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May The Force Be With You

I open the door to mine and Joe’s shared apartment, jumping slightly at the whooshing sound. The place is mostly dark, but I can see the faint outline of a figure standing a few feet in front of me.

I let the door click shut behind me, opening my mouth to call out when suddenly a light turns on.

It’s moves along in a horizontal pattern, and creates a glow for Joe’s face.
My boyfriend is standing in front of me, holding a lightsaber. And from what I can see, he’s also has a hooded cloak on.

“Welcome home, young Jedi.” He says, flipping the lightsaber around briefly, moving closer to me.

“Uhm, hi.” I reply, feeling a smile grow on my lips. “What are you doing?”

“You have reached the age where you can move from Jedi Knight to Jedi Master, this is your ceremony!”

I blink as the entire apartment is suddenly flooded with light and my friends and family all yell out SURPRISE!

Glancing around the room quickly, I can see everyone dressed up in some way or form that related to Star Wars, along with various decorations spread across the space. I can see tiny little treats shaped like different characters from the films, and know instantly that Zoe has gone all out with her baking.

“Happy birthday, Y/N.” Joe smiles at me, pulling me close to kiss me hello.

“Did you actually throw me a Star Wars themed birthday party?” I ask, tugging at the hood still over his head.

“I even got a life size balloon of C3PO and R2-D2.” He says proudly.

“You are such a dork.”

“Coming from the woman who is loving her Star Wars party right now.”

“Oh shush.” I tell him, stepping away as Zoe comes over to hug me hello.

“Happy birthday!” She grins at me. “Now come on, we have to get you ready.”

“Get me ready?” I glance over my shoulder at Joe as his sister tugs me along, he shrugs in response, but there’s a knowing smile on his lips.

A short while later we remerge from the bedroom, but instead of the clothes I had worn to work, Zoe has outfitted me in an outfit similar to what Rey wore.

“You definitely look like your ready to become a Jedi Master now.” Caspar comments, pulling me into a hug. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks Caspar.” I smile up at him, “You make a very dashing Han Solo by the way.”

“Only because he stole the idea from me.” Joe says, appearing at my side one again. He’s ditched the cloak and has revealed his new costume for the night.

“Awe, are you the Finn to my Rey?” I tug at the opening of his jacket, giggling at the blush that appears on his cheeks.

“Maybe.” He mumbles.

“That is adorable!” Zoe lets out a small squeal, pulling out her phone to snap a picture. “Who knew my little bro was such a considerate boyfriend?”


“Oh calm down,” I laugh at him. “You did wonderful, Joe. Thank you.” I kiss him on the cheek.

The rest of the night is just as wonderful, filled with good times and great people. Joe manages to organize Star Wars trivia, which I obviously win at. And at some point, after far too much alcohol, Jack ends up dancing with the C3PO balloon, which naturally all the boys capture on video.

As the night winds down, Joe wraps his arms around my waist from behind me, resting his head on my shoulder.

“I don’t think anyone has ever enjoyed Star Wars as much as they have tonight.”

“All it took was a party to make everyone realize how great the series is.” I relax back into his embrace.

“You are such a nerd.”

“Oh shush up.”

“Nope.” Joe kisses the side of my head. “Happy birthday again, love.”

“Thank you. For everything.” I reply.

Our moment is interrupted as Jack and Conor stand on the coffee table, with the C3PO and R2-D2 balloons looking a little worse for ware.

“MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!” They both yell out, before jumping off the table.

Needless to say, the force was not with them.

Happy birthday to the man that saved my life in so many ways.
Happy birthday to the man that made me feel alive when I couldn’t stand anything anymore.
Happy birthday to the man who made me live one of the best days of my entire life (5th June 2013, green day in Rome).
Happy birthday to the man who had the strength to live despite all the shit he went trough.
Happy birthday to my hero, my life saver Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day and, most of all, one of the best human beings that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, even if only trough his music.

