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Band of Brothers Headcanons

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                    Hickey Headcanons

Richard Winters- He only leaves one at a time and makes sure you can cover it up my lord.

Lewis Nixon- Intertwines his fingers with yours and pins you up against the wall and leaves like 5 dark hickeys.

Carwood Lipton- He leaves them down your chest, right between your collarbones. That a way it’s easy for you to cover up but he can spot them when you’re switching in and out of uniform.

Denver “Bull” Randleman- He starts really soft and gentle and then he gets rougher and so much more passionate (not enough to hurt you).

Joe Toye- Drags his tongue all over your neck, his teeth will find old marks and he will leave like 20 on your neck I kid you not.

George Luz- He does it just to make you laugh and then a moan slips out and all hell breaks loose. He continues and continues until you’re a mess for him and he makes sure he has some so you can ‘match’ as he says.

Eugene Roe- He will literally leave a hickey in the shape of a heart don’t fight me on this.

Joseph Liebgott- Makes sure people can see them and he smirks, “yeah thaTS ALL MINE”. He takes his time, makes sure to make you whine.

Lynn “Buck” Compton- Will do it in the shape of a L so evERYONE KNOWS and they’re all like ‘ooookaY I see you Buck I see you, hold it down”.

Donald Malarkey- Very very faint little marks. He doesn’t want to get you into trouble but makes sure he can still tell their still there.

Warren “Skip” Muck- He’s so playful it starts off very jokingly and then he actually ends up leaving a few hickeys around your collarbone and you’re both like “oops lmao”

William “Bill” Guarnere- “I can do this duh pft” but he’s so nervous and ends up leaving small marks littered all around your neck in a mess.

Darrell “Shifty” Powers- He will literally ASK if he can give you hickeys like just to e sure and he does it closer to the back of your neck so you can hide it if you need to.

Frank Perconte- Does not give a shit, he leaves huge hickey marks like diagonally across your neck. You were gonna cover them up?? haha you can try.

Ronald Speirs- He leaves them on your thighs omg. Ron wants to be sure it’s something intimate just between the two of you. Besides, if the guys knew they would tease him endlessly.

Edward “Babe” Heffron- Leaves small hickeys but their super dark bc he swol and everyone calls him out and he just sits there like a tomato.

Chuck Grant- Will give you hickeys in front of people he wants to make sure everyone knows that you’re his.

Floyd Talbert- He makes a long trail of them down your neck some he spends more time on than others because he likes to create a ‘masterpiece’ that doof.

David Webster- You do it to get his attention and then he starts to get his revenge by doing it back and you’re both having a competition on who can give the other more.

Harry Welsh- A gentleman bean, hickeys aren’t his forte but when he does leave them he makes sure they don’t hurt you. He leaves them in places very hidden because it’s a secret just for the both of you.

Promise |Joe Sugg|

Summary -  I was wondering if you could please do a request where Joe dares you to do the birthing simulator?

Word Count - 1,677

Warnings - N/A

“I really don’t want to do this.” You whined, throwing yourself down on Joe’s bed.

“Babe, you lost the bet. You don’t have a choice.” Joe chuckled, sticking his tongue out in concentration as he hovered over his camera that was sat on a tripod in front of you.

“Please don’t make me do this.” You pleaded, sitting up and looking at Joe, hoping that he would change his mind.

Joe chuckled as he turned his attention away from the camera and on to you.

“I would love to say no, but a bet is a bet. If I had lost, you would have made me do it right?” Joe asked, bending down so his face was inches away from yours.

“No. Of course I wouldn’t.” You smiled sweetly, biting down on your bottom lip.

Joe instantly smirked as he stared down at you. “Don’t lie. I love you, but I’m definitely going to make you do this. Just as you would have done to me if I had lost.”

Joe chuckled to himself as he leant down further and kissed the tip of your nose.

Rolling your eyes, you laid down on the bed again as Joe turned back to his camera.

“Jack and Conor are going to be here for support if that helps?” Joe chuckled, his back still facing you.

“How is that possibly going to help? You know that they will both just sit there laughing at me.” You shook your head as you moved so you were lying on the back, and closed your eyes.

A few seconds later, you felt the weight of the bed shift slightly before opening your eyes again to be welcomed by the sight of your boyfriend hovering over you, his hands resting by your head.

“Hey.” You giggled, keeping your hands by your side.

“I love you.” Joe chuckled, gently kissing your forehead before starting to plant kisses all over your face.

“Joe, stop!” You laughed, trying to push him off you.

“I’m just kissing my girlfriend.” Joe smirked, moving his lips down to your jaw line.

His actions instantly shot shivers down your spine, causing goose bumps to run down your arms.

“No, don’t. Don’t start because you know that Jack and Conor are going to walk in any second.” You chuckled, resting your hands on his chest.

“It won’t take long.” Joe grinned, his eyes sparkling.

“Tell me about it.” You laughed and rolled your eyes, as Joe glared at you playfully.

“I’m only joking.” You smirked as Joe moved next to you.

“Better had be or I’ll make this more painful than I need to.” Joe chuckled, gently placing a kiss on your cheek as you rested your head on his shoulder as the door of Joe’s bedroom opened.

“Not interrupting are we?” Jack asked, with a small smirk on his face as he slid his jacket off.

“No, don’t worry.” You chuckled, shaking your head at Jack and Conor.

Why did they always think that you and Joe were up to no good? Like you’d be stupid enough to do anything when you knew that Jack and Conor were coming over.

“Aw, better look next time.” Conor laughed.

“How did you even get in here without us letting you in?” You asked, running your hands through your hair.

“Oli is upstairs.” Jack shrugged, sitting on the bed. “What was this bet you lost then?”

“Oh, that’s not important, most important part is her punishment.” Joe smirked as he pressed record on his camera, and you all sat on his bed.

“So the other day, I was scrolling through the internet as I usually do-” Joe started.

“Why does the sound like the beginning of a weird fairy tale?” Jack asked, chuckling.

“- And I found a video of a lady and her partner, and they had this labour pain machine, and obviously Jack, Conor and I are never going to go through the pain of childbirth but…” Joe continued, smirking at you with a sparkle in his eye.

“Y/N is going to go through child birth today!” Conor grinned excitedly.

