joel stoker

She has a face to die for, but nothing going on inside. She’ll never make your eyes sore, until she starts to speak her mind. So I’ll just try to keep the conversation light, then in the morning at the door I’ll give a kiss goodbye. Nothing wrong with that it’s only one night and nothing else. Every time I tell myself it’s the last time. One day I’ll retire, just not tonight.
—  Joel Stoker
The Rifles

So last friday I went to see The Rifles they’ve lost two members of the band and gained 2. So i was excited to see the new guys and things and instruments have changed with Joel and the new guitarist/bassist both swap between the two, either way the gig was ramed and the crowd were up for it as usually oh and the new tunes sound the bollocks . It defiantly works for me. Anyway I feel theres not enough rifles on tumblr.