Joe Sugg imagine || Birthday. ||

Anonymous said:

I love your imagines! :) can you write one where y/n decorates the house and cooks Joe’s favorite food for his birthday and she has a bunch of presents for him, and he gets really happy and tells her how much she means to him, and it’s just cute and stuff? thank youuu 💕.

- - -

Looking at your watch, you grinned knowing Joe would be home from meetings all day any time now. You had the Jaspar flat to yourselves tonight, since Caspar was in LA and had been for almost two months.

You had taken most of the day decorating the place for Joe’s birthday. You didn’t go completely overboard…

At least you thought you didn’t. You had pinned up steamers along the place, gotten a few dozen Helium balloons and let a good dozen and a half go and float on the ceiling around the place making it colourful, you tied some to the backs of the chairs at the table and some on the railing of the steps.

You also taped a large: ‘Happy Birthday’ banner on the glass wall that job was guarding the stairs so no one fell to their doom from the upstairs and some regular balloons that just floated along the floor merrily.

You had left the house one time today and that was after Joe had left to go a couple streets over to a bakery where you got him a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting – which he’d taken a shine to recently, which also surprised you because normally he just bitched that red velvet was just a lie since it was chocolate cake dyed red.

Having cooked his favourite meal which was keeping warm in the oven. You walked over to the kitchen table and arranged a some presents you had wrapped for him.

Joe was oddly difficult to buy for, he never gave you a straight answer about what he wanted or said, he didn’t need anything. So you bought him a few things you knew he’d appreciate.

Setting your vlog camera up on the counter, you stood by it at you heard keys jingling outside the front door, you were nervous wondering if Joe was going to like your decorating abilities. Your fingers had laced together in your nervous habit.

The door opened slowly and you heard; “Wow.” from the other side of it, Joe walked slowly in, looking around at all your efforts displayed for him in celebration of his birthday. He looked to his left and seen you, his awed expression turned into a huge smile. “Babe!” He said, “this is amazing!” He pointed around the entire place.

“Happy Birthday!” You said with excitement as you bounced over to him all bubbly. “Thank you so much! (Y/N) – this is amazing.” He said looking from you to the balloons floating above the two of you,

his hands held your hips, still smiling he looked down at you, he lent in and kissed you quickly – which you returned, smiling just as big as he was. “You’re welcome.” You whispered, feeling his hands slide around your hips and wrapping around your lower back holding you close against him.  “You’re the best, you know that?” He asked, nuzzling his face against yours, 

“I try.” You admitted honestly.

Keeping you close, Joe started humming one of your favourite slower songs lowly and started dancing in small circles with you, before he took your hand, he spun you around carefully and you kept giggling as you danced with him across the hardwood floor, he pulled you back to him and held you so your back was against his front, he kissed your neck lightly. “Thank you.” He said again.

“My pleasure.” You said feeling like you were floating amongst the Helium balloons.

“Oh, hey guys.” Joe laughed, noticing the vlog camera on the counter finally, he waved at it. “I forgot I was recording.” You admitted after a minute. “I’m glad we’ll have this memory forever.” He had let you go slowly.

You two had supper together, cake and he opened his presents.

Having got him another 84 Gig memory card because he was always loosing his, a new leather journal since he mentioned he wanted to start writing daily again, a Jack Willis t-shirt that was a deep blue with the 'JW’ on the right side where a pocket would be placed if it had one.

“What’s this?” He asked picking up a bag, normally you always wrapped your presents for people, so he raised his eyebrow at you, you just smiled. “Go on.” You added, you were so happy that Joe was so happy. Opening it he pulled out an envelope.

He opened it carefully and pulled out two pieces of thicker paper. “What…” He asked as he turned them over and scanned them over. “Tickets to LA?” He asked surprised.

“Mmm-hmm.” You nodded with a smile, watching his eyes light up. “Really?” He looked up at you, “Yeah! For Oli and you to go visit Caspar.” You explained although you were pretty sure he figured that much out.