Honestly, they were like little children at Christmas.

“Y/N, we’re just preparing you for when you have kids so you know how to deal with it in the future.” Jack chuckled.

They were all clearly looking forward to this.

“So, this is a pregnancy simulator, and I’m going to strap Y/N up to it, and prepare her for her future children.” Joe told the camera, with a smirk on his face.

“I hate all of you.” You mumbled, ignoring the sniggering looks from the three boys that you were sat in the middle of.

“You don’t mean that.” Joe chuckled, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

Rolling your eyes, you laid down on the bed with a pillow under your head as Joe sat at the foot of the bed, with Jack and Conor next to you once Joe had attached the simulator pads to your back and stomach.

“So, Y/N is going to answer questions about our channels, and each time she gets one wrong, she is going to get a ‘contraction’ and-” Joe said, looking down the camera.

“And if you lie and change the answers, I swear you won’t live to have children yourself, Sugg.” You told him, giving him a playful glare.

“Anyway,” Joe chuckled, shaking his head at you. “First question, how may subscribers do I have?”

You gripped Jack’s hand as he chuckled excitedly.

“I don’t know, I don’t pay that much attention to your channel.” You smirked, nudging him gently in the back with your foot.

Your answer caused Jack and Conor to burst into fits of laughter.

Joe rolled his eyes but gave you a playful grin. “Come on babe.”

“To the exact bloody number?” You asked, your mind quickly searching for an educated guess.

“I’ll let you have it in the million point the hundred thousand.”

“7 million, 9 hundred thousand?” you mumbled unsure as you tightened your grip around Jack and Conor’s hands.

Joe looked at you, showing no expression what so ever.

“Well done babe.” Joe smirked, leaning over and planting a kiss on your cheek before sitting up right again.

“How many subscribers does Jack have?” Joe asked, a sly smile forming on his lips.

Glancing up at Jack, you let out a deep breath.

“He has like 3 subscribers.” You chuckled, squeezing his hand so he knew that you were only joking around with him.

“And it’s me, you and Joe.” Conor butted in, chuckling.

Jack rolled his eyes and looked at Joe.

“No, like 9 hundred thousand?” You mumbled as your stomach dropped, knowing you had given the wrong answer.

“Nope, he reached 1 million. You went to his party to celebrate.” Joe laughed, reaching for the simulator.

“Oh shit yeah, I forgot about-” your sentence was cut short as Joe turned the simulator up causing you to scream loudly.

“Joe! Stop it!” You screamed, grasping Jack’s hand tightly. The pain was beyond strange. It was as if someone was doing acupuncture but wrong.

Your reaction reduced Conor to tears as he was curled up on the bed laughing.

Joe turned the simulator off again and gently rubbed your knee as the pain faded away.

“Sorry babe but I’m only asking 3 more questions. I promise.” Joe chuckled. He didn’t look sorry in the slightest, and neither did the other two sat next to you.

Conor was still in fits of laughter and Jack was sat chuckling to himself, his hand still holding yours.

“Hurry up because I want to get this bloody machine off me.” You mumbled, actually very thankful that you were holding Jack’s hand.

“Name three of Conor’s covers in 7 seconds.”

“Why 7?” You asked, looking at Joe with a curious expression on your face.

Joe shrugged and chuckled. “Just a random number.”

“Erm, Hello, Never Forget You and …” You rattled your brain for another song that Conor had done his own version of but no.

Instead came a shock so harsh that you couldn’t even scream.

“Joe!” You were finally able to get a sound out of your mouth.

Joe switched the simulator off after a couple of seconds and looked at you, biting down on his bottom lip.

You glared playfully at him and answered the last 2 questions, only getting one of them wrong.

“You okay?” Joe chuckled as he switched his camera off and you sat up, pulling the pads off your body.

“Brilliant.” You smiled sweetly, not wanting to show him, Jack or Conor any reaction.

How else could you get payback on them if they already expected it?

Jack and Conor chuckled as they left the room and went upstairs. Though Jack was rubbing his hand as you had held it slightly tighter than what was needed because he deserved to experience a fraction of the pain that the pregnancy simulator had put you through.

Standing up from the bed and pulling your shirt down into the right place again, Joe’s arms wrapped around your waist from behind.

“It wasn’t very painful was it?” He asked, sounding incredibly guilty.

“Well we won’t be having any kids, put it that way.” You chuckled, turning to face him and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Really?” Joe asked, a serious look on his face as his smile faded.

“I’m only joking; I guess I can go through it again for you.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes.

“I love you.” Joe grinned, leaning his forehead against yours and gently pressing his lips onto yours as his hands made their way up your back.

“Mhm.” You mumbled, shaking your head as you pulled away from Joe.

“Am I forgiven then?” He asked, a shy smile on his face.

“I guess so; Jack and Conor aren’t though because they went along with it.” You chuckled, as a smirk spread across Joe’s face.

“I’ll get them back for you, don’t worry.” He chuckled.

“Promise?” You smirked.

Joe simply nodded and chuckled quietly.


Hands To Yourself. -Part 2. Joe Sugg Imagine.

This has been highly requested!

I must warn you beautiful loves, that this imagine, does contain smut. If you’re not the smutty type of reader, then I would highly advise for you not to read this part! I’m sorry if you are uncomfortable with smut, I promise I’ll be updating very soon again and it won’t contain smut.

If you are very much comfortable with smut, I hope you enjoy xxx

“See you ladies!” Y/N giggled, waving her fingers gingerly at her friends while sliding out of the taxi. Y/N walked up to the front door of her shared home with Joe, her boyfriend of two years. Rolling her eyes, she turned her head to blow kisses to her giggling friends who were now being driven home by a middle aged family man.

Unlocking the door, Y/N quietly stepped into the house, pressing herself back against the cool glass door. Vodka and sex on the beach cocktails were running through Y/N’s bloodstream. Y/N wasn’t drunk, but she was rather tipsy after having a spontaneous night our with the girls. Glancing side to side, she was quick on her feet to check if it was possible that Joe escaped from the tight ribbon that was holding him captive. Fortunately for Y/N, the place was immaculate. Nothing was touched or moved out of place in the slightest.

