said bitterly, turning around and leaving the room.

“She didn’t mean that,” Boris assured Bendy. “She’s blaming herself for what happened and it’s really getting to her. We know you didn’t really mean any harm. I’ll get her calmed down.” He hugged his best friend and went after the angel.

“I didn’t mean it, but it happened anyway.” Bendy whispered to himself. “And it’s going to happen again and again till everyone from Sillyvision is like Sammy-or you.” He turned back to his drawing. Unlike the early attempts, this looked almost identical to how Henry had looked towards the end. “I can’t do anything to stop Joey. He made us, he can counter anything the three of us do. But you already proved he can’t control you.”

He picked up the page, the creases on it the only sign off how hard he was gripping it. Bendy has considered drawing Henry younger, in his prime, but dismissed it. That was the Henry who thought Joey was his friend. He’d need the older, cagier Henry. The drawing was even wielding an axe, just to be sure. He retrieved the pen from where Alice had knocked it away. The Ink Machine needed a sacrifice from the artist’s workspace, after all. The pen was the only one Bendy had ever used, and a reminder of when Henry was happily a member of the studio. It had to do.

“Come on, Old Man. Let’s get you back.“



anonymous asked:

How did you interpret the last exchange between Morgan and Daryl in NBF? When Morgan says he and Daryl are the same and that he knows Daryl because Daryl didn't tell Carol what happened. "See? We're all holding onto something." How do you interpret that line? What do you think he is suggesting Daryl is holding onto?

Hello, again Nonny :)

I think Morgan is referring to Daryl holding on to the best parts of himself and not giving in to the rage we saw as he killed Fat Joey.  Daryl is holding to the better man he has become in the ZA- which includes his feelings for Carol. Carol has helped him transform from the Merle-like man he was earlier in life, to the good man we have seen him be since season 1.

Daryl is holding on to Carol, holding on to the good man, the better man, the ZA helped him become.   By holding on to that good man and to Carol, Daryl has a future better than any other he would have by letting go of that good man and Carol.

We saw Daryl with the Claimers in 4-B, briefly having let go of the good man inside him and spiraling down to that brutal level of existence which lacked a future.  The only road fro Daryl, had he continued with the Claimers would be to become just like them, with no future, no love, and no family.  He would eventually die, like them, in some stupid way or been set up to die by Joe.  He fell back into the Merle-like patterns with Joe, because it was safe, familiar and better than being alone after B3th disappeared.

Rick, Michonne and Carl saved Daryl then because he stood with them and was willing to die for them, to spare them.  Daryl has grown a lot since season 4-B though and now he has a future, a better future than ever before.  He has examined his feelings, grown a bit and has opened up more with Carol and Rick’s group, even voluntarily hugging people and being more open with his feelings.  All good and necessary growth IMO.

Daryl’s not falling in with Negan and The Saviors, his resisting that familiar soulless existence of becoming like them, is such a watershed moment and change for him.  Daryl has a future now, is healing, is learning to tame and purge the rage I think although we have not seen much of that yet I think,

Morgan was reminding Daryl that he has that future, can still get back to being that better man, can have more than he has ever had before.  That includes Carol and Caryl I think and hope.  It would be a wonderful bit of development for Daryl, necessary even.  

Daryl’s decision to hold firm despite Easy Street, the torture, the allure of an easy yet brutal life- that is huge as a step in his growth and journey.  We’ve seen Eugene being seduced by fear and the chance of personal power and being valued by Negan.  

Rick’s group had not valued Eugene in the same way since his lie was admitted in season 5. So Eugene and Daryl are two sides of the same coin, one refusing the other seduced by Negan and power.

Daryl refused because he chooses to be that better, man, that good man with a future that will include a healthy love relationship I believe.  Yes, he has rage and impulses still- who would not after the captivity, torture, and witnessing Glenn and Abraham die, particular the Glenn death since Negan used Daryl’s line-breaking and punching to kill Glenn.   

Morgan reminded Daryl that he has quite a lot of great things to hold on to right now and not lose sight of or squander through foolish actions. That bright future includes Carol and Caryl IMO.

Thanks for the ask, Nonny. 

anonymous asked:

I know you have a lot of asks/is busy and stuff (hope you had a lovely day btw) but I completely fucking forgot what car Skov drives???? Like how the fuck???? Like I remember everyone else's but I can't remember Skov's. I tried looking it up but I couldn't find it and my friend has my copy of the dream thieves ;-; do you think you could help? Also, side note, how do you think the boys personalize their cars? Like yeah we got Joey K's shitty knife graphic and quote but what about the others?

skov has a mazda rx-7! proko and swan have volkswagen golfs, and jiang has a toyota supra a80. and then obviously, k has his mistubishi evo.

i feel like skov wouldn’t do much appearance-wise, but he’d install the best sound system/stereo and subwoofer and he would bump his bass so loud and low that it would give people in the next car over a sick feeling in their stomachs.

swan would tint his windows super dark and get a custom vanity plate that said “vmanos” (vámonos) and really dope rims for his tires, maybe those ones that spin even when the car is stopped.

jiang would get his whole car plasti-dipped a matte black and deck it out with neon blue lights. lights everywhere. in the grill, in the wheels, underneath. kinda like this. and a spoiler.

proko would get his car painted a really obnoxious color, like, bright teal/tiffany blue or something, and then get custom white leather upholstery on his seats, which would prove to be a terrible idea considering he and his friends are always a mess.

