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The Forgotten King

-This is kind of like a fic, but not exactly written with the intention to be one, but please still read and enjoy! This is written with Jeremy as the main character, but has very light Joelay elements- 

-To summarize this plot, There are five immortal kings, but Jeremy, a scholar in the domain of King Ryan, finds ancient texts that talk about a sixth king – The king of Thorns. He sets off on a quest to find more information, if not the king himself (because after all, how do you kill an immortal?) and in the process ends up becoming the new sixth king himself-


The five immortal kings ruled all of the land. Powerful beings that could crush the world in two, yet looked just like another person. The only thing that gave them away was the thrones they sat on and the look in their eyes that had seen the centuries. Despite their strength, they do not consider themselves gods. 

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Title: Help

Rating: PG-13

Prompt: “Joel breaks his legs, and has no one to depend on, until he meets Ray, a complete stranger, who helps him on the road to recovery, and they end up falling for each other.” Prompts given by “firebornaustrian”

A/N: I found it hard to decide how Joel breaks his legs…..hmm….i thought it would’ve been easy…hmm

“Alright Mr.Heyman, you’re legs are broken,” the doctor says. Joel rolls his eyes. Like I don’t know that. “You’ll have to wear these casts for the next 6 weeks,” the doctor explains, while taking his pen and tapping the leg casts around Joel’s limbs. Joel groans displeasingly. “Fine,” he says as he grabs his crutches and lifts himself off the bed. “Don’t forget to come back in to get checked on,” the doctors reminds Joel. Joel grunts in response, and leaves the room. Just get me out of here, Joel thinks as he wobbles through the hospital hallways. Passing the cold, white hallways, Joel notices some of the nurses giving him sympathetic looks. Once he finally reaches the lobby, a female nurse walks up to him and asks softly, “do you need help, sir?” Joel tries his hardest not to scream at the woman. “No thanks,” he says, speeding up his pace. “It’s no problem really, sir. I can atle-“ “I said no!” Joel shouts. The nurse gasps, and says, “oh…I’m sorry, sir,” and she quickly walks away.
Realizing that he can’t drive with his legs in casts, Joel decides to go to a nearby coffee shop to settle for a bit. Walking on the sidewalk was probably one of the hardest things Joel ever had to do. People quickly bustling past him, some almost knocking him down. After what felt like hours of walking and wobbling, Joel reaches the coffee shop. Slowly making his way to the counter, Joel manages to huff out an order. Waiting near the pick-up counter, Joel taps his fingers on his crutches impatiently. Looking around, he notices people giving him odd looks. Joel sighs, and decides to watch the employees work.
Hearing his name being called, Joel quickly grabs his coffee, and finds a seat in a booth. Finishing his coffee, Joel shifts his casted legs out of the booth, turning back to reach for his coffee cup, but hisses in pain as some asshole bumps into his legs. Joel groans loudly as he grips his injured limbs. “Jesus fucking Christ!” Joel grunts through gritted teeth. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry man!” a voice says. A young man stood in front of him, giving a concerned look. “Are you okay?” he asks. Joel grunts again. Damn kids. “M’ fine,” he says. “I’m really sorry, man. Is there anything I can do?” the man asks. Go away. “No, I’m fine. Thanks,” Joel says as he struggles to stand. “Uh. Wait, here, let me grab your crutches,” the man says as he hastily grabs Joel’s support. Damn this kid is persistent. “My name is Ray, by the way. What’s yours?” the man asks. Joel grabs his crutches from Ray. “Joel,” he answers simply, while throwing his coffee cup away.
Exiting out of the coffee shop, Joel walks along the sidewalk in silence, but later realizes that Ray was following him. Immediately stopping in his tracks, Joel turns, struggling, and manages to face the younger man. “Why are you following me?” Joel asks, slightly irritated. Ray smiles. “Thought I’d help you out with something. Y’know, to apologize for earlier,” Ray explains. Joel rolls his eyes. “Look kid, I don’t need your help. Thanks but no thanks,” Joel says. Ray’s smile disappears. Joel turns, and starts walking again, this time, he’s alone. Deciding he doesn’t want to walk all the way to his apartment, Joel tries to hail a taxi. Finally catching a driver’s attention, Joel walks to the side door, about to open it, but suddenly finds another hand reaching for the door, and opening it. Joel looks to his side and sees Ray smiling. “After you, good sir,” he says. Joel groans but hops into the backseat anyway, Ray following suit. Joel gives the taxi driver his address and the vehicle slips into traffic.
“So, what do you do for a living?” Ray asks. Joel sighs heavily. “Are you planning on raping me or something? Seriously kid, why are you following me?” Joel asks. “Like I said before, I’m just trying to help you out. Can I at least make you lunch or something?” Ray asks persistently.