Sneakily, Y/N crept up the stairs, taking her time as she did so, hoping that Joe would not hear. As Y/N made it to the top of the stair way, she tip-toed towards the bedroom door, peeking her head in behind the door. A smirk slowly drew across her face, taking in the appearance of her boyfriend Joe, noticing the way his head was tilted back with his eyes closed.

Y/N’s mischievous smirk continued to grow. Joe had done exactly what she wanted.

He dozed off.

Quietly, Y/N swayed into the bedroom, zipping down her tight red cocktail dress and allowing it to fall to the ground. Standing proudly in her black stiletto high heels and matching lingerie, she sauntered over to Joe’s sitting body, straddling his lap, hoping not to wake him so she could continue on with her sweet revenge.

“Hey baby.” Y/N whispered against the shell of Joe’s ear, her hands smoothly sliding down to the buckle on his belt, unbuckling it easily and slipping the belt out from the loops on his jeans. “Guess who’s home..” Y/N breathed hotly against Joe’s ear, allowing her hands to cup his cheeks and her finger tips to smoothly trace his jaw line.

“My poor baby boy, you’ve been under so much stress, haven’t you baby?” Y/N whispered, pressing her lips down lightly underneath his ear, kissing downwards towards his sensitive spot. She listened to a gentle grumble leave Joe’s lips as she reached the most sensitive area of his skin. Pressing her hips down against his, she began to grind their hips together dangerously smooth.

“Hmm..Ohh..Oh fuck..” Joe moaned, his eyes opening slowly only to grow wide at the sight of his sweet lover, grinding their hips together.

“Y/N..Oh my god, Y/N..” Joe growled deeply, his tongue almost falling out from his mouth at the sight of her, his eyes darkening with lust as he allowed his eyes to gaze at the sexy black lingerie covering Y/N’s body.

“Untie me, Y/N. Untie me, right now.” Joe breathed, shaking the chair as he fidgeted with the tie around his hand. Looking up into his lovers eyes, he could feel his energy pick up instantly, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Joe was now fully awake and had Y/N’s undivided attention. However, Joe was furious. Joe couldn’t believe that Y/N left him here by himself, all worked up and abandoned with a tight and sticky situation in his lower region so she could go out with the girls.

“Did you miss me?” Y/N drawled out sweetly, pressing herself down against his groin causing a long groan to leave his lips.

“Fuck, Y/N, you know I missed you..” Joe groaned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as Y/N pressed down against his groin a little harder, a sense of relief and pleasure coursing through Joe’s veins. “I missed you so damn much.” He breathed, gazing up with dazed eyes.

“Oh really?” Y/N gasped in fake surprise. “You see, I don’t think you did. I mean, I just found you here asleep..” Y/N tsked, giving Joe a pointed and devious look, beginning to slow down her actions. “I don’t think you missed me at all..” She continued to whisper, her fingers now pulling at the collar of Joe’s shirt.

“Fuck, no, don’t you dare slow down Y/N L/N. You left me..” Joe breathed, pushing his hips up against Y/N’s drawing in a shaky breath. “For four hours, Y/N..You left me tied up in this god damn tight scarf. I just guessed, you weren’t going to come home to make this sweet revenge of yours, even sweeter.” He hummed, looking up to Y/N’s eyes challengingly. “Because usually, when people get revenge. They like to make sure that the person suffers..and you made me suffer..working me up like that..and then leaving me here..I just thought you were going to ice the cake and leave me here until morning..” Joe breathed deeply, his eyes looking up into Y/N’s confidently.

After all, Joe was known for being the prankster of his friends. In fact, he was given a trophy, crowning him as the King of pranks. Joe was very gifted and skilled when it came to pranking, but when it came to revenge, Joe was officially the craftiest and he knew all of the steps that a person plotting revenge should take.

Joe smirked triumphantly, feeling Y/N begin to pick up the pace of their hips grinding together. “My poor baby thought I wasn’t coming back..” Y/N pouted, releasing the collar of Joe’s shirt and allowing her hands to slowly slide down his chest.

“For four hours, I left you all alone..” She continued, the tone in her voice mocking surprise, allowing her roaming hands to slide out from underneath Joe’s shirt and slowly unbutton Joe’s jeans, teasingly zipping down the zip. “Maybe I should make it up to you, should I?” Y/N asked, smiling mischievously down at her lover as she pressed her hand into his jeans, pushing her hand down against the growing situation in Joe’s Calvin Klein boxers.

“Oh fuck..Y/N..” Joe breathed in sharply, feeling Y/N knead her hand against Joe’s growing erection. “Oh baby, I’m so very sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight.” Y/N pouted, holding back a smirk on her face as she continued to rub Joe through the material of his briefs, listening to a satisfied moan pass through his lips.

Y/N’s free hand slowly pulled down the material of Joe’s boxers, revealing his large shaft. The cool air hit against Joe’s shaft causing his breath to hitch. Y/N wrapped her hand around his length, running her hand up and down smoothly, pressing feather light kisses against the base of his throat.

“Y/N..” Joe breathed, his hips pushing up to gain more friction from her slowly moving hand.

“Yes?” Y/N asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes innocently down at Joe’s flushed face.

“I need you..I need you so damn bad..Don’t be such a tease..The lingerie..leaving me here for hours..and now..oh fuck..” Joe moaned, his profanities being drawn out as Y/N slowly sunk down to her knees, her lips wrapping around his large length, catching Joe by surprise.

“Is this what you want, hm? Attention?” Y/N purred with a smooth tone in her voice, wrapping her lips back around Joe’s shaft, beginning to leisurely move her head up and down his long length.

“Y/N..” Joe moaned loudly, Y/N’s name being drawn deeply.

Joe could feel his heart rate increasing. He could feel the pounding of his heart against his chest as Y/N’s lips wrapped right around his shaft, taking him all in and skilfully bobbing her head up and down in a quick rhythm. Opening his own eyes, he tried to catch a breath, pushing his hips up towards Y/N’s mouth so she could take more of him. As he looked down to his confident Y/N, he noticed that her hands were behind her back, causing him to grow more aroused at the sight. Y/N’s hair was thrown behind her back in messy Hollywood curls. Her eyes were wide and full of of innocence and mischief as she gazed up to Joe, moving her lips in all of the right ways around his shaft. The sensation of Y/N humming against Joe’s length was more than enough to send Joe over the edge. Words weren’t good enough to describe how skilled and talented Y/N was at giving him one hell of a blowjob.