My friends are the best!

So I after seeing The Last Jedi with my friends I ask them “can I still ship Kylux?” And they said “Ship anyone you like we support you no matter what and you respect our ships we respect yours!” So yeah I have awesome Friends! Some are Kylux shippers. Also my friend and actor (who play as Joey Salazar in my films) Joey Walsh said this, “Don’t Listen To People, Do What You Love,” So enjoy The Last Jedi and kept doing your shipping no matter what people say. Use your imagination! You don’t have to follow the canon. Do AUs, crack ships, or write crazy Fanfiction or fan art! Do What You Love and Forget The Rest! May The Force Be With You my Kylux shippers!!!


I don’t dare turn back to Simon, don’t dare make a move to confirm what Negan already knows or make it seem like I can’t handle him on my own.  To shrink, to turn for backup, is to give Negan his win and I won’t do that.  Even if I should, I can’t.  My stupid, stubborn, pride won’t let me.  I blink, wait, as leather-clad thumb massages a circle on my inner arm before he lets go with a laugh.

“Holy fuck, I’m fuckin’ kiddin’!”  Negan leans back to give his amusement room to grow until he finally contains it.  “But look…at…you,” he leans in.  “Lucille workin’ her way up your fuckin’ leg and not even a fuckin’ flinch.  I love that.”

I hear Simon starting to close in, but jump the gun.  “Heard you got married again.  Congratulations.”

The words seem to knock Negan out of his rhythm as he almost flinches in confusion before recovering.  “Shirley told ya, huh?”  I guess he didn’t think she’d announce it so quickly.

“She was thrilled.”

“And you?”

I shrug, smile.  “If I’d known earlier I’d have gotten you a gift.”

“Would you now?”  He wiggles into me, eyes going down then back up.  “Maybe you still can.”

“Hey Boss.”  I knew Simon couldn’t contain himself for long; even without last night this would bother him.  It always bothered him when guys in The Sanctuary got too close, when their come-ons came with an invasion of my personal space.  He’s always been protective like that.  “Wanted ta talk to ya ‘bout yesterday.  The Librarians and the hits on the satellites.”

Negan’s eyes stay locked on mine with a smirk.  “Simon, don’t be fuckin’ rude, can’t you fuckin’ see we’re fuckin’ talkin’?”  He sighs out a bigger smile.  “We’ll get to that in good fuckin’ time.  Right now, I wanna fuckin’ wedding gift from the schoolmarm.”

“I’m sure I can come up with something,” I smile, trying to hide the shake of my body from a heavy mix of nerves and annoyance.  “Maybe Kaylee can make —”

“I don’t want some shitty mug with fuckin’ finger-paint on it,” he cuts me off.  “I want you to fuckin’ do somethin’ for me.”  A nasty smile to Simon and he refocuses.  “We have a fuckin’ Code Fuckin’ Orange.  Ya know what the fuck that is?”

“Someone ran.”

“That’s right, my fuckin’ clever little schoolmarm.  How ‘bout ya go fuckin’ get ‘em?”

“She’s got no fuckin’ experience or trainin’ with that,” Simon does his best to sound derisive rather than scared.  He can’t pull it off, but powers through nevertheless.  “Get Fat Joey to do that shit, god knows the asshole could use the cardio.”

Negan chuckles as he straightens up.  “Normally I would, but I need him for somethin’.  Dwight’s out and you…You need to fuckin’ finish our fuckin’ message to those Librarian pricks.”

Now I turn back, confused.  “The Librarians aren’t finished?”

Simon shrugs, Negan talks.  “He came back fuckin’ early, can you fuckin’ believe that shit?  Good ol’ reliable Simon, my right-fuckin’-hand-man, heard ‘bout the shit that went down and came runnin’ the fuck back to The Fuckin’ Sanctuary.  First I thought he was gonna fuckin’ offer to do some-fuckin-thing ‘bout it, then maybe that he was losin’ his fuckin’ balls, but now…” he takes my jaw to turn me back to him, licks his lips, sighs.  “Now I’m thinkin’ he ran the fuck home for some other fuckin’ reason.  What the fuck do you think?”

I think I’ve had enough.  “That I have kids to teach.”

“I’m makin’ it a motherfuckin’ holiday on account my new fuckin’ marriage,” he counters with a grin.

“And Kaylee?”

“I guess I’d fuckin’ suggest you move that tight lil’ fuckin’ ass of yours before she misses you.”  I like Negan better when he’s worried, when the world’s going to hell around him.  That’s when he’s a real person.  This Negan?  The one with the egotistical grin and power-plays?  He’s a prick I’d give anything to wipe the Cheshire grin from.

“Which way did the runner head?”

This is Negan swinging his proverbial dick all over the place because he’s Negan, lol! And because I think he feels a bit betrayed given he gave up a huge piece of himself in discussing Lucille with “Lorien” and then she went and slept with Simon.  (Also, in the words of @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash​, he’s “jelly” of SImon, lol!)  There’s a very specific plot to/reason behind his asking her to collect the runaway, but I’m not saying what it is, lol!  At the moment, whenever these two get physical, I’m guessing it’s gonna be, heh, aggressive… 😉

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