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Caesar, Joseph and Joelyne w/ a shy so who gets flustered so easily somehow managing to be hella smooth?

This is so adorable omgg. This is interesting, kitten! Let’s do this!

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Headcanons of Caesar with shy-but-smooth s/o

  • He would first be surprised and wondering what to do when s/o tries to be all smooth
  • Caesar would smile warmly when he noticed s/o blush up and stutter, their smooth words breaking into shyness
  • Zeppeli boy would chuckle and hug s/o to calm down
  • “Oh you. You try to be a charmer. You didn’t have to do this for me,  cucciolo.”
  • Caesar finds it cute that his s/o was gathering courage to be someone they weren’t but he appreciates their efforts

Headcanons of Joseph with shy-but-smooth s/o

  • He’ll be so confused at first, wondering who took his s/o’s soul
  • “A-Agh! Who are you..?! My sweetheart doesn’t act like that!”
  • It doesn’t take him long to recognize that it’s his boo. He’s not that stupid
  • He chuckles, picking up s/o and lifting them up with his strong arms
  • “You little…! You think you got it smooth! You wish!”
  • Joseph settles down s/o to pull them for a hug, finding the smooth act cute for someone who’s just as cautious as a mouse

Headcanons of Jolyne with shy-but-smooth s/o

  • Jolyne would raise her brow, wondering why her sensitive, quiet spouse is trying to be confident
  • She rolls her eyes, making a disgusted face before she kisses s/o by the forehead
  • “Don’t try to act so big. You’re small and weak.. but keep it that way. You’re someone I want to protect and cherish.”
  • Like Jotaro, she won’t admit she loves her s/o but she has her ways of showing how much she treasures them

10 – Carta para alguém com quem não falas tanto como gostaria.

Oi meus anjos,

Bom, passamos por vários mementos juntas, dando risadas, apenas conversando, olhando uma para outra, e isso me fez ver que nós agíamos literalmente como irmãs, que se comunicavam apenas pelo olhar, ou pelo sorriso. Faz falta poder ter alguém para contar as novidades, para me abrir e saber que posso confiar sem nenhum problema. Faz falta ver o seu sorriso, ouvir a sua voz, ganhar seus abraços. Faz falta ter irmãs como vocês. (imperfeita-fantasia)