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This might not make sense, but if The Condensce was from Alternia and arrived at Earth, and both of the planets universes are isolated in two frogs, does this mean that Condy broke out of one frog, travelled to the trolls session and entered another frog? Did this happen to Joey and Dammek too?

Yes, there’s inter-Universal travel at play here, although we have no idea how Condy did it yet. It’s possible we’ll learn more about what she did in Hiveswap.

James Potter and Sirius Black were the wizarding world’s equivalent of Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing

I noticed something a while back.

I don’t know if anyone has pointed it out yet, but you see how Joey has red-eye in the picture and Xefros’s pupils appear green? That would imply he has red-eye too, but that obviously isn’t red.

While it may be different on Alternia, on Earth, this is actually a common feature in nocturnal animals, like cats. In a lot of photos, cats and raccoons have glowing green eyes, right? That’s because of the retina. The retina of an animal’s eye is the back layer that is hit by (and registers) the light entering the pupil, which in turn enables them to see. In nocturnal animals, this layer is often seen as green rather than red because it is designed to function in low-light conditions. In humans, which are not nocturnal, this layer needs to focus more on color distinction and less on light reception, so it has a redder tinge in photographs.

How does this relate? Well, if memory serves, trolls only go out at night. They are nocturnal. And while they obviously have more color reception than cats, they do appear to have similar eye structure to that of a nocturnal animal native to Earth.

This is a small detail that I think really shows how much work has been put into not only Hiveswap, but also Homestuck. It’s just the little details, you know? I kinda love this