joey & meghan

The YouTuber you're most similar to
  • Aquarius: Phil Lester
  • Pisces: Dan Howell
  • Aries: Tyler Oakley
  • Taurus: Joey Graceffa
  • Gemini: Troye Sivan
  • Cancer: Tanya Burr
  • Leo: Meghan Camarena
  • Virgo: Connor Franta
  • Libra: Louise Pentland
  • Scorpio: Shane Dawson
  • Sagittarius: Alfie Deyes
  • Capricorn: Zoe Sugg

Meghan is such a Wonderful friend. It’s so unfortunate what happened yesterday. Although, Joey is so so so so fortunate for his friends for support such as Meghan but also Daniel. Daniel literally got on a plane yesterday and flew home to LA last night. Daniel is the real MVP. ♛♛

It’s so sad because it looks like he had been crying a lot, and maybe even Meghan too :/

Send Joey lots and lots of love ♡