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Sore Loser | Willne


Warnings: Swearing

Requested: Yes, Thank you so much <3

Summary: Will’s being a sore loser and Y/N is loving every minute of it.


The room was filled with your devil like laughter as you teasingly pointed at Will, you smirked at him as you danced with Victory, Sunderland had just won for the 6th time in a row and you took great pleasure in rubbing it in your boyfriend’s face.

Another song had come up and you tried to drag Will up to dance, but with an expression like a smacked arse, he declined, making you pout and shrug your shoulder, going to dance with Joel who was just as happy as you were.

You grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck as the two of you jumped up and down, “We are the best!” You two sang in unison, sloppy grins covering your faces as you barely managed to stay upright. You span around, winking at Will every time you saw him glare from the bar.

“Will looks pretty pissed you know.” Joe panted, as you two had finally stopped jumping.

“Yeah, well he’ll get over it.” You muttered, holding onto Joel’s shoulders to keep yourself steady.

“Are you sure, maybe we should-”

“I already asked him to come and dance but he said no, serves him right for being such a sore loser.” You retorted, swaying your hips from side to side completely ignoring the beat of the music. “If he wants to come he should come up himself.” You said rolling your eyes.

“You two are too stubborn,” Joel commented, shaking his head. He could see Will from where he was standing, almost chuckling as he watched him stare at the two of you in distaste, his eyes never leaving the two of you.

7 songs later and the pride of winning you had felt was gone, instead, you felt exhausted, dancing, well more like slumping against chip who had taken Joel’s place after he caught the eye of some blonde girl on the other side of the club. All you wanted was to curl up in your bed with Will and get some sleep, Will however still hadn’t moved from his spot.

He had finally had enough, seeing your entire body practically leaning against Chip he stood up from the chair, taking the final swig of whatever he had been drinking all night and marched over to you. He grabbed you by the hips, prying you off of Chip making you almost scream in response. “Oh it’s you,” You hummed, lazily smiling at him ignoring the stare down he was giving Chip who was raising his hands up in defense behind you. “Can we go ho-” You were cut off when Will grabbed your face and smashed it into yours, so hard you were glad your mouth had been closed or you would have chipped a tooth. “What’s that for,” You asked, snaking your arms around his neck once you had parted.

“Just showing everyone who’s yours.” He said, smirking as you rest your head against his.

“You’re mine huh…I like the sound of that.”
I'm a Magician: Quentin Coldwater
Songs for Quentin Coldwater from The Magicians.

A character study in music. For The 2017 Welter’s Challenge, theme: “Whatever You Want.” @thewelterschallenge @welterssubmission 

1. An Innocent Man: Billy Joel 

2. Shake It Off: Taylor Swift 

3. Don’t Answer Me: The Alan Parsons Project 

4. Iris: The Goo Goo Dolls 

5. Welcome to My Life: Simple Plan 

6. Save You: Simple Plan 

7. Unwell: Matchbox 20 

8. Let’s Hear It for the Boy: Denise Williams 

9: October: Broken Bells 

10. Therapy: All Time Low 

11. Impossible Year: Panic! At the Disco

12: Quentin’s Return Theme: The Magicians 

Get Out Alive Part 5

Originally posted by andyacklesspn

Summary: When the outbreak started, Y/N was only a teenager. Her eighteenth birthday was only a few days away when it all went to shit. She’d flown from her hometown down to Austin for cousin Millie’s wedding. On the night of the reception, infected crashed the party, changing everyone’s world forever. Y/N managed to escape and started the long road of survival in this new and dangerous time. In Houston, she met a smuggler named Joel and his brother. The three worked together, but can anyone stay together in the apocalypse?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Boredom. A concept that continued to exist even after the end of the world (so to speak). As they walked along another seemingly endless highway, it was overtaking Y/N.

Her first attempt to keep the encroaching insanity at bay was to hum. She kept it quiet, and when Joel didn’t shut her up right away, it turned into singing.