After days and days of constant bugging from Ray, Joel actually started warming up to the kid. He learned that they share an interest in video games, and then from there, Ray started visiting Joel regularly. Either just to stop by and see if Joel was still alive, or just to hang out and play some classic Halo. Ray even started taking Joel out to lunch every so often, being the problem that Joel couldn’t drive, and the man was slowly starting to run out of food.
One night, Ray had come over, and the two did their normal Friday night routine. Order pizza, and play a bunch of video games. “Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight, you don’t drink? How does a guy your age not drink?” Joel asks. Ray chuckles. “It tastes like piss,” Ray replies, picking up his Xbox controller and starting a new round. Joel then takes a moment to take in all Ray’s features. His beautiful brown eyes, his clear tan skin, and his slick black hair. Ray turns his head to the man beside him and smiles. “Something on my face?” Ray jokes. Joel chuckles, and as the young man turns back to the TV screen, Joel cups the boy’s face, and turns it so that they meet each other’s eyes. Ray’s eyes widen as Joel leans in. A pair of dry, chapped lips meets soft ones, and Joel feels as if sparks fly.
As Joel pulls away, Ray finds himself whimpering. “I’m so-“ “Why’d you stop?” Ray asks. Joel’s eyes widen, but he laughs, and leans in for another kiss. Ray smiles into the kiss, and leans in to deepen it. “Thanks for running into my broken legs. And for the help,” Joel says. Ray chuckles. “My pleasure.”

What's your favorite fic of mine?

I’ve been posting fan fics for around four months now and I’ve had 19 different fan fics!
I’m asking you guys which one do you liked the most? It will be out of five categories; smut, fluff, angst,multi chapter-ed and, general one shot.

Smut Fics:

  1. Sneaking in (Mavin)
  2. Office Sex, Daddy Kinks and After Hours (Joelay)
  3. Want My Beer? (Joelay)
  4. Paper Thin Shirts (Joelay)

Fluff Fics:

  1. My Little Non-Ghost Boy (Mavin)
  2. After Sex (Joelay)
  3. Sick Day  (Joelay)
  4. Cuddle With Me (Joelay)

Angst Fics:

  1. Sleep Soundly (Joelay)
  2. I Said Hello and I Never Got to Say Goodbye (Joelay)

Multi Chapter:

  1. My Hero: (1) (2) (Joelay)
  2. Meeting You At Another Party: (1) (2) (Joelay & Mavin)
  3. Ray Narvaez Jr Vs. The World:(1) (2) (3) (4) (Joelay, Danvin, Mavin and Geoffon)
  4. You And I: (0) (1) (2) (3) (Joelay)
  5. Mr. Heyman: (1) (2) (3) (4) (Joelay)
  6. I Need Your Help: (1) (Danvin)
  7. What Happened in Edgewood?: (1)

One Shot:

  1. Sneaking In (Mavin)
  2. Sleep Soundly (Joelay)
  3. My Little Non-Ghost Boy (Mavin)
  4. Cuddle With Me (Joelay)
  5. Take A Picture (But Not Keep a Secret) (Joelay)
  6. Want My Beer? (Joelay)
  7. I Said Hello and I Never Got To Say Goodbye (Joelay)
  8. Sick Day (Joelay)
  9. Office Sex, Daddy Kinks and After Hours (Joelay)
  10. Caught in Action (Joelay)
  11. Paper Thin Shirts (Joelay)
  12. After Sex (Joelay)

You can tell me which ones you liked the most on my ask box or in the answer box down below. I’d really appreciate if you did tell me which ones you liked the most or filled out the categories.

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Frustrated Bystander

Pairing: Joelay

Rating: T

Word Count: 9419

GTA AU/ Fake AH Crew AU

Notes: remember-the-mole​ and I wrote this because there is no way‏ Joel is a cool crime boss/secret agent, he’s a crusty old man.

Summary: “That kid was the one that pissed him off the most; he was like a con artist, doing small and seemingly miniscule things amongst his crew members, then standing back to watch things go even more to shit. Young and arrogant, like he had a death wish. Just the way Joel hated them.”

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Dark Wings Rising

Paring: Joelay (side mavinsay)
Warnings: Swearing, minor injuries
Word Count: 9,843
list of birds and what I’ve assigned them to be

Summary: Before they could process what happened, they heard a bang above them. All chins snapped to the ceiling as boards began to snap. The drywall cracked and a black mass crashed through the ceiling right in the middle of them all. Feathers and dust scattered like the screams that had erupted from their throats. 

“What the fuck was that?”  
 “The fuck is going on!”

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Speak (part 23 ending)

Pairing: Joelay

Warning: Mute!Joel, bullying

Summary: It was a simple screw up that landed Joel in drama one, the last place in the universe he belonged. There was something about it, the illusion of being heard, the thought of writing down words that mean something. (based off Yetiokays AU

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These are the so called ‘title pages’ of my Kept Boy AU.
It’s first Joelay, then Micheoff and finally Burnvin.
All of these are different stories about the men and their boys. 
Part 1: Joel is a Stock broker who met Ray through his father and started their relationship in exchange for keeping Ray’s father’s business alive.
Part 2: Geoff is the head of the local mafia and feared amount anyone, he’d never expect to get robbed except he did and when he comes home, he finds that the robber is still in the house.
Part 3: Burnie is a wealthy director with a boy like Gavin to always keep him on his feet but, when he comes home to find Gavin trying to film fireworks going off with the slow motion camera, Burnie realizes that he has to train his boy better.