“Babe!” He stood up, wrapping his arms around you giving you a sitting hug. “Thank you so much.” He whispered, kissing your cheek. “You are the best.” He grinned, “yeah, you leave tomorrow night.” You added casually figuring he hadn’t looked at the date yet.

“Tomorrow?!” He looked at the tickets and back at you. “So you can enjoy your birthday with your best friends… While it’s still you know, kind of your birthday.” You laughed. “I have to tell Oli.” Joe laughed.

“Oli knows… He has for a good week, arranging everything with Caspar LA side.” You explained…

… You sat on the bed you shared with Joe as he packed his suitcase, you were refolding his terrible fold jobs.

He sat down beside you, “thank you, this birthday has been amazing.” He smiled. “You’re welcome.” You laughed happily. “No, I mean – I’ve never had someone not related to me, put this much effort into something for me.” He kept focus to you. 

“I love you, I wanted you to have a good birthday.” You pointed out and he shook his head. “I had an amazing birthday, babe. Absolutely the best.” He cuddled you into him, his hand rubbing up and down your arm. 

“You’re the best, absolutely the best.” He said. “You mean the world to me, I don’t think you realise.” He watched as you glanced up to him. “Thanks Love.” You blushed. 

“Anyone would be lucky to have you. I’m just glad it’s me that gets to.” The more he kept talking the more gushy you felt, putting your hand on his chest. “I love you, so much.” He said. 

“I love you, too.” You said. 

“I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m not going to question it and just be glad that I am. Thank you for being so amazing.” He continued. “It’s easy being amazing when you’re with someone amazing.” You pointed out. 

“Oh stop.” Joe whispered. “Thank you babe.” He added and you nodded, “Happy Birthday, Joe.” You kissed his cheek.

Birthday (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

Anonymous whispered: I love your writings!! 😋😋 do you think you could have Y/N’s birthday with Joe? They spend all day together from the morning to night? Thanks love

‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Y/N, happy birthday to you!’ Joe walked into the room with a tray filled with a breakfast feast, he had tea, orange juice, toast, bacon, everything you could’ve wanted.

‘Joe you didn’t have to do all of this’ you said sitting up and letting him set the tray down on your lap.

'No but I wanted to, happy birthday Y/N’ he kissed your lips gently and sat down beside you.

'Thank you’ you smiled kissing him back.

'So after breakfast, you need to get ready to go out, I have a surprise for you’ Joe’s eyes lit up with excitement.

'A surprise, I thought we were just going to have a quiet day at home?’ you asked wrinkling your brow.

'Trust me you’ll like what I have planned’ he insisted stealing a bite of your toast.

'Ok you agreed, although I don’t know how to dress for a surprise!’ you complained.

'You look gorgeous in anything, but casual is fine’ he smirked at your reaction.

As soon as you’d finished breakfast Joe took your tray upstairs to clear up leaving you to get ready.

When you went upstairs you were pleasantly surprised to find that Joe had decorated the apartment with streamers, banners and balloons.

‘Joe did you do all of this?’ you asked looking over at him in the kitchen.

'I may have had some help from Caspar but yeah I did’

'I didn’t expect anyone to make such a fuss about my birthday, thank you’ you said going over to him. Joe was sat on the kitchen worktop so you went over and stood in front of him leaning up to kiss him gently.

'That’s just the beginning, here open this’ he slid an envelope out from behind him and passed it to you.

You carefully opened it and found a card inside it had a picture of a lion cub on the front which you thought was pretty random, until you read the inside of the card that was.

To my amazing girlfriend, happy birthday! Your present is waiting for you at the Lyceum theatre at 2:30pm this afternoon as I’ve got tickets for us to go and see the Lion King!

Have a wonderful day, all my love- Joe

'What we’re seeing the lion king? I’ve wanted to see that for years! thank you so much, you’re the best’ you jumped up and down in excitement.

