Follow Forever Part 1: A-K

  • Asha(tumblr gf since like the beginning, the harley to my ivy, effortlessly cool and from Chicago which is super sexy)
  • Abby(beautiful beautiful, kind, annie sawyer-esque light of my life)
  • Cross (queen of sad Romans, Brutus/Cassius, lipstick, and Shakespearean humor. i have a lot of fun hating on things with you)
  • Chelsea(tumblr famous hottie who convinces me to like new things that i then become obsessed with) 
  • Courtney (adorable, dearest friend who cries over caterpillars with me and is actually poison ivy in disguise)
  • Circe(one of the very first people i looked up to who finally followed me one day and has been a gr9 friend ever since. hierophilia and deathless and kickass historical/mythological ladies abound) 
  • Deborah (i only recently started following you and i want to be your best friend forever right now. your blog and your personality are actually perfect.)
  • Dixon (humorous and sexy and likes to send me stupid messages that make me laugh)
  • Elizabeth the Passionate (one of the greatest artists i have ever known who i am totally unworthy of talking to) 
  • Elizabeth the Angelic (seriously one of the best people ever. you help me out way more than i deserve and i want to bake you a gazillion cookies)
  • Gussie  (the most interesting, funny, macabre person i have ever ‘met’. frankenstein and various other romantic works expert, and fellow james bond sainsbury’s au connoisseur)
  • Holly(sexy linguist, cunnilinguist whatever,  super smart and classy and gr9)
  • Iman(best friend, inspiring, brave, kickass, sweet, writes really good shoshanna dreyfus fan fic)
  • Julia(one of the funniest blogs on this website)
  • Kelly(omg the biggest sweetheart and also hilarious and wonderful even though her side gifs frighten me)
  • KD (actual LPS who intimidates me with her powerful awesome personality)
  • Kyrell(intimidating hottie; queen of white tears and important opinions that may or may not involve lena dunham being a jar of mayonnaise)

joelkinnaman SuicideSquad getting down on Conan! Damn I love these idiots…

  • allycde: Nice little chat with the #SuicideSquad cast for The #StraitsTimes . #WillSmith #MargotRobbie #JaredLeto #CaraDelevigne #JoelKinnaman #JayHernandez #AdamBeach #KarenFukuhara #JaiCourtney #AdewaleAkinnuoyeAgbaje all on good form ( but hmm not sure lovely Jared was all that excited about being there… )  #JaredLetosEyes #WarnerBros #DCcomics