“Oh fuck..Y/N..” Joe moaned, feeling himself come to a thrilling high, only to immediately be brought back down from the high as he watched Y/N remove her lips from his length, not allowing him to reach his high. Her fingers were now running up against his legs, smoothly fanning  out along his thighs as she pushed herself to her feet, grinning innocently. Before Joe could yell out in frustration, Y/N pressed her index finger against Joe’s lips, halting him from speaking.

Quietly, Y/N tugged down Joe’s jeans, pulling them down to his ankles, allowing him to easily kick them off and shove them to the side. Y/N confidently swayed her hips, strutting behind Joe and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“How bad do you need me, hm?” She breathed, pulling at the knot she tightened on the scarf bounding Joe’s wrists, setting him free. Y/N watched as within the blink of an eye, Joe kicked back the chair, grabbing hold of her waist and pressing her body back up against the wardrobe.

“I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you how bad I need you.” Joe growled deeply, capturing Y/N’s lips with his. Joe’s mind was going crazy. His hands were now running up and down Y/N’s body, running up and down her thighs before moving themselves to her bum. Joe smirked against Y/N’s lips as he earned a squeal from her once he pinched her bum, kneading it with his large hands.

Joe’s tongue was now exploring Y/N’s mouth desperately, his hands touching every piece of her skin, almost afraid that he would be bound to the chair once more, unable to touch his beauty.

Y/N wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck, her fingers tugging at the hair on the nape of his neck as the kiss deepened between herself and Joe. Their make out session was now becoming heated and tense as Y/N played with Joe’s shirt, lifting it up over his head and throwing it to the ground. Joe hoisted Y/N’s body up, her legs wrapping around his torso, their lips moulding together and moving in a deep and desperate sync.

Walking them both to their shared king sized bed, Joe bowed Y/N’s body down to the mattress, his hands now running behind her back, easily unclasping the latch on her bra without breaking the kiss.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, although this looked so very hot, it needs to go..” Joe breathed heavily, tossing Y/N’s revealing black bra to the side, before his fingers pressed into the waistband of her thong.

“This too..” Joe whispered hotly, his fingers skimming down against Y/N’s thighs, tugging down her black thong before throwing it to the side to the pile of discarded clothes.

Joe’s fingers ran up along Y/N’s inner thighs, immediately causing goosebumps to rise onto her skin. Joe subtly glided his fingers up towards Y/N’s hips, burying his face into the crook of her neck, sucking down on the sensitive skin that drove her crazy, making sure to leave his mark so everyone knows that Y/N belongs to him.

Y/N adored having love bites mark her neck. She loved being able to see Joe’s mark on her neck, knowing she was his and only his.

Joe’s lips moved down from Y/N’s neck, slowly to her collarbones, before he teasingly slowed down his kisses through the valley of her breasts, a spot that made Y/N grow weak at the knees. Y/N inhaled a sharp breath as Joe’s kisses reached down to her stomach, slowly pressing kisses against her abdomen, before he was greeted with the prize Y/N had for tonight.

Joe smirked at his thoughts, before reaching his finger towards Y/N’s folds and slowly caressing them. A shiver of thrill raced down Joe’s spine, his eyes burning as he gazed at Y/N’s entry, listening to the catching of her breath echo through his ears.

“You’re so wet, sweetheart.” He whispered, his cool breath blowing against her folds causing Y/N to shiver and tingle with pure excitement. “And who are you wet for?” Joe demanded, his eyes now staring into Y/N’s deeply with authority, his tongue swiping across his lips.

“For you, babe..All for you..” Y/N breathed, a quiet gasp leaving her lips as Joe smoothly slipped one of his fingers inside of her.

“Good girl..” Joe hummed in satisfactory, teasing Y/N’s entry as he smirked devilishly down at her.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll never want to tease me like that ever. again.” Joe murmured against Y/N’s skin, his hands now grabbing her hips tightly, sure to leave a bruise.

Joe pressed himself into Y/N, a throaty moan leaving through Joe’s lips as Y/N pressed her nails sharply into his shoulder blades. Joe moved his lovers hips against his, their bodies moulding together as one. Joe pressed his lips against Y/N’s hungrily, moving them together in a deep sync as their hips snapped quickly together.

“Oh fuck,” Y/N gasped, her nails down dragging down Joe’s back causing a confident smirk to grow on his face. “Oh my god, Joe..” Y/N moaned, her back arching as Joe pressed against her spot deeply, pleasure and adrenaline running through both of their veins.

“Fuck Y/N..” Joe hissed, their intertwining bodies growing hot.

“I-I think..Joe, oh fuck..” Y/N gasped feeling herself reaching her high as Joe moved himself against her quickly, his lips now sucking down along her collarbones.

“Me too sweetheart..” Joe moaned, his breathing increasing as he continued to push himself deeper and quicker into Y/N.

Y/N’s back arched as her nails pressed painfully sharp into Joe’s shoulders, his name leaving as a loud shrill through her lips while profanities ran through Joe’s, the two of them reaching their high, Joe’s name echoing around the neighbourhood for sure.

Joe buried his head into the crook of Y/N’s neck, their chests pressing against one another’s as they bought desperately caught their breath. Their blood was now coursing through their veins with adrenaline. Their bodies were now trying to cool and calm down from the exciting high.

“My revenge is definitely the best..” Y/N breathed, looking into Joe’s eyes, a small smirk drawn onto her lips as she spoke.

“I’ve only started getting mine..” Joe whispered smugly, his hand slapping against Y/N’s bum cheekily.

Little did Y/N know, that tonight was only round one of Joe’s revenge.


Hello lovelies!

This is the very highly requested part two for Hands To Myself!

I just want to say that that this is the first time I have ever wrote smut, so it isn’t the best or remotely good compared to the amazing smutty writers on tumblr, wattpad etc. So I’m very sorry that it wasn’t the best but I really hope that you enjoyed it!

If you did enjoy it, please don’t be afraid to comment down below and tell me if you did! I really love reading your feedback, it really means so much to me and I appreciate every single comment!