'I know you have, come on let’s head over there and we can go shopping on the way’ Joe said taking your hand and leading you outside.

Joe hadn’t been joking when he’d said about going shopping. He’d bought you almost everything you’d wanted in every shop you’d been into and you were feeling well and truly spoilt. By the time you got to the theater you had so many bags that you wondered whether or not you’d have room for them by your seats.

You sat through the show with Joe loving every second of it. When it was over Joe took your hand and you found a taxi to take you home.

'Thank you so much for today’ you said as your reached the front door. You put your bags down in the darkness having not yet switched on the lights which you’d thought that Joe was going to do.  'I’ve had the best birthday ever’ your arms found his neck in the darkness and you kissed him passionately. 'I love you so much’

'I love you too’ he smiled against your lips holding you there for a moment. 'But your day’s not over, turn around’ he instructed reaching for the light switch.

He flicked it on and a mass of your friends collectively yelled 'surprise!’

'You did this as well?’ You turned to Joe in astonishment. 'You really are amazing’

'Hey I helped!’ Caspar piped up causing the whole room to chuckle.

 The party went on until it was no longer your birthday and Joe remained at your side the entire night. You really did have the best boyfriend around.












Thank you for the positive and welcoming vibes you both always show when I come out to Soulection events. This rooftop party was hands down one of my favorite parties of the summer. Nothing but pure laughter with a great group of talented individuals. Hope you both enjoyed your birthdays!

Shout out to Esta and Sam once again for showing our true Filipino sides while dancing the electric slide with Aaron and I. But, double shout out to Sam for doing the epic Candle dance before the tacos came. Shout out to Julio aka the Whooligan for starting the party once he walked in with the ice! Love you guys so so so so sooooooo much :’) 

You Get On Well With Another Celebrity (Michael/4)

Request: Can you do one of Mikey taking you to a Green Day concert as a birthday gift & then getting to meet Green Day & Mikey gets jealous of you getting super close to Billi Joe. Please & thank you (:



“This is the best birthday gift I think anyone’s ever given me!” You say to Michael as you wait for Green Day to come on

He smiles, “Good! It’s also a good job that I’m a massive Green Day fan too!”

You laugh, “Sure is!”

Michael smiles at you, “But what are you more excited for? Getting to see them live or getting to meet them?”

“Well I wouldn’t know because I’ll not be meeting them, will I?”

“What if I said you were?” He smirks

You look at him wide eyed, “You’re kidding!”

He shakes his head, “I’m not! We’re meeting them after the show!”

Before you have the time to react, the lights go out and the intro music begins, your heart racing in anticipation.


“They were so good!” You smile to Michael as you make your way backstage, “Do you think they’ll think I’m weird?”

“Not if you don’t act weird” Michael grins

You roll your eyes, “Thanks for the reassurance, Michael”

You eventually reach the dressing room door, and Michael knocks, and “Come in!” can clearly be heard from the other side.

Michael opens the door and the band the two of you idolise, smile to you before greeting you.

“Hey, you must be Michael and (Y/N) right?” Billie Joe smiles, shaking your hands as you nod to him

“Yeah, hi, it’s such an honour to meet you” Michael replies

“Oh well, honestly, the pleasure is all mine. Great American Idiot cover by the way!” 

Michael smiles, “Dude thanks. Pretty shit compared to yours but-”

“Aah. Nonsense. It’s great, we were all really impressed” Billie Joe shushes, “This is Tre and Mike”

You introduce yourselves to them, and soon enough you’re engaging in a full on conversation.

You all end up branching off into your own conversations, and right now, you’re talking to Billie Joe.

“You know I remember whenever I heard, like, any one of your songs and I just used to stand in the middle of the room and air guitar my way through it. It’s really embarrassing but it’s my earliest memory” You tell him

He laughs, “Oh that’s cute though, my sons used to do something similar when they were younger. If I was away on tour and our song was played on the radio, Adrienne would send me videos of them rocking out.”