The first part will be posted soon, and I’d love to hear which part you’re most excited for and if you have suggestions for other pairings.

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In the recent Minecraft LP, they started arguing about pets right?

And Ray is adding in his two-bits in the back right?


Ray said that Ferrets are awesome pets.


I’m not saying I ship it but



“The fuck are you laughing at?”

“Come on, kid, I’d been sitting here trying to will you out of my periphery for a week, you were bound to fall on your ass at some point. You’re what I’m laughing at.”

Ray has no idea who the guy is, the one that lounges in the metal stands of his local rink, hidden behind a baseball cap and a newspaper (or the light of his iPhone), but when he hears the motherfucker snickering after he takes a spectacular spill on the ice, he figures he must not know who Ray is, either. But hey, if it lets him take a break from the pressure of preparing for the Championships, Ray’s all too happy to find someone to laugh with.

(aka the figureskating au, coming soon for your viewing pleasure!)

Of Heaven and Hell 8/?

Pairing(s): Mavin/Joelay

Prompt: Joel and Gavin are Demons. Ray and Michael are Angels.

Rating: T (for safety, may change later)

Word Count: 1688

Summary: Since the dawn of time, Angels and Demons have been mortal enemies. When they meet, it is almost certain to end in death. When two Demonic screw-ups and two oddball Angels run into each other, it can only end in disaster. Right? Right…

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7


“Where the hell am I supposed to sleep?” Michael asked no one in particular, taking in the scene before him.

Both of the beds were occupied, one by Ray and the other by Joel. Gavin had curled up on the floor atop a blanket. He wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with Ray, the two had done it quite a few times throughout their childhood, but Ray had a tendency to sleep spread eagle and the tiny bed couldn’t fit them both in that state.

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Once in a Lifetime (Chapter 3)

Author: geeklove97
Word Count: 1,515 words
Warnings: Definitely a lot of swearing. Some sexual references, and smut in later chapters. A bit of angst in this chapter as well.
Summary: Band AU. Gavin has a major crush on Michael, but he’s completely oblivious. Based on this beautiful fanart, here and here. Also, I love Lindsay to death, and ship Juggey hardcore. But I also ship Mavin. For the purposes of this AU, they don’t know each other. Also Turnfree. Same there.

Pairing: Mavin

Author’s Note: I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this AU. I’m eternally grateful to the amazing artist that drew that fanart. Because fuck, man. It is super inspiring. If you are looking for something else I’ve written, you can find all my other fanfictions here. I am currently working on a Mavin High School AU, and just started a Joelay AU that is rather dark science fiction. This is my life. And I don’t regret any of it.

Chapters: (1), (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)

Chapter Three

The flirting began almost immediately. At first, Gavin tried to resist, but there was something about Michael that was so interesting, so intriguing, that he physically couldn’t resist.

The entire group had gathered for an interview - their very first since their almost overnight success. Gavin sat down on the couch, crossing his fingers in the hope that Michael wouldn’t come and sit next to him. However, his wishes were denied, and the other man did indeed throw himself onto the couch, so close that their legs were practically touching.

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Howling In The Office (2)
Pairing: Joelay, Freewood/Geovin (Geoff/Gavin/Ryan), Juggey

Words: 2552
Rating: Adult (Smut, Violence) Werewolf AU
Summary: Ray finally got his dream job after working shitty hours at Game Stop for far too long. He sees them as friendly and happy but, once he gets there everyone seems distant from him, until Geoff has to explain their secret to him and eventually why Joel won’t let Ray out of his sight

A/N: This is to fill the gap of time between Looking After This Little Fish, chapter 7 of that will be up very soon <3

Feedback welcome!

Chapter 1
Chapter 3

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There's a Magic in Kissing

Pairing: Joelay
Warnings: Lots of kisses
Word count: 3,868
College AU!

Excerpt: There’s a very powerful magic behind kisses.“ Joel smiled at Ray, who immediately blushed and turned away, the folded playing card still stuck between his teeth. This wasn’t a magic trick, no way, it was just a weirdo that wanted to steal kisses.


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Mr. Heyman (1/3)

Pairing: Joelay

Words: 2,106 (Holy sweet)

Summary:  Joel is a teacher who is in charge of a science class after his close colleague falls ill. He has a crush though on of the students who always seems to be alone and occasionally shows up to class with bruises. Joel takes notice when Ray comes to class with a black eye and finds out Ray’s been bullied. Taking this into account Joel makes Ray sit beside him on the bus to the science departments annual trip to the zoo. Joel stays close to Ray and all seems fine until Ray makes a very suggestive request that may drive Joel over the edge with his little crush.

Author’s Note: Teacher relationship, smut, fluff, bullying and other things all tied into one fan fic, I hope you enjoy. Also they go to the zoo! Also thanks to ScreamingPies for helping me build this idea, I love your face. I’m sorry this took forever and ever but here it is :D Reviews are welcomed

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