I hope to update with a new imagine very soon!

I hope all of you are having a really lovely week.
If you’re in school, I know how much of a pain it can be to get up out of bed in the early hours of the morning, but I believe in you! And I really hope you have a really amazing week!

I love every single one of you lovelies!

All of my love xxx

Black Lingerie**



Joe felt his phone vibrate once again in his pocket yet he ignored it as best he could as he knew what the message contained. 

Meanwhile, Y/N let herself fall onto the bed, a smirk on her face as she watched the message go through to Joe. 

She had bought a new set of lingerie the other day and thought that today was the day that she would try it on. She was a bit hesitant when she bought it and again when she tried it on so she wanted a second opinion and who better to ask then her boyfriend, who was out with the boys all day.

Y/N so far had sent four pictures, one every hour making sure she got each angle of the black lace that hugged her body tightly and to make sure Joe didn’t get too excited while he was out. 

He had stopped replying after the third picture, either he was ignoring her or the boys were too close for him to open the message, scared one of them might see her risqué pictures. 

Y/N quit…” She read the text silently to herself, her grin growing larger. 

You haven’t answered my question” She sent back before standing to admire her figure in the mirror once again. 

This was the first real set of lingerie she had ever bought and honestly she didn’t know how she felt about it so she really did want to know what Joe thought, even though she already knew the answer, but she also loved to tease him and thats why she chose today of all days to ask for his opinion. 

Looks good love” A new text camera through. 

Does it really? You don’t think its too much, I could always undo the straps…they’re kind of a pain.”

Her phone started ringing seconds after she sent her text. Picking up her phone, she cleared her throat before answering. 

“Hi love.”

“Y/N Y/L/N, quit it” His voice was hushed but serious. 

“Quit what?” She said as innocently as she could. 

“Stop sending me pictures, I can’t contain myself much longer.” 

“All I wanted to know was if it looked good. The woman who sold it to me said you’d love it but I wasn’t too sure.”

“Yes Y/N you look great, you always look great. Now please I’ll be home in a few hours.”

“Can I model for you when you get home?” You asked twirling your hair around your finger. 

“Maybe, I could also help you with all those straps…” Joe’s voice faded out and the sound of laughter could be heard in the background. “Love, I have to go. I’ll see you soon. Bye”.

“Bye” Y/N said before tossing her phone to the bed. It seemed like her teasing had paid off but she wasn’t quite ready to be done so she snapped one last picture of herself, typing out ‘Hurry home x’ before hitting send.

“Y/N!” Y/N heard her name being called followed by the front door slamming shut. 

It had been 2 hours since she had sent her last text to Joe and with no response from him, she decided to get some work done.

Loud footsteps took the steps in twos and Y/N glanced over at the doorway just as a very flustered Joe walked through.

“Hello love” She said closing her laptop and setting it on her bedside table. 

Joe pushed his hair out of his face before marching his way over to his girlfriend who was sitting up in bed, the black lace that he had seen in her pictures still hugging her body. Joe bent down and captured her lips with his, leaning in just enough to push Y/N back down against the bed. Joe pulled away and instantly started undoing his belt buckle.

“How come you don’t greet me like that every time you come home?” Y/N pouted as she watched Joe undress himself. 

“You don’t wear lingerie every day.” Joe said after he pulled his shirt over his head.

“Oh so you did enjoy those pictures?” Y/N said cocking her head to the side as you climbed back on top of the bed. 

“Yes but I’d rather see you in person.” One of Joe’s hands traveled across Y/N’s shoulder and over the straps she has complaining about earlier. “Do you still need help getting this off?”

“Yes please” Y/N said before locking lips with Joe again. 

Joe’s hands traveled down to the clasp on Y/N’s back, his lips moving from her lips to her neck down to her shoulder, kissing the faint lines that the straps created. 

Y/N let the lace top fall from her body before she tossed it to the floor. Her hands traveled down the length of Joe’s torso, tracing the outlines of his abs before fingers brushed over the tip of his cock. 

Just as she was about to move her hands over his length, Joe grabbed a hold of her hands and brought them over her head, a stern look on his face. 

“Dont. I’m not going to let you tease me anymore love”

“What are you on about?”

“You think you’re funny don’t you?”

“It’s one of my many qualities actually”

Joe let go of her wrists and slowly trailed his fingers down her body leaving goosebumps to follow in their wake. He ran his fingers over the lacy band of her thong and down her thigh causing Y/N to squirm under him. 

“Joe.” She huffed as Joe’s fingers traced back up her body, missing the part where she wanted him the most. 

“Hmm?” He said raising an eyebrow.

He sensed her frustration and although he wanted to tease her as much as she had teased him, he wasn’t exactly in the position to wait. He hooked her fingers under the waistband and tugged the thong down her legs, discarding it to the floor with the rest of their clothes. 

Joe slid himself in between her thighs, his breath ghosting over her core causing a shiver to run down her spine. 

Y/N’s head hit the back of the pillow when she finally felt Joe’s tongue come in contact with her clit, something she had been waiting for since she had woken up this morning. 

Joe eagerly flicked his tongue over her sensitive nub while he inserted a finger into her, an audible moan leaving Y/N’s lips. Y/N’s fingers tangled themselves in Joe’s hair, her nails lights scarping his scalp as she gently pushed him further into her, his fingers going deeper inside of her. 

Joe halted his actions as Y/N’s back arched slightly off the bed when she let out low moan. He inserted his fingers into his mouth as she looked down at his flustered girlfriend who was desperately trying to grab ahold her orgasm that was slowly slipping away. 

Joe brought himself back up above her, his lips instantly finding their favourite spot on her neck as he positioned his tip at her entrance. He slowly eased himself into her but wasted no time thrusting into her. 

“Shit Joe!” Y/N cried out as her eye screwed shut and moved her head to the side for Joe who was more than likely leaving harsh marks along her neck. 

Joe pulled away from her neck after kissing the fresh love bite and continued to thrust faster and harder into her. 

“Fuck..Y/N” Joe managed to get out as he tried to keep a rhythm with his hips. “You looked absolutely beautiful in those pictures you know that?” 

