joel soisson

People going around saying the Babadook is the gay icon but they forget the original Gay Horror: Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Like, guys? Freddy’s gay as all hell.

I’ve not been seeing anyone say anything about it but when it was made, at the time, it was by a gay director, with a gay main star (Mark Patton), and the film itself had massively gay overtones, without anybody making the movie knowing until it hit the mainstream. In the Elm Street documentary, the crew realised that casting a male in a traditionally female role (the scream queen protag) gave the film a whole new meaning, with the often sexualised chemistry between a murderer and his female victim being flipped on its head. 

Many people debate the film’s gay subtext, but Joel Soisson (Line Producer) on the film acknowledges that the crew “were absolutely clueless” that the film had gay overtones, which he puts down to it being all of them being “incredibly naiive or incredibly latently gay”.

And like, honestly? looking over the film in hindsight, there are many, MANY gay overtones so uh,

yeah that’s my piece on why Freddy Krueger is the OG gay horror icon ✨🌈