joel mynor

Dear Joss Whedon:

YOU HAVE TO STOP USING THE SAME 20 ACTORS/ACTRESSES IN EVERYTHING YOU DO. It’s becoming very noticeable. I think you have a problem. You should try to make some different friends.

  • Amy Acker - Fred (Angel), Audrey (MCU), Wendy (Cabin in the Woods), Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Adam Baldwin - Marcus Hamilton (Angel), Jayne (Firefly)
  • Felicia Day - Violet (Buffy), Penny (Dr. Horrible), Mag (Dollhouse)
  • Alexis Denisof - Wesley (Buffy/Angel), The Other (MCU), Benedick (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Reed Diamond - Laurence Dominic (Dollhouse), Don Pedro (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Eliza Dushku - Faith (Buffy/Angel), Echo (Dollhouse)
  • Nathan Fillion - Mal (Firefly), Caleb (Buffy), Dogberry (Much Ado About Nothing), Captain Hammer (Dr. Horrible)
  • Ron Glass - Book (Firefly), Dr. Streiten (MCU)
  • Summer Glau - River (Firefly), Bennett (Dollhouse)
  • Clark Gregg - Coulson (MCU), Leonato (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Chris Hemsworth - Curt (Cabin in the Woods), Thor (MCU)
  • Fran Kranz - Marty (Cabin in the Woods), Claudio (Much Ado About Nothing), Topher (Dollhouse)
  • Dichen Lachman - Sierra (Dollhouse), Jiaying (MCU)
  • Tom Lenk - Andrew (Buffy/Angel), Verges (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Sean Maher - Simon (Firefly), Don John (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Patton Oswalt - Koenig brothers (MCU), Joel Mynor (Dollhouse)
  • J. August Richards - Gunn (Angel), Mike Peterson (MCU)
  • Gina Torres - Zoe (Firefly), Jasmine (Angel)
  • Alan Tudyk - Wash (Firefly), Alpha (Dollhouse)
  • Jonathan Woodward - Knox (Angel), Tracey Smith (Firefly), Holden Webster (Buffy)

P.S. Someone make a gif set of this. I’m way too lazy right now. Eh. Maybe I’ll do it later.

JOEL MYNOR: It was money. It was roll around in money. And Rebecca had no idea; she’d been supporting the both of us for years. I mean ridiculous hours; living in a one room shack. And I knew this house was exactly her type. I paid cash. And I called her up and said, meet me at this address. And she was worried, you know, I could hear it. She probably thought this was a police station or something, but… Ah, you know. Thinking about the look on her face when she saw this place and I told her it was ours. (pause) Sanitation truck sideswiped her car three blocks from here. I heard the impact and, and… they said it was quick. I guess they always have to say that, right? But she never got to see this house. And she never knew I’d made good. So every year on this date, I pretend she does. Like I get to see that look on her face and I get to show her our extraordinary home.

PAUL BALLARD: And then you sleep with her.

JOEL MYNOR: It is a fantasy.

PAUL BALLARD: I’m sorry for your loss, Mr. Mynor, but it doesn’t make you anything other than a predator.

JOEL MYNOR: I’m sure I’m in need of some serious moral spankitude, but guess who is not qualified to be my Rabbi?

Dollhouse, “Man on the Street” (1.6)