joel stevens


Hey all.

I’ve made more prints (even lowered the price more), because my boyfriend and I are in dire need of money.

Although we are barely getting by living in our apartment, it’s just not enough for gas/food/pets and such.

I’m asking for help, and by selling my art since I just can not take any commissions. I hate adding this, but donations are welcome if you don’t want a print. We just need something to get by.

I am working at home on animations (which pays well enough, but takes long periods of time), and trying to find a part time job as well. But yet no luck. Robbie-my boyfriend-already works a full time job, so it’s hard enough on him.

Please, if you can’t donate/buy a print, please spread the word. Anything helps.

My email is if anyone is interested. Shipping is also free (unless you are outside of the US, it will be a small fee)

I have other art if you are interested in a specific thing in mind that I’m willing to print out. Again just email me if you are interested in those, I’d be happy to share!

In defence of Joel

Please don’t hate me! I like Joel. I’m totally fine with people thinking differently and not liking him. I’ve kept pretty quiet about this because I know that most people don’t like Joel. We all know Zade will get together in the end … right? But this post is for anyone else who actually kinda likes Joel.

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