You giggle, “Well least I’m not alone in the Green Day hype, then!”

He smiles, “Their cover of American Idiot really was something though, wasn’t it?”

You nod, “When he told me they’d been asked to do it he was so conflicted. He didn’t know whether he really wanted to do it or not because he didn’t want to ruin an iconic song. But I just told him that if he likes the song and the band, which he does, then he should just go for it. Even just attempting it is a good thing, you know?”

Billie Joe nods, “Well he had nothing to worry about. It was a really great cover and I wasn’t lying when I said that me and the guys were really impressed. We’re always flattered and appreciated when a band covers one of our songs. It’s a really special thing for us”

“He’d be relieved to know that.” You declare

“And good on you for encouraging him and giving him a confidence boost. Sometimes people really need that” He adds

“Well, thanks”


You stay there, talking to each of them, for about an hour or so. But by then, all of you are getting tired so you decide to call it a day.

“It was nice meeting you guys!” You call out to them as you leave.

You take Michael’s hand, but he ignores you.

“Mikey, what’s wrong? We just met Green Day you should be ecstatic” You giggle

“I am! But you and Billie Joe were getting very close” He replies

You furrow your eyebrows, “What?”

“Laughing at everything he has to say, him smiling at you and complimenting you…you barely brought me into conversation” He sulks

“Michael Gordon Clifford, are you jealous of Billie Joe Armstrong?” You question

“I’m not jealous, I just felt left out” He disagrees

“Riiight okay” You giggle, “Put it this way…he’s what? in his forties. He’s married. He has kids. In what way would that make me interested in him? Beyond the fact that he’s the lead singer of one of my favourite bands”

Michael sighs, “Yep. I’m an idiot”

“And…” You continue, “We spent most of our time talking about you”

“Really?” Michael blushes, “What about?”

“He was just saying how impressed he was by your American Idiot cover and that he really liked it” You shrug, “He was being genuine, as well, he wasn’t just saying it. You could tell.”

Michael can’t stop smiling, “Woohoo! Billie Joe loves me!”


Send in your Michael requests here!

Tristan & Y/N || the birthday wish

“Morning Y/N.” James winked cheekily as you jumped off your tour bus bunk. “Morning.” You smiled expecting James to say something else. Like Happy birthday maybe? But no, he yawned and made his way to the back of the bus.

You have been really good friends with the The Vamps for more than a year now. They loved you’re company and you found interest in travelling, so they invited you to go on tour with them.

There was one certain cute, lanky, crazy drummer that made you feel fuzzy. A little different from the other boys. You started to feel more for Tristan than just friends a couple of months ago. Being with him on tour, seeing him sweaty after a show, looking like shit after a weeks worth of interviews, only strengthened the love you felt for him.

Today was your birthday, and just like any other day you made your way to the tiny kitchen corner they had on the bus. Just before you were about to slam some bread in the toaster, a hand appeared and slapped the bread away.

“Tristan that was the last slice!” You huffed as the bread landed on the floor. You glanced from the bread to Tristan, questioning your sanity and the 5 second rule.

“Sorry, could you come and help wake Connor up? It’s just…he’s not waking up” Tristan darted behind the curtain to the boys bunks. You sighed and trailed after him.

You pulled back the curtains to be met with a very loud bang to your early morning senses. A fully dressed Connor sunk to his knees laughing. “Not again.” He cried.

“What the-” You started.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The rest of the boys shouted. Tristan stood to your side, a popped party popper in his hand. “Are you okay Con?” He laughed.

Connor stood. “Well yeah, I should be used to getting hit with confetti bombs right?”

Connor move in for a birthday hug.

“No no, I’m a her favourite, I get the first birthday hug.” Jumped Tristan, into your arms to be exact.

“You guyssssss!” You squealed, blushing on Tristan’s long arms.

“and look!” Tristan moved out of the way to reveal a little table with plates of croissants, bacon, French toast, and a cupcake with a candle on it.