“…’cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone. It’s where you go when you’re alone, it’s where you go to rest your bones.” She kicked a pebble, proud of how on key she was.

“And it’s not just where you lay head. It’s not just where you make your bed. As long as we’re together, doesn’t matter where we go.” Y/N continued, not noticing Joel looking at her.

He rarely let his emotions show through the mask he’d worn since…the night of the outbreak. In that moment though, there was something about the little waver in your voice. The way it was rough but also beautiful, that made him flash on a memory.

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Immortal Fake AH Crew HC

all right i’m seeing all these immortal fake ah head cannons and i think it’s time i chime in

let’s look past the guys for a moment and think about those poor police officers

officer Demarais knows, he just knows that something is wrong with those guys. and he tells officer Heyman all the time, ‘boss, those guys have something wrong with them’

and Joel will just shake his head like, ‘Chris, they just stole 3000 dollars, i’m more busy with that’

and Ryan so finds out Chris has some sort of like, idea and so on a heist he locks eyes with Chris and shoots himself. bam. straight through the head.

and Chris is like, ‘the vagabond is dead!’ and the next day Ryan is on television more than alive and poor Chris. poor Chris just doesn’t know what to do because the vagabond was dead he KNOWS he was dead.

and the guys make a game out of it. 'how many times can we make Demarais think we’re dead’ and they just jump out of planes and shoot each other all in front of Chris and the poor guy.

officer Heyman knows, he’s always known. he killed Geoff years back, got him right in the chest and watched him stand up moments later. Geoff had winked at him and ran off and after that he caught on.

but he plays along with the crew on this one thing. he hates them so much but, just, seeing his annoying partner just have such a crisis is almost worth it.


Double-digit blowout or not, Joel Embiid gives you new reasons to watch every single night. He’s 7-foot-2 and 275 pounds, and he can move like that.

Flirtation and Jealousy - Joel x Reader

I cannot express to you just how much i struggled with this! Not because it was a difficult prompt, just because i couldn’t find the right rhythm for it! Hopefully it’s something you’ll all enjoy, anyway! 

SUMMARY: Your flirtatious nature gets you into trouble when it comes to Joel, but when jealous strikes you; all the feelings just come bubbling out. 

Joel nervously runs his hands through his hair again as he works, unable to focus of the editing that has to be done. He can’t get you out of his head. Can’t shake the curve of your lips when you smile, can’t forget the spark in your eyes or the beautiful sound of your voice.

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Joel x Fem!Reader: Definitely Not Bored

Written by: Frankie

Summary: Coming from a background in economics, you can’t help but feel turned on whenever Joel goes on one of his rants about gold or stocks.

A/N: It’s my first fic on RT-Reader Inserts! Hi friends! I hope you like my first fic! Can’t wait to write more. Total confession: I know very little about economics, so some research was involved. I apologize if anything in here makes no sense. I mostly stole this stuff from Joel’s Twitter and my Google search for “economics terms”.

Rating: PG13; for suggestive themes and language

WC: 1,116

T: Talk about Ebola? Nothing too bad really happens.

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question time!!

thank you @lessracquetball for tagging me in this!! 

so, the rules are: i answer the 10 questions @lessracquetball gave to me, and then whoever i tag has to answer 10 new questions that i’ve made up!! here we go:

1) If you had to describe your personality in 3 songs, what would you pick?

ooh, i’d say Chip On My Shoulder from Legally Blonde, Vienna by Billy Joel,  and Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine

2) What’s a song that isn’t in a musical but is honestly dramatic enough that it could be?

HAH i love this question!! i’ve always thought that I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers is Extra but I LOVE IT 

3) Describe your dream job without directly saying what it is.

person who went through a TON of school helps save your brain from demons 

4) What’s your favorite smell?

evergreen trees and fresh-cut grass

5) Are you a french fries and milkshake person?


6) Guilty pleasure songs?

