joen klausen


Wasn’t sure if you wanted cannon or oc so I put both :3 (Joen and Denazi would have hatesex, Brae and Denazi could just be gay together, Hilda would be really dominating and confident in bed and Tavi would be shy during sex) why I came up with those? I don’t know ((I’m sorry dennybutt))


1000th Post for 1000 plus follwers!!!

Want to be featured in the party, heres your chance


(Left side)

1st Row: Vaudeville, Buttecheese, Cherry, Dizzy, Passion Paniting, Princess Blueblood, Piny Twilight, Tomboy Rarity, Brainy Twilight.

2nd Row: Wuta & Yuta, Star Singer, Skype, Silent Kosmo, Ace, Fluffle Puff, Corel-Lee Mclovin.

3rd Row: Emerald Knight, HyperBrony, Drift, Pinkie Tai, Wiggles, Serious Dash.

Above: Lola Cloudmaker

(Right Side)

1st Row: Joen Klausen, Banana Pie, Lovely Pages, GL Applebloom, Dimlight, Coffee Talk, USA Pony, Art Spark.

2nd Row: Pirate Dash, Mayday Mayday, Clockwork & Skydrifter, Raven, Timber The Wood Pony, Time Lord Dash, Lovely Laughter.

3rd Row: Sweden Pony, Lion Heart, Albino Pie, Cookie Cutter, Edgar Allan Poeny, Checkers

Above: Deadpool <— (Theres alot of those blogs somewhere)