“Better than a slice of moldy bread right?” Smiled Tristan.

You almost drooled at the sight in front of you, after sharing and living off toast and cereal on the bus with a bunch of growing boys, this little table was like a kings feast to you.

“Wow. Thank you boys! Come on let’s eat.” You grinned grabbing cupcake.

“Make a wish!” Chuckled Connor.

You closed your eyes and made your birthday wish, blowing out the candle and snapping your eyes open to be met with four curious ones.

“What did you wish for?” Mumbled Tristan, watching you slightly in awe.

“It wouldn’t come true if she told you man.” Smirked Brad pretending to hit Tristan upside the head.

Since you were 6 you’d always wish for a Prince Charming to come along and sweep you off your feet, now you were 19 the prince charming was a little more specific. Of course your birthday wishes never came true, and you suspected they never would.

Even though it was your birthday, that didn’t get you off the hook for it being your turn to drive the bus to the next arena.
In all fairness you didn’t mind it, Tristan would always keep you company up front away from the others. It was quite…intimate. With the curtain drawn you couldn’t help but think about pulling over and tackling Tristan who sat next to you, oblivious of your daydreams to kiss him to your hearts content.

After a while, Tristan left to get you and him some snacks. (which he promised he’d feed to you whilst you drove)

James popped his pretty little head round the curtain. “Hey, having a good birthday?”

“Yeah thanks.” You laughed slightly.

“Maybe Tristan will give you some birthday sex.” He giggled.

“Shut up James.” You blushed. “Don’t make me drive this car into a lake. You know I can swim, well.”

James threw his head back and laughed, leaving you to your new thoughts.

“Now, this songs got a bit I want all of you to sing along to…” Brad engaged with the crowd as you stood backstage, like always being the supportive little roadie you were as Tristan liked to call you.

You watched Tristan back and forth on the screen and behind the curtain from your position buy the stage. You watched how he bit his lip and grinned as his bashed his drum set getting the crowd to dance. Oh how you thought about kissing him passionately right there and then-

“Y/N? You alright?” Said Joe, appearing by your side.


“Happy birthday!”


You turned your attention back to the boys as Brad spoke. “We’re gonna sing a different song now, one that’s not on the set list…even Tristan is gonna sing this come on down Tris.” Brad laughed.

The crowd cheered and “woo'ed” as Tristan grabbed a mic and skipped down stage to meet Brad, James and Con.

Brad continued his unexpected speech. “So it’s one of our very good friends birthday today, do you think we could all sing happy birthday to her?”

You swallowed excitedly. You assumed it would be amazing to hear thousands of people sing your name as well as happy birthday…

“So let’s bring her out then!” You heard Tristan say into the mic.

Oh no.

Joe pushed you towards the stage and Tristan ran towards you.

“Tris I can’t-”

“Sure you can.” He smiled warmly lacing his fingers with yours and walking you on stage.

“Oh here come the happy couple.” James smirked earning a few laughs to be heard over the roaring crowd.

“Happy birthday to you…” Brad begun.

The crowd and the began to sing to you. You stood there blushing, still holding Tristan’s hand. Tristan realised and let go, also blushing.

“…happy birthday to Y/N, happy birthday to you!” Everyone finished singing as you felt yourself being squished by into a four man hug.

The crowd “aww'ed” as you were let go, only to be pulled into a separate hug by Tristan. He picked you up and twirled you around, before setting you down planting a feathery kiss on your cheek.

“See, what I tell ya.” James spoke to the crowd.

“Happy birthday Y/N.” Tristan whispered placing a small piece of paper in your hand before Connor led you off stage.

You stood backstage as the boys began their next song, you opened the folded paper and read Tristan’s message. ‘Meet me by the stairs after the show. -your trissie’

You giggled at the cute message and how he’d addressed himself, before re-folding it and placing it in your pocket. Maybe you were gonna get your birthday wish after all.