Day:20 25 to life one of my favourite episode I love Rossi sass towards Strauss I’m like dam he’s brave I felt bad for Morgan when everyone was on his back for making the the wrong decision but in the end he proved them wrong and show them the man was innocent #ErinStrauss #JayneAtkinson #DavidRossi #JoeMantenga #summerrewatch #CriminalMinds #CBS (at 🌞 Summer Re-Watch 🌞)

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QOTD: What’s your name?
AOTD: Jahiem

Also on season 7 two more episodes hopefully I can get them done to day so I can start season 7 which is the best season ever but later on my moms friend is going to kidnap me to take me to Center island tomorrow so if I’m gone for awhile that’s why 😊😂 Mission: Integrity lol #JoeMantenga #DavidRossi #CriminalMinds #Toronto #CBS (at ❓❓❓QOTD❓❓❓)

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