Game Kids Release PSA - Don't Do It

So RT’s new channel Game Kids is coming out December 1st and I thought I’d take this time to go over a few things with fandom.

When I speak of the kids, I mean : Millie, Webb, Mills, JD, Teddy. This should also include Chelsea (Mille’s Nanny)

  • Don’t ship the kids
  • Don’t write about the kids. Period.
  • Not even a little bit. Just don’t.

This has been a PSA. 

- Tats

So I’ve just gone on an unfollowing spree….unfollowing anyone who wasn’t interesting or hasn’t updated in ages…so now I need new people to follow…

Reblog if you update at least once a week and post;

  • Rooster Teeth
  • Achievement Hunter
  • Mavin
  • Joelay
  • Team Nice Dynamite
  • Gavin Free
  • Michael Jones
  • Ray Narvaez Jr
  • Team Crafted
  • Merome 
  • Skylox

Much appreciated ^_^

In regards to Ray leaving Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter

Please, be respectful. 

Do not give him hate.

Do not beg him to come back.

Be happy for him.

Yes, we will still take on fics and requests with Ray in them.

Yes, you can still write about him.



“ In Addition: It’s ok to feel sad that he’s leaving Achievement Hunters. But like Tat’s said, at the end of the day this is what he wan’ts, what makes him happy and we should support him the best we can. “

Alright, what the hell kind of face is that?

The kind that got dragged down to your teeny height and had a camera shoved at it

Seriously Joel, you look like you’re in pain

I was. You’re too short. We’re gonna have to break up

Joel, please, you’re killing me here

Then we can get back together and have make up sex

…I’m in