Olivia by One Direction, Bet On It from High School Musical (lmao)

7) Something that you think is ridiculously overrated but you haven’t admitted it until now?

honestly…i really hate Shakespeare and i don’t like anything by Jane Austen

8) The last great piece of art you consumed? (This can be a book, an album, a movie, a tv show, some clothing you’re in love with)

i can’t stop listening to Falsettos but also i just saw The Play That Goes Wrong on Broadway and it was AMAZING 

9) What do you wish people knew about you?
i wish that people understood that just because my siblings are much older than i am doesn’t mean that we can’t be close

10) What’s your mantra?

“with the chance i’ve been given, i’m gonna be driven as hell” – Emmett Forrest, Legally Blonde

now, onto my questions:

1. if any actor/actress could play you in a movie, who would it be?

2. put your music on shuffle and tell me the first 5 songs that pop up.

3. what song can instantly put you in a better mood?

4. if you could invite 3 celebrities to a dinner party, who would they be?

5. what’s your favorite season?

6. what kind of cake do you like to have on your birthday?

7. what problem or situation did TV / movies make you think would be common, but when you grew up, you found out it wasn’t?

8. describe yourself using 3 fictional characters.

9. describe your favorite color without saying what it is.

10. what would be the name of your autobiography?

i tag @funsettoland @toiletpapur @moreracquetball @upsettoland @sea-what-i-mean @spikeylesbian @singaroundelay @lifeis1derful and anyone else who wants to do it tbh

luke au / ii

auditioning for the voice - for emily

words: 1,454

notes: yoyoyo! so this will probably be part of at least a mini-series? my friend and i were texting while we watched the voice (i’ve never seen it before), so if i catch a few more episodes and work out what actually happens, i’ll add to it :)

Breathe in. Breathe out.

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Touchy-Feely [Prompt]




Rating: PG-PG-13

Warnings: cancer, and yeah, pretty much cancer [and fluff bc why not]

Pairings: Joelay

Word Count: 1540

Summary: “So, is this permanent?” Ray asked, eyes moving between the older man’s face and his bandaged neck. Joel gave a small shrug and a genuine smile, hoping the younger would get the message that it was okay either way and that he was okay. However, even if it was okay for Joel, it wasn’t okay for Ray.

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i don’t exactly know what the headcanons are for the members of The Founding Fathers (sans geoff ofc) so let me indulge

matt loves it too much, the notoriety and infamy and being called The Boss. gus doesn’t really have anywhere else to go, doesn’t feel like he’d really fit in anywhere else. so they stay friends and form The Roosters together

and m a n is geoff pissed!! like super pissed!!! so pissed he starts leveling city blocks because who the fuck do those two think they are, they’re nothing without me!!!! mister Too Big For His Britches wasn’t First and is Pissed for Days. then along comes jack and the idea of The Hunters is conceived; later born under a thick layer of black smoke and the sound of heavy gunfire

that leaves burnie and joel. Heyman and Burns were closer to each other than they were to anyone else in The Founding Fathers. the gang life put too much at risk and there wasn’t enough consolation if everything was lost. but instead of sitting back and letting their city fall apart and into the hands of The Hunters and/or The Roosters, they joined the LSPD. they worked their way up to Head Detectives, becoming hard-asses, no-nonsense and steely-eyed, very detached and sensible with all things job-related

(except when it comes to The Hunters or The Roosters, of course. there have been times against The Roosters that left burnie in tears because he loved gus like a brother, why did life deal them this hand, he doesn’t even like this game, what the fuck, or joel shaking because it’s Him Vs. The Hunters and he goes chest-to-barrel with geoff’s gun and tells him to do it, go ahead, my family is all ready splintered apart, what’s the loss of one more going to do and Geoff doesn’t fucking do it and it hurts more than a bullet does)

gus and matt are Very Good Leaders, geoff is a Very Good Boss, burnie and joel are Very Good Police Officers; they’re all Very Good At What They Do, as long as What They Do doesn’t involve each other