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Life Lesson: Yellow Cake and Lamb Burgers
  • Alex: We went to a place called Cafe Dolce and you recommended the lamb burger.
  • Michael: Lamb burger.
  • Alex: Which is your go to thing.
  • Micheal: Yes.
  • Alex: You love it. I've never seen be more excited bout something than you were-
  • Micheal: I don't get excited about many things. The lamb burger though...
  • Rianna: I like went to Europe with you and I've never seen you that excited.
  • Michael: She went to Europe with me and she's never seen me that excited either.
  • Joel: I feel like I remember you talking about the lamb burger in Europe.
  • Corrado: Tim, would you enjoy some cupcakes?
  • Tim: Depends, who made them?
  • Corrado: Saskia.
  • Tim: Then no.
  • Corrado: Corey? Joel, Sullivan #1?
  • Tim: Joel Sullivan #1
  • Corey: Sean is, like, taking all your screen time. He's playing the guitar, showing up on set...
  • Joel: Looking all cool.
  • Tim: We could always recast Joel with Sean.
  • Joel: We could recast Tim with Sean.
  • Corey: We could recast Tim with Tim.
  • Joel: That's just confusing.
  • Corrado: Do you know what the other thing I'm really excited about Europe?
  • Joel: Rice Krispies bars?
  • Corrado: Nope, but you're close. Coffee.
  • Joel: Oh... Coffee in Europe....
  • Corrado: Coffee in Europe.
  • Joel: always done, I've heard.
  • Corrado: The coffee's always done in Europe?
  • Joel: That's what I've heard.