“JOE!” Y/N yelled as she gripped Joe’s shoulders, her nails digging deeply into his skin. 

She felt herself clench tightly around Joe, slowing his movements just slightly as she felt her climax quickly approaching. Joe let his head fall slack as he continued thrusting as best as he could into her but his orgasm was also getting closer.

The coupled moaned out in unison as their orgasms hit simultaneously. Their chests heaving up and down as the struggled to catch their breath as they laid side by side.

“You really did look good in that” Joe said looking over at Y/N. 

“Thanks but I still don’t know how I feel about it” 

“I mean, I do like it better on the floor” Joe sent a wink over at his girlfriend who erupted with laughter. 

“Smooth Sugg” She said shoving his arm slightly before she sat up and pulled back on her thong and Joe’s t-shirt. “I’m hungry.”

“Say no more!” Joe said rolling out of bed and waltzing out the door, not giving to a second though about the pile of clothes on the ground.

You Should Know Better Pt.11

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen)

Summary: After discussing his failing marriage, Joe and Dustin get dispatched to a house party for the second time. 
POV: Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Dustin Ayers, Ryan, Natalie
Word Count: 3800ish
Author’s Note: It’s been like two weeks since I uploaded something simply because I’m lazy. I hope this makes up for it. 
Quote:  “Buck up and fuck?” 



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Caught Up In The Moment

“And I’ll see you next week!” Joe waved to the camera, letting out a small grunt when Jack threw himself forward onto the older man’s lap while Oli laid down behind him. Josh started to poke and prod at Jack while Mikey went for the sweets jar.

“I can’t even stop the recording before you go crazy, can I?” Joe called out, trying to shove his boyfriend off of him, but he was pinned between Oli and Jack.

“I had to restrain myself the entire time,” Jack replied, smiling up at Joe, “I’ve earned this.”

“You’ve earned nothing!” Josh declared, giving Jack’s shoulder a shove, and if it wasn’t for Joe’s arm already around the younger man’s waist, he would have gone falling to the floor.

“Can someone at least hit the button to stop recording so my camera doesn’t die?!” Joe whined, but is promptly ignored.

After a little more jostling, and Joe letting out a very manly yelp, although Josh scoffed at that statement, when Oli poked him in the side, the camera is finally turned off, along with the lights.

The boys are still sprawled across the couch, sharing some of the sweets as Joe tried his best to shuffle his equipment out of the way so the boys night in could finally start.

“Babe,” Jack called over, “Just leave it.”

“And then have you lot complain when you can’t see the screen?” Joe raised an eyebrow as he carried a light out of the way, “No thank you.”

“We won’t complain!” Oli grinned, “Promise!”

“Bullshit,” Joe snorted, “And stop eating all my sweets!”

“You gave them to me!” Mikey pulled the jar closer to his chest, “So they’re my sweets now!”

“He’s got a point, Joe.”

“I hate you all.”

“No you don’t,” Jack smiled over at Joe, “You can’t hate us.”

Rolling his eyes, the older man walked back over, frowning down at the floor when his foot connected with something that was not the floor, “Look at the mess you lot made!”

“You did it too!” Josh is quick to point out.

“Alright, everyone grab at least five cards, that way it’ll be cleaned up quicker.” Joe told the others, sending each of them a firm look.

“You’re such a dad,” Oli snickered, rolling over to the edge of the couch to pick up some of the cards from the game they had played for Joe’s video.

“He’s the hottest dad I’ve ever seen,” Jack smirked, tugging Joe closer.

“Can you two not be all adorable and shit right now?” Josh wrinkled his nose as he looked at his two mates, “Or go in the other room!”

“This is my flat!” Joe gaped over at the South African.

“Your point?”

“I can do whatever I damn well please.” Joe stuck his tongue out, like the mature adult that he is.

“God, I love you.” Jack laughed softly, his fingers lacing together with Joe’s.

“Awe,” Mikey cooed, “They loooove each other.”

“How cute.” Oli teased, although the expression faded from his face as he looked at Joe, “Or not?”

“What did you just say?” Joe asked Jack quietly, his eyes wide.

“Oh,” Jack blushed, his words catching up to him.

“Wait,” Josh grinned, his eyes darting between the two, “Was that the first time?”

“Shut up!” Oli hissed, reaching over to smack Josh, “You’re interrupting the moment.”

“Uhm,” Jack lifted his free hand to the back of his neck, scratching awkwardly, “It kind of slipped out.”

“Did you mean it?” Joe’s body felt tense, and the nervousness echoed through his words.

“Of course!” Jack replied quickly, his blue eyes shining with sincerity, a soft smile growing on his lips, “I love you, Joe Sugg.”

“And this is where you say it back…” Mikey stage whispered, gesturing from Joe to Jack.

“Piss off,” Joe mumbled before smiling down at Jack, “And I love you too, Jack Maynard.” He bent over to kiss the younger man softly, ignoring the groans coming from their mates.

“We get it,” Oli threw a pillow at the couple, “You’re in love. Now stop it!”

“We’ll always remember this moment though,” Josh said as he stood, tossing some cards onto the table, “We were here for the first Joeck I love you.”

“Caspar and Conor are gonna be pissed.” Mikey grinned.

“We’re such a weird group,” Jack laughed, pulling Joe down onto his lap, his arms wrapping around his boyfriend.

“You’re just realizing this?” Joe scoffed, leaning back against the younger man.

“Jack’s a little slow, remember?” Josh called over his shoulder, “Which is why it took him so long to realize he said I love you!”

“Shut up!” Jack blushed, burying his face into Joe’s shoulder, “I was caught up in the moment.”

“It was adorable.” Joe assured him, “And perfect.”


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you all have a great day with your loved ones or on your own (like me haha ). Here’s a special one for today, I hope you like it as much as I do xx

Y/N rolled her eyes as she watched her male and female friends put on the last touches on their going out outfits. “I don’t see what’s so special about this day.” She said, watching the girls checking their makeup one last time and the boys adjusting their shirts. “Same thing.” Her eyes followed the voice and fell on Joe who was making his way to sit down next to her, a smile forming on his lips. “Valentine’s Day is special when you actually have a valentine.” Their friend Josh teased and their whole group laughed towards them. “Sorry if you’re the only single ones.” Oli said, teasing the both of them again but mainly Joe.  “But I mean, no one needs to wait until the 14th of February to tell someone they love them. That’s silly.” Joe simply shrugged and they exchanged a smile but Y/N quickly looked down to her phone to try and hide the blush on her face. The truth was that they both had been attracted to each other for far too long and thought that it wasn’t a big deal. “Have fun on your so special dates.” Y/N rolled her eyes again as their friends were heading out, their laughter echoing in the hallway of the building and Joe closed the door after them.

