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To 9657: That wasn’t the band’s or Amy’s fault that the album came out in late 2011. It WAS supposed to come out in 2010, but their label Wind-Up decided, late in the game, that they didn’t actually like the music after all because it wasn’t “Evanescence-y enough.” Evanescence had to pretty much start ALL over with the new album. That’s why the album came out later than expected. Plus, (I’m gonna copy and paste a post from a mod on EvThreads, because it explains it better than what I could probably do) “You have to remember though, that Amy has been working on music since (at least) December of 2012; beginning with the song she was playing while recording the fireplace. She was also working with Joel Hokestra and he accidentally let the cat out of the bag about an Amy solo work he (Joel) was working on with Amy. He asked the page (that had his interview) to take that part out. She has also been working on the War Story stuff. She’s credited with the theme music, but the way Dave, Chuck and the MTV interview said things, she worked on theme music and also on score music by “building walls of music”. She also has two songs in War Story. “Push the Button” (which apparently either has vocals or no vocals - depending on who you talk to; Ben Umstead or the fan who went there and saw it) and “Lockdown” (added after the Sundance screening). So it could either be War Story music or solo music. She doesn’t necessarily have to go on tour with solo stuff. She’ll most likely just release an EP on iTunes or Amazon or something since she and Evanescence are now independent and mused about a digital EP in the one interview she did right after Evanescence Era Tour ended.”

I’m pretty convinced that Amy is either already done with the solo album or is just finishing up.


9694: I think most of the stuff you said could be true, but the thing about Joel asking to take out the part about working on a solo album could be for a ton of reasons. He could’ve asked it to be taken out because the interviewers misquoted him or jumped to conclusions and he didn’t want to be misrepresented. Or even more likely his plans to work with Amy got cancelled and he didn’t want people to be expecting a solo album that won’t actually come.