Game Kids Release PSA - Don't Do It

So RT’s new channel Game Kids is coming out December 1st and I thought I’d take this time to go over a few things with fandom.

When I speak of the kids, I mean : Millie, Webb, Mills, JD, Teddy. This should also include Chelsea (Mille’s Nanny)

  • Don’t ship the kids
  • Don’t write about the kids. Period.
  • Not even a little bit. Just don’t.

This has been a PSA. 

- Tats

Today I learned:

That the only thing that Joel’s parents got out of what Joel does at Rooster Teeth, that not only he’s been trying to explain to them for years of what he does. To only have it so that the only thing that registered to them of Joel & his connection to RT, was that they found a fanfic of him and Ray having sex and they thought it was real and they had to talk to him about it.


So, I had a little extra time on my hands and this happened:

RT/AH Mean Girls

So I’ve just gone on an unfollowing spree….unfollowing anyone who wasn’t interesting or hasn’t updated in ages…so now I need new people to follow…

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Much appreciated ^_^

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