“Screw this day.” Joe mumbled as he made his way back to his own couch, letting himself fall down on it. “Valentine’s day just sucks, doesn’t it?” Y/N stated as she joined him, the two friends staring at the ceiling. Joe simply hummed back in agreement and silence fell over the flat but it wasn’t awkward at all, it was relaxing. “It’s hard having 7 girlfriends.” Joe joked, tilting his head to the side to watch her. “Tell me about it.” Y/N joked back and as they glances met, they both laughed. “Do you want to stay over for the night? I mean, as friends of course.” Joe asked, nerves suddenly flashing through his body. “Sure, as friends.” Y/N smiled at him and he smiled back. The two of them were staring for a few seconds before Joe got up and headed to the kitchen as Y/N followed. “Want to help me cook?” Joe asked from behind the counter as Y/N had her hands on the other side of the counter. “Yeah, let me show you how a real chef does it.” Y/N teased, moving over to stand beside him, picking out the items easily around the kitchen and Joe laughed as she watched being so comfortable in his flat. “Oh,it’s on.” Joe teased back, the both sending banter back and forth to each other about who was the better chef.

A while later, their laughter was echoing in the whole flat as the two friends were settled on the couch, a random tv show playing in the background, beers in hands. “Did that actually happen?” Y/N asked in between her laughter, watching a tipsy Joe nod in her direction. “It wasn’t my fault! I didn’t expect people to notice it.” Joe admitted, sipping on his beer before putting the empty bottle on the table. He felt his heartbeat increase as he heard Y/N laugh once again, she always had this effect on him. “Thank you for doing this, Joe.” Y/N suddenly blurred out, repeating his previous actions and Joe frowned at her words. “Thank you for spending the night with me.” She said, looking down to her lap and Joe put a gentle hand on her knee. “I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.” Joe admitted, his darting over her face, between her eyes and lips. And this time the silence wasn’t relaxing like before but it was full of tension. Sexual tension. 

And within seconds, Joe leaned forward to press their lips together, a hand on her cheek as she didn’t hesitate to kiss back, Joe slipping his tongue inside her month, both fighting for dominance. His hands traveled up and down her thigh to her waist, tugging at her shirt, signaling that he wanted it off. They broke apart, long enough for the both of them to toss their shirt over their heads and somewhere in the room. Joe smirked as he looked down to her exposed breast. “No bra. I like that.” Joe said, his voice deep and his eyes full of lust. Y/N simply smirked, running her hands across his toned stomach and chest. Joe started leaving soft kisses over her collarbone to her neck and jaw, earning a small moan from Y/N’s lips. As Joe was kissing all over over her body, Y/N had already unbuckled his belt and tugged at the hem of his jeans, only for him to pull away to let them slide down his legs and throw them around the room, allowing to do the same. Their lips connected again hungrily and Joe stopped to whisper in her ear, “This is just a one nigh thing, right?” Joe asked, his breathing heavy and Y/N felt shivers run down her whole body at the feeling of his deep breath on her skin. “Just one night.” She repeated, before the both of them were soon enough fully naked and their moans filled the room.

The next morning, Joe and Y/N woke up to the sound of the someone knocking on the door and they knew that their friends were already back from their dates and supposed to be having brunch with them. A few hours later, everyone was gathered at the flat but the awkwardness was evident when Joe and Y/N were around each other. Because after this had happened, they were confused. Not because it wasn’t great but because they had no idea they would be feeling like this. They had no idea that it would leave them craving for more, and not only sex. It wasn’t only physical attraction anymore.

As Joe got out of the shower, Y/N was walking by in the hallway and she froze when his eyes fell on her. She was about to ignore him and join everyone in the living room when Joe grabbed her by the arm, spinning her around only inches from him. “I don’t want this to be a one time thing.” Joe explained as he brushed his fingers against her cheek and she smiled, passing a hand through his hair. “Neither do I.” She admitted and Joe grinned before pressing his lips to hers in a soft and simple kiss. “Does that make us a couple or something?” Y/N asked, a smirk on her face and Joe laughed. “I guess it does.” Joe stated, their foreheads brushing as he gripped on her waist tightly. “Valentines isn’t that bad after all.” Joe added before leaning in for another kiss. 

This day would be forever marked in their minds, for sure.

Angry Joe becomes king of Sweden when former king rescinds the throne after watching “Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Angry Review”

[Translated from English to Swedish and back to English]

“After being constantly urged by my advisers for months to watch this video, I have to say I should have watched it sooner! One look at this man face and I knew he was the fated successor I’ve been looking for for so many years. As well as the fact that he gave one of my favorite games an outstanding nine out of ten, there was no doubt he would rule this land.”

[Translated from Angry Joe tongue to English]

“Wow, i was expecting to receive a more pompous notification of my new kingly authority, and there was little to no trumpets blasting in my name… I’m going to have to give this appointed honor an eight out of ten, I was greatly honored by this decision and the solid speech given by my man Carl, but too many teeny little mistakes made me bring my score down, better luck next time.”

Reports of Angry Joe’s monarchy are beginning to reach the ears of major world powers around the world, now only time will tell what will come out of all of this, more here

Low Levels

Jack could always tell when his blood sugar levels got low.

His hands would shake, only a little at first, and his vision would get slightly burry on the edges, but not enough to hinder him.

Those were the two most telling signs, and there were other smaller less significant ones that he had picked up over the years of having diabetes. And for the most part, he was good at not letting them get too low. Because it had happened a handful of times, and always left him feeling like complete shit after he woke up.

Passing out was not that fun, no matter what anyone said.

There were very few people that actually knew of Jack’s diabetes too, because he didn’t feel as if it was a fact that needed to be spread, and if he was being totally honest, he thought it made him seem weak.

He knew that that was a stupid reason for not telling people, and he kept an identification tag on him at all times, just in case, but that was how his mind worked.

Of the few people to know though, Joe was surprisingly not one of them, despite the two having been dating for over a year now. Only Conor, Mikey, and Josh knew from their group.

Conor because he was Jack’s older brother and had thus grown up with it, Mikey because he caught the teacher scolding Jack one day for letting his sugar levels get too low, and Josh because during their year of living together, Jack had unfortunately let them get too low again and had passed out. To which Josh had had a full on freak out, calling Conor, and panicking.

Jack hated that those three knew, but was thankful that they hadn’t revealed his secret to anyone else.

And he knew that Joe deserved to know, it wasn’t right keeping something from the man he cared so much for, but no matter how many times Jack tried to tell Joe, he just couldn’t bring himself to admit to that weakness, and so he kept it a secret.

Which meant that when the signs of low blood sugar did begin to show, Jack had to try to hide them.

Although that wasn’t always that easy, because it turned out his boyfriend was very observant.

“Are you alright?” Joe frowns over at Jack, reaching for one of his hands, but the younger man jerks back suddenly.


Conor glances up from his phone, sat on the other side of Jack as they get ready to film a video, surprised by the sudden outburst from his younger brother.

“You’re shaking though.” Joe reaches forward again, but pauses halfway as Jack tries to pull back further, his back pressing against Conor’s shoulder.

“Jack…” The older Maynard says in a warning tone, already catching on to whats happening.

“I’m fine, Conor!” Jack snaps, jumping up from the bed. He waits for the world to settle before staring down at the other two bodies, trying his best to ignore the blurriness creeping in at the edges of his vision. “I just need to grab a drink.”

He stumbles slightly in the hallway, bracing himself against the wall as he shakes his head, hoping it’ll help with the increasing blurriness. From behind him, he can hear mumbled voices, but they sound distant, and are fading in and out.

Taking another step seems exhausting, so Jack leans back against the wall heavily, clenching his hands into fists, trying to lessen the shaking that’s slowly traveling across his body.

“Jack?” He opens his eyes, not realizing they had closed, and turns his head to look back to the doorway, seeing Joe standing there, worry spread across his face.

But his boyfriend is shifting, his body is turning sideways, and growing taller. Or is Jack shrinking?

“Jack!” He hears faintly as darkness takes over and the floor gives out.

Then he feels nothing.

“Why isn’t he waking up? Conor, why isn’t he waking up?!” Joe’s frantic tone hits Jack first, and he lets out a small groan, his hand blindly searching for his boyfriends, wanting to reassure him and shut him the hell up. Because Jack’s head is pounding, and he cannot handle a worried Joe right now.

“Relax, he’s coming to.” Conor’s more calm tone cuts through the fogginess, and Jack blinks open his eyes as his hand connects with another, fingers slipping through his.

The first thing he sees is a disapproving frown on his older brothers face, and when he tilts his head slightly, he sees a distraught looking Joe.

“Wha’ happened?” Jack’s tongue feels heavy, and the pounding in his head dramatically increases, as if the pain is aware he’s awake and wants to further torture him.

“You’re a bloody idiot, again. That’s what.” Conor answers, helping him sit up, steadying him with a hand on his shoulder until Jack gives a little nod.

“What the fuck, Jack?” Joe finally blurts out, his hand in Jack’s tightening its grip. “Why the hell wouldn’t you tell me you have fucking diabetes?! This is kind of an important thing to tell people!”

“You told him?” Jack asks Conor, who gives him a pointed look, “Yeah, alright, fair enough.” He sighs, taking the bottle of juice handed to him. After taking a long drink, he finally looks back over at Joe, who’s staring over at him expectantly.

“Babe…I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?!”

“Joe.” Conor warns.

“If you hadn’t just passed out…” Joe shakes his head, sitting down heavily beside Jack, “That was bloody terrifying you know.”

“Again, I’m sorry,” The younger man lifts their intertwined hands onto his lap, rubbing his thumb across the back of Joe’s hand. “I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

“I took your numbers, Jack.” Conor’s voice turns tense, “When was the last time you even ate?”

Taking another drink of the juice, Jack buys a little time before answering, knowing both are not going to be happy with his answer: “Uhm, yesterday some time.”



He flinches at the harsh tones, “I’m sorry, okay?! I got busy! And then we got home so late, and I was exhausted, and just fell into bed! I meant to eat something, but I just…forgot.”

“For fuck sake’s…” Conor mutters, starting to pace. “You can’t just forget to eat, Jack! We’ve talked about this. With mum, with the doctor, with the dietitian. You cannot forget to eat, it messes with your level’s, and hurts your body!”


“No.” He whirls around, glaring over at Jack, “There is no excuse. So stop being an idiot, and remember to eat! And stop hiding it from the people you love!” With that final word, he turns and walks away, leaving a stunned Joe and a guilty Jack.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Joe asks quietly a minute later, his free hand tracing Jack’s tattoo.

“Because I’m an idiot.” The younger man tells him, “And I don’t know,” He shifts, feeling embarrassed, “Guess it makes me weak.”

“Having diabetes makes you weak?”

“Like I said, I’m an idiot.”

“You aren’t an idiot,” Joe tells him fiercely, moving his hand to Jack’s cheek, turning his boyfriends face to his own, “And it doesn’t make you weak. But you should have told me, so I could have reminded you to eat. Jack, I was terrified when I saw you collapse. I had no idea what was going on!”

“I know, babe,” He leans into the touch, “And I really am sorry.”

“Please don’t forget to eat anymore.”

“I promise to try harder at remembering.”

“You shouldn’t be trying, you should just be doing.”

“I know,” Jack leans forward, kissing Joe quickly, “Thanks for fussing over me.”

“I always will,” Joe smiles back, “Now come on, let’s go get you some food and find a movie to watch.”

“But, the video…”

“The video can wait!” Conor calls out, waiting for them a few feet away, “Food and relaxing first.”

“Yes, sir.” Jack rolls his eyes, but smiles at his older brother as Joe leads him towards the kitchen, a silent thank you passing between them.

“Piss off.” Conor laughs, shoving at Jack’s shoulder